Is what we believe we see really what is actually there or is there more than we see, or is there perhaps less. Does our mind shut out the things that we can't begin to comprehend, or even add somethings to embellish what we observe by making it more logical or more easily accepted or understood, making what we see more acceptable or normal to our consciousness.

Do we see just what we want to, or see what we believe should be there, or so we see all that there is but our mind filters out all those things that it has been programmed to. Surely there is more in our reality than we could ever wish to comprehend or imagine; it is basically our minds ability to see all things without judging what we need or don't need to comprehend by not filtering out anything for these are the things that will give us a better insight into our reality.

If we strive without any imposed limitation to comprehend our reality with an open unbiased mind, understanding or accepting that there is very much more to our reality, our consciousness, than first meets the eye.

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