Life Eternal
If we just consider for a moment the particles of water in a stream, where have they been in the past, the drop of rain that once fell of grassy pastures that are now desert, the sweat of a tramp or king, a part of the ocean who's waves crashed on the rocky shore slowly eroding it away, the drops of water that cascaded through a fountain in some ancient cities, or once part of might ice formations that melted becoming rivers that etched away the landscape changing the surface of the world forever.

So we come to our souls, what journey have they experienced through the aeons of mortal time, or even eternity for that matter. Where and who have we been is a fascinating question, for with that knowledge we can become much the wiser. What game does life play on us that we can't easily recall these things, or is there indeed a way to open the vast storehouse of knowledge that is held within our souls.

We are eternal spiritual beings first, so it is though a spiritual path that we gain more knowledge into the things of the spirit that our mortal mind can't perceive.

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