Essence of Beliefs

Completely eliminate from your consciousness any belief that can’t withstand close scrutiny.

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Life's Guiding Lights

There is always a guiding light that exists in your life if only you open your minds to this fact.

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Beyond These Shores

We are the creators that walk the earth, we are indeed the creators of our own true reality.

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The Path You Follow

Find peace and contentment in this life, as well as a sense of reason for what you experience.

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Find out what your life plan is

Soul searching together with deep meditative thought will lead you to your life purpose.

Essence of things

Time clarifies and reveals the true essence of all things; bringing to light the actual feeling of others, as well as the real dynamics of each situation. Seek facts, never assume.

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Misuse of control

Manipulation is an exercise in the misuse of control or power over another; a statement or action to show that one person can make another do exactly as they wish through coercion.

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Those who deceive

Those who wish to deceive have the innate ability to wrap their ideas in seemingly logical selfish desires purely aimed to control the thoughts and actions of others.

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Allure Of Secrets

Secrets by their very nature have an allure and mystique, an instant attraction that by their very nature entices people to probe the depth of what information is being guarded and hidden.

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Perspective Changes a Belief

Implanted beliefs are aimed by others to have control over you.

Having Purpose

Every single thing happens for a purpose and meaning.

Your beliefs are the driving force of the reality as you perceive it.

Quality Of Beliefs

Beliefs should be equal to truths.

Your beliefs govern who and what you are.

A Guiding Light

Open your mind to the endless possibilities.

 Pay attention to the subtle intuitive messages.

Value Of Conversations

You should never be an island.

You should always be open to communicate with others.

Beyond These Shores

Life is just a passing phase.

Your reality is a figment of your imagination.

The Right Path

Life is a journey, find your Life Path to lead the way.

Don't stray from your Life Path.

  • Never be afraid to completely discard any belief that doesn't make sense to you.

    Belief gives illusion a fabric of substance.
  • Communication is one of the greatest gifts that you have,
    therefore it is wise to utilize it fully and well.

    Speech can conceal thoughts by deceit.
  • Never be afraid to abandon any beliefs that can't withstand scrutiny.

    Truth exists, falsehood has to be invented.
  • Get the correct perspective to make your desires become your true reality.

    The truth is more important than the facts.

Illusion invades every element of life undetected

Disguising the undesirable is the purpose of illusion

Illusion acts as a buffer to ease the strain of reality


What is real and what is purely imagined is determined by the minds ability to manipulate perception; creating a version of an event that is the most easily or desirable to accept.

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Avoid letting perception deceive you.

Endeavor to experience reality exactly as it really is, by not allowing delusions to preserver. Don’t be imprisoned by others perception of reality

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Each thought is the essence of creation

Thought is a product of the mind through which communication becomes possible; ideas are given life to achieve their true potential.

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You are a free spirit and
can believe whatever you want

Many people, perhaps most are so wound up with the cares of the day that they pay very little attention if any at all to their intuition, to their inner feelings and their sixth senses.

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