By Steven Redhead

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Why be satisfied when with effort things can become better.
~ Steven Redhead ~

Strangely with some fixed desires, by focusing on them while negating their opposites as not being wanted can bring what was actually desired about easier than if attention was placed only directly on what was intended. Like concentrating on what isn't desired comes to bring about a firmer focus on what is desired, making that requirement easier to achieve. It's almost as if thinking what you don't want can enforce what you actually do, enabling the potential for what you really wish to acquire to become stronger.

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Believing in or trusting fate is akin to gambling.
~ Steven Redhead ~

Believing in or trusting fate is akin to gambling; is such cases not only the journey but also the destination is completely up for grabs by unknown forces. Fate can be like walking a tight rope or walking on thin ice, it could be all right but one false step or misdirection has potential to turn everything into an undesirable experience. Everything should be predetermined through careful planning or thought; if action is taken without sufficient knowledge or information regarding the potential for what could possibly come about then unknown uncertainties or surprise scenarios may result.

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Inspirational Quotes Books

Take The Time To Become Inspired

A treasury of affirmations and quotes covering a wide range of subjects that help address the many details that are faced in modern life.

Become Inspired On A Daily Basis

There are always benefits from finding seeds of inspiration that trigger a specific line of thought which can lead to coming up with the necessary creative ideas.

Start To Drive And Enliven Your Perception

Making strides in improving the way of living through reading and by contemplating Quotes then considering the message that can enlivening daily life.

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Recommended Books

By Steven Redhead

Life's Impressions Quote ebook by steven redhead

Life's Impressions

Always aim at every crossroads, each particular point in time, to take the direction to create a life that will be well-lived. It is in that brief moment that your chances in life exist, if you don't respond at that specific time the opportunity can be lost forever.

The quality of your destiny is governed by your actions or inability to act.

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Life's Events in Focus ebook by steven redhead

Life's Events in Focus

This book presents original ideas to inspire your thinking and help you develop a personal approach to life's challenges and opportunities. 

Drawing on personal experiences, anecdotes, and philosophical concepts, this book offers insights for navigating life's complexities and challenges, and seizing its opportunities.

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Inspirational Quotations ebook by steven redhead

Life Is A Circus

Life has all the thrills and excitement similar in many ways to the big top 3 ring Circus.

Life is full of characters that resemble Circus personalities, clowns in their behaviour, ringmaster who are always active dictating and making demands, and people taking risks like trapeze artists.

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Inspired Life Quotes One ebook by steven redhead

Inspired Life Quotes No.1

These Quotes were selected from various motivational articles in the books; "Life Is A Game”, "Life Is A Dance" "Life’s Impressions" available on Amazon.

Taking time to read Quotes on a daily basis can create a spark of intuitive deliberation, igniting the imagination and helping to clarify solutions to initially seem troublesome life challenges.

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Life Is A Dance ebook by steven redhead

Life Is A Dance

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity where you are given the valuable opportunity to experience and interact with the physical realm that exists all around you, seen and unseen. 

The quality of life is governed by the effort you put into taking the opportunity to create wonderful experiences that give life quality and value.

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Inspirational Quotations Three ebook by steven redhead

Inspired Life Quotes No.3

These Quotes were selected from various motivational articles in the books; "Creating Your Reality", "Laws Of Creation”, and "Power of the heart & Mind", available on Amazon.

Reading quotes can provide inspiration and spark a thought process that leads to creative solutions and efficiencies in tackling current challenges.

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Life Is A Cocktail ebook by steven redhead

Life Is A Cocktail

Reality with a dash of imagination.
Life really is quite like a cocktail, each person adds the various component parts, then mixes them up to get their reality.

Everyone gathers pieces of life through the desire to experience by following dreams, intentions, ideas, intuitions, external influences, desires, through achieving expectations and so on.

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The Solution ebook by steven redhead

The Solution - Keys To Life

Life Wasn’t Meant To Be Difficult. You create the chains that bind and limit you, that hold you back or even add barriers from achieving the true potential in life.

You are a creator with the potential to achieve even the wildest dreams if the necessary effort is simply put into achieving or obtaining the things that are desired.

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Life's Simply A Game ebook by steven redhead

Life's Simply A Game

In life you may win or loose, it's just like playing a game. Life is indeed a game that we all play to pass time; simply a series of days strung together, made up of how you planned or decided to spend the moments.

Like any game how well it is played or whether life's circumstances are interpreted then used to the best advantage makes losers and winners to varying degrees.

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The Laws Of Creation ebook by steven redhead

The Laws Of Creation

Choices Change Your World. You are always at the cross roads of your life. Each moment is a turning point, a time of change that is governed by your decisions; in that brief instant that whatever you decided to do will in infinite ways change the course of your life forever.

Every choice made is a pivotal crossroads that brings into life some form of continuous change, be that temporary, on going, or morphing into continuous scenarios of renewal.

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Power Of The Heart ebook by steven redhead

Power Of The Heart

Start to listen to your heartfelt desires. The Power of The Heart series provides the inspirational direction for how to enliven the heart consciousness, then linking that state to the subconscious and conscious mind; then in turn connect to the higher consciousness.

By bringing ‘Heart Power’ more to the fore you can learn to accentuate the capabilities of your heart consciousness, thereby gaining increased control over your environment, including how what surrounds you interact with you and your environment.

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Creating Your Reality ebook by steven redhead

Creating Your Reality

Start Living By Taking Back Control of your Life. Life is an opportunity to see how the application of personal creative powers produces results.

In life you can practice the power to create within your reality what has been conceived initially within the mind becomes manifests in your life. There is the opportunity to work on finely tuning the creative abilities until your desires can be accurately replicated within reality.

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Creating Your Reality

Learn to utilize change to create the things that you wish to experience in this life time.

The future holds endless promises, maximize your potential by planting the seeds of your desires for what your future will be.

Live a life of true bliss by creating the reality you most desire. Utilizing the Power of Creation to Heal Your Reality and thereby Heal Your World.
Bringing the possibilities to life by harnessing the Power of Creation.

Find freedom in what you aspire to become. Don't be a creation of circumstances. Take full control of your destiny.

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The Power of The heart

You are more that the identity your brain creates, open up your heart and mind to the infinite wonderful experiences there are available in life.

Start changing your reality today by setting your desires in motion by connecting to the heart consciousness.

Utilize the unlimited Power of The Heart to Create the life you desire. The heart is your most untapped resource with immense capacity to create and control your reality.

Tune in to the intuitive messages emanating from your heart, they are the essence of who you are and who you wish to become.

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Quotes From The Books

The Creative Powers of The Heart

You are more than the identity your brain creates, open up your heart and mind to the infinite wonderful experiences there are available in life.

The Laws of Creation

The most difficult thing is to keep focus on a desire long enough for it to become real. Challenge life to achieve the potential of your beliefs.

Power of Belief in Creation

Your reality is based upon your desires of what you need your life to be, linked to your belief that what you want is possible to achieve.

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