There are always ways to control your environment.

Care needs to be taken over what you become exposed to, the impact of which should always be of prime concern. If the surroundings can't be satisfactorily controlled then a change of environment should be considered necessary. Control your environment in order to control your thoughts.

Within you is the freedom to become whatever you may desire.

It is choice and not chance that enables you to reach out and touch your dreams.

Determine those things that are in your best interest.

Always endeavor to identify and isolate those things and issues that are in your best interest then pursue them diligently until a satisfactory solution has been achieved. It is ideal to ignore the numerous inconsequential issues that tend to blind you to the more important factors.

Nothing happens in life that you are unable to manage satisfactorily.

While in the moment it may appear that you are overwhelmed, the fact is that everything that happens to you has a solution, all that is necessary is to use thoughts and actions skillfully to find how to resolve whatever you are faced with.

Reality can be said to be limitless but is restricted by what is believed.

Why confine beliefs when by widening perception the potential for opening up the doors to a wider scope of possibility can be achieved.

There is no necessity to accept the undesirable.

When faced with elements that are personally undesirable or objectionable there is always potential to negate these situations or conditions; the choice is always available to accept or reject what you are faced with.

Life has the habit of throwing curve balls to determine if you are paying attention.

It is easy in the modern world of numerous distractions not to pay sufficient attention to what is going on in your life. By keeping focus on life issues that relate to your future rather than the moment there are opportunities that can be captured in order to create a better life for you.

Each new day offers endless potential for what can be achieved.

Whenever questioning yourself about the potential to achieve an objective always remember that there are endless opportunities available if they are first clearly identified then challenged.

You are surrounded by endless possibilities. Your potential being the sum of your beliefs.

Potential and possibilities are always available, perhaps hidden, possibly obvious if attention is paid to what is going on all around.