There are always ways to control your environment.

Care needs to be taken over what you become exposed to, the impact of which should always be of prime concern. If the surroundings can't be satisfactorily controlled then a change of environment should be considered necessary. Control your environment in order to control your thoughts.

Within you is the freedom to become whatever you may desire.

It is choice and not chance that enables you to reach out and touch your dreams.

Determine those things that are in your best interest.

Always endeavor to identify and isolate those things and issues that are in your best interest then pursue them diligently until a satisfactory solution has been achieved. It is ideal to ignore the numerous inconsequential issues that tend to blind you to the more important factors.

Nothing happens in life that you are unable to manage satisfactorily.

While in the moment it may appear that you are overwhelmed, the fact is that everything that happens to you has a solution, all that is necessary is to use thoughts and actions skillfully to find how to resolve whatever you are faced with.

Reality can be said to be limitless but is restricted by what is believed.

Why confine beliefs when by widening perception the potential for opening up the doors to a wider scope of possibility can be achieved.

There is no necessity to accept the undesirable.

When faced with elements that are personally undesirable or objectionable there is always potential to negate these situations or conditions; the choice is always available to accept or reject what you are faced with.

Life has the habit of throwing curve balls to determine if you are paying attention.

It is easy in the modern world of numerous distractions not to pay sufficient attention to what is going on in your life. By keeping focus on life issues that relate to your future rather than the moment there are opportunities that can be captured in order to create a better life for you.

Each new day offers endless potential for what can be achieved.

Whenever questioning yourself about the potential to achieve an objective always remember that there are endless opportunities available if they are first clearly identified then challenged.

You are surrounded by endless possibilities. Your potential being the sum of your beliefs.

Potential and possibilities are always available, perhaps hidden, possibly obvious if attention is paid to what is going on all around.

Don’t live life by default.

It is quite easy to become lost within the cares and demands of the day that on reflection aren't as important as they seemed in the moment. Avoid living life on automatic, each day being simply a mundane reflection of other previous days; make each day special and a wonderful memory.

Don’t be a creation of circumstances, take full control of your destiny.

There is a tendency for the conditions and the environment to affect and determine actions and reactions; there is a potential for people to become a puppet of the conditions they are experiencing. It is imperative to separate responses from external impacts in order to have a clear and specific reaction that is effective in achieving the desired outcome.

Control is the factors that can negate fate.

The effort to control your reality through responses and the application of well thought out objectives allows desires rather than random fate to rule the day.

You are surrounded by endless possibilities. Your potential being the sum of your beliefs.

Never underestimate the potential of any situation, as opportunities must be capitalized upon or created to suit what you wish to achieve. Having a firm belief in your ability to maximise whatever you wish to challenge in order to create the end result that you desire.

Infinite possibilities exist by keeping focus on what you really want to create your bliss.

Without a clear and constant focus upon what you wish to achieve the objective will become unclear and lost over time.

Always ensure to keep focus on what you desire and not what others want you to focus upon.

It is easy to become distracted by a myriad of conflicting goals, dreams, and desires, yet maintaining a strong and clear focus on the most important outcome you want is necessary in order to maintain a clear unadulterated image and outline of the objective or goal.

Infinite possibilities exist by keeping focus on what you really want to create your bliss.

The potential available to you becomes expanded when you are observant of opportunities that if pursued will achieve your ideal end result.

Material things are only temporary accessories.

There are only two things you can take with you when you leave this world your memories and the love you received. All your possessions will belong to others at the point of your passing. Focus on the things that will provide wonderful memories.

You have immense potential to achieve what you desire, if you use the abilities that you have well.

In order to achieve your desires you must first clearly identify exactly what these are, then pursue them with intent.Without first highlighting your desires they remain clouded and hidden in a mist of daily demands that require focus and attention.

Your life is meant to be an amazing adventure.

Make sure you put the time and effort into capitalizing on each and every opportunity, yet also when an opportunity doesn't exist then make opportunities that will bring about the what you require.

It is within your ability to make your life experience like a heaven on earth.

No matter what you are experiencing there is always some means to improve the current circumstances, all that is necessary is to identify clearly what you want then plan how to achieve that; all that is then required is the focus and effort to achieve that goal.

You are surrounded by endless possibilities. Your potential being the sum of your beliefs.

Desires are achieved through single focus upon what you wish to achieve or obtain, varied focus on numerous objectives causes confusion and dissipation of energies.

There is no necessity to crucify yourself upon a cross of your own making.

Isolate all the key factors driving any undesirable situation that you are facing, then determine actions to deal with these efficiently and completely. Don't let any issues nag constantly away at your concentration, as this will cause detrimental outcomes over time. Deal quickly with whatever occurs then move forward to a future you desire.

Pursue your dreams unceasingly until you achieve exactly what it is that you imagined.

On many occasions, there is potential to abandon a dream or desire before it has been achieved; missed opportunities due to inaction or submission. Once you have an objective it should be pursued until it is achieved and not allowed to fade into obscurity.

Every moment is an opportunity to create what you most desire.

Don't wait for opportunities to occur, rather create them through your thoughts, actions, and desires.

Each new day offers the chance to start afresh, to achieve those things you most desire.

There is always the opportunity to start again, to start afresh. It doesn't matter if this is a project, life chance, objective, relationship, whatever; when things are not going as planned this is the time to reboot whatever you are challenging and start again, anew.

Life is the opportunity to create moments of true wonder.

Life is the chance to create the life that will make you the most happy. 

There is no necessity to accept the undesirable.

There is the potential at times to put up with conditions that are personally unacceptable for whatever reason, of which there are numerous examples. It is ideal to reboot the impression and details of any undesirable and looked at it from the perspective of; 'Why this needs to be endured?' By reversing the view or impression of the situation from a negative into its mirror opposite positive a different conclusion on how to handle the situation can potentially be found.

There is no necessity to accept the undesirable.

The mentality that there is a need to persevere with undesirable situations or conditions is a fallacy.

Be forceful to ensure personal desires are achieved.

Don't be passive or subservient in your opinions, ensuring your desires are not degraded by submission; use your intelligence and persistence to achieve your desires.

Control is the factor that can negate fate.

How each gathered part that constructs your life is put together becomes a personal choice that determines how life plays out. Every result and outcome are determined by how each piece of the puzzle is assembled together and constructed; the people, the places, what is pursued. All these pieces come together to form an original life plan, specific to yourself, irrespective of whether this is created consciously or subconsciously.

Avoid chasing after the never ending deluge of potential trinkets.

Society creates the demands for the ever continuing pursuance of material possessions when those desires can't be satisfied it leads to discontent in some form. Avoid chasing after the never ending deluge of potential trinkets, but rather only treasuring those things of true value that can create lasting valuable memories.

Material things are only temporary accessories.

The moment that you leave this life all you belongings, your valuables, will belong to someone else.

The paths that you take lead to the life you make.

Everyone constructs the numerous individual elements that come to make up their life. Immaterial of the stage of life; child, teenager, adult, old age, each part of life down to the most seemingly basic pieces all are attracted through desires, wants and needs. Some of the components that make up life can take time to acquire, some are valuable, some are aesthetic, others have a specific meaning.

Believing in or trusting fate is akin to gambling.

The potential opportunities in life are only limited by the inability to firstly comprehend them and secondly to fully utilize personal abilities to maximize the potential that is available. Don't wait for special times to evolve, rather create them in accordance with your true desires to experience what you wish to make real.

Don’t become a prisoner of your own reality, set yourself free by creating a life worth living.

It is easy to take the route of least resistance and be satisfied with life as it exists at present. There is always an opportunity to make your life better in numerous ways, all that takes is the ability to dream better dreams then pursue them vigorously.

Material things are only temporary accessories.

The things that you treasure are only valuable as long as you’re alive, they can be valued for the joy they bring, yet it is wise not to put too much of a connection onto physical possessions for they are only temporary accessories.

Life’s value is lost when the pursuit of money becomes the goal as opposed to the pursuit of true happiness.

There is no potential to keep material possessions beyond the time available in this life, focus on what has the longest term potential to make you the happiest. 

Each moment has the potential to be special and memorable.

Within each moment is the opportunity to harness your desires by putting effort into what you wish to achieve to make that moment special.

Being the only person with a particular viewpoint doesn’t make one wrong.

Have a firm belief in your strong intuitive ideas,  beliefs, and thoughts irrespective of what others may try to do to convince you otherwise. Only surrender a belief or idea once exacting evidence is provided to indicate otherwise. Be firm with your convictions but also be flexible to modify or change your stance with sufficient evidence indicates it would be ideal to reconsider your opinions.

Surrender to fate and you will never be fully contented.

Make your own future, don't rely on fate to control your destiny.

Don’t be a creation of circumstances, take full control of your destiny.

The future that you can imagine is there waiting for you, all it takes it is the energy of thought and action to achieve your destiny.

Create a life that you truly believe will make you happy.

Life can throw curve balls, surprises both pleasant and alarming, the chances of which all depend on the circumstances of the life that you are living. Do what is necessary to change the conditions that bring about what occurs that displeases you.  Ensure that you are focused on positive enlightening thoughts, but ensure to avoid any over thinking of negatives - which will only compound them.

Live the life you truly deserve rather than the life that just comes along by chance.

What you want and what you need in retrospect have different perceptions. Always pursue what you need as a priority rather than what you simply just want in the moment.

Don’t surrender your life choices or fate to others.

Others will capture the very essence of your life, the purpose of your being, then turn that into serving their purpose rather than your own.

There is no necessity to complicate matters beyond their true essence.

Whatever you face can be broken down into its simplest form; even the most complexed matters can be separated into units that are easier to comprehend. The mind has the propensity to complicate issues, blowing them out of all proportion, into states more complicated than they really are. Always keep matters you need to deal with in the simplest form possible.

Uncontrolled circumstances can create unexpected or unwanted outcomes that are driven totally by chance rather than specific choices to bring about exactly what is personally required.

Deciding from inspiration based on intuition often brings about desirable advantages, whereas random off the cuff decisions have the potential to create disadvantages or the unexpected results that may or may not be controllable.

Ideally, it's never wise to turn away from facing anything that needs addressing, this includes your own inner feelings, moods, or negative behaviour.

By identifying and being aware of any negative traits you can have more control over how they manifest within your life while negating any potential impacts, then at the same time working on overcoming and eliminating these influences.

Undeniably, a worthwhile exercise to pursue is by spending time to extract positives from any situation, immaterial of how dire things may seem in the present.

If any issues that arise are troubling you then more than likely it's possible to make matters much worse by fixating upon whatever you are facing rather than concentrating on how to resolve these matters as speedily as possible. Certainly, to think, plan, and consider potential outcomes is a worthwhile exercise in many cases as long as these thoughts are from a positive perspective that is designed to create the desired end results.

You have the power to change anything within your zone of influence.

Everything that is experienced causes some changes within you; while these changes may be subtle on a daily basis, the overall long-term impact can turn out to be substantial.

By ensuring your environment is one of growth rather than surrender you can ensure your life's journey is the most rewarding and pleasing one possible.

It is possible even to change completely the environment being experienced by allowing the mind to focus on achieving the means to bring about such a transformation. Within nature adaptation is the key principle required for survival; the main rule or mantra is either adapt no matter what the cost to the changing environment or perish.

Memories are changeable depending upon the passage of time and the perspective through which they are viewed.

Just like thoughts, memories are also changeable, being modified where necessary by the desire to recall past events in the best possible light. While thoughts can modify the perception of the present and control the ideas for the future, desires are also capable of modifying memories to better suit personal sentiments for what was, turning recollections of the past into what could have been a far better and rosier reality.

Well-being driven by a positive mentality is the most precious gift that should be cared for by controlling whatever you are being exposed to at all times.

Always keep a positive mindset irrespective of the circumstances by focusing on the better things in life. Create opportunities to identify and isolate joyous moments, along with combatting sadness with joy are some of the many ways to avoid sadness becoming a dominant force within your life.

Hesitation, second thoughts, false intuition, unjustified fears, worries of failure, the list of self-created barriers is endless.

You can live, think, and survive at a level that is just a partial expression of your true potential, or you can live in the light. Figuratively speaking, avoid walking in the shadows of life, rather identify the right path of light for it is only through the light that you can hope to find your true life path and who you have the potential to become.

There isn't anything that will be completely unmanageable, there are always solutions to whatever there is a desire to resolve if a persistent effort is made to eradicate any troublesome issues being faced.

You will never be challenged by anything in life that doesn't have the solution you are capable of resolving, you just have to seek it out and pursue the endgame you desire or need with persistence. Success always comes by effectively finding the satisfactory outcome required for those difficult challenges or annoying circumstances which are driving reality and potentially pushing the limits of patience at any particular moment.