Your life is meant to be an amazing adventure.

Make sure you put the time and effort into capitalizing on each and every opportunity, yet also when an opportunity doesn't exist then make opportunities that will bring about the what you require.

It is within your ability to make your life experience like a heaven on earth.

No matter what you are experiencing there is always some means to improve the current circumstances, all that is necessary is to identify clearly what you want then plan how to achieve that; all that is then required is the focus and effort to achieve that goal.

You are surrounded by endless possibilities. Your potential being the sum of your beliefs.

Desires are achieved through single focus upon what you wish to achieve or obtain, varied focus on numerous objectives causes confusion and dissipation of energies.

There is no necessity to crucify yourself upon a cross of your own making.

Isolate all the key factors driving any undesirable situation that you are facing, then determine actions to deal with these efficiently and completely. Don't let any issues nag constantly away at your concentration, as this will cause detrimental outcomes over time. Deal quickly with whatever occurs then move forward to a future you desire.

Pursue your dreams unceasingly until you achieve exactly what it is that you imagined.

On many occasions, there is potential to abandon a dream or desire before it has been achieved; missed opportunities due to inaction or submission. Once you have an objective it should be pursued until it is achieved and not allowed to fade into obscurity.

Every moment is an opportunity to create what you most desire.

Don't wait for opportunities to occur, rather create them through your thoughts, actions, and desires.

Each new day offers the chance to start afresh, to achieve those things you most desire.

There is always the opportunity to start again, to start afresh. It doesn't matter if this is a project, life chance, objective, relationship, whatever; when things are not going as planned this is the time to reboot whatever you are challenging and start again, anew.

Life is the opportunity to create moments of true wonder.

Life is the chance to create the life that will make you the most happy. 

There is no necessity to accept the undesirable.

There is the potential at times to put up with conditions that are personally unacceptable for whatever reason, of which there are numerous examples. It is ideal to reboot the impression and details of any undesirable and looked at it from the perspective of; 'Why this needs to be endured?' By reversing the view or impression of the situation from a negative into its mirror opposite positive a different conclusion on how to handle the situation can potentially be found.