Life Is A Circus book by Steven Redhead
Life Is A Circus

Life means much more than the physical or material reality that the mind comes to believe in through indoctrination or the inability to perceive alternatives. Life is quite short, passing in what can seem like the blinking of an eye in relation to the concept of eternity. How reality unfolds depends upon and is governed solely by how it is perceived or manipulated, what is pursued with the time available.

Life has all the thrills and excitement similar in many ways to the big top 3 ring Circus. In life, there are daily performances, drama, enjoyment, excitement, risks, and then satisfaction after a successful day. Life is full of characters that resemble Circus personalities, clowns in their behaviour, ringmaster-like characters who are always active dictating and making demands, and people taking risks like trapeze artists, all creating the enjoyment and satisfaction of observing life's events.

Life Is A Circus - Insights

The dynamics of life offer so much potential that is quite varied that everyone can have the potential to find the most beneficial life path that suits them best. Desires and expectations are so diverse between people, even fluctuating individually without focus in many cases. What catches the attention can be fleeting or cause obsessive attraction that overpowers the ability to pursue what is of the greatest long-term importance. The butterfly mentality of flittering from one point of focus to the next, without sufficiently addressing what issues exist in a particular instance, is becoming a common malady in modern society.

There is always value to be found then extracted from each and every moment, all that is required is the ability or effort made to identify the most interesting or personally beneficial elements, then to capitalise upon them. Letting those special or richly endowed moments slip by unrealised is indeed a travesty, the value of which may be completely lost to time unless capitalise upon when available. The window of opportunity when the chance needs to be capitalise upon in some fashion is often brief, at times difficult to recognise as well as easy to miss unless constantly aware and focused is placed upon the external dynamics that exist within the personal zone of interest.

Just like any circus, life has entertaining or boring moments, dedicated actors, strong and weak people, geniuses, and clowns, the similarities are indeed numerous. There are performances, drama, and excitement that catch the attention of others, mistakes occur leading to tragedy, along with the glamour which masks real-life experiences including failure, disappointment, even a fall from grace.

Life can indeed have all the thrills and excitement of the circus, with the unexpected, breathtaking events unfolding constantly. The mesmerising performances, the barely believable and seemingly impossible at times made real before one's very eyes; the glitter, glamour, and the mundane that all exist, the ridiculous brought to light, the daring chances taken, the risks that have untold consequences or rewards. There are choices for excitement along with a vast array of opportunities to pursue or ignore, situations that were once only imagined subsequently being brought to life within reality.

Like any rite of passage, life has some costs and effort that are required to reach a suitable endpoint, final destination, conclusion, or required achievement of goals along the way. Costs come mostly in the form of irreplaceable time, which, like any cost of passage once utilised requires further payments of time and energy being necessary to continue further; without specific efforts to maximise opportunities the cost of time is wasted upon fruitless endeavours.

Everyone is a time traveller of sorts, gradually moving forward through perceived time. What is or what isn't achieved is a key factor in deciding finally if the journey was worthwhile, beneficial, or a pure wasted exercise. Sins or transgressions come in many forms, but the worst and most regrettable of which is the waste of the time available, just getting through each day without any noticeable achievement on advancement in any form is unconscionable.

Milestones are achieved that are either memorable or forgotten, that are wasted or provide enjoyment or benefits in some required form so that the value of time is fully realised. A well-made plan of objectives to achieve even if only on a daily basis can turn around what is seemingly an unproductive or potentially wasteful life. Everyone has opportunities to take and maximise upon, unfortunately so many let these life-changing chances pass them by almost unnoticed.