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Life Is A Circus

Life has all the thrills and excitement similar in many ways to the big top 3 ring Circus. In life, there are daily performances, drama, enjoyment, excitement, risks, and then satisfaction after a successful day. Life is full of characters that resemble Circus personalities, clowns in their behaviour, ringmaster-like characters who are always active dictating and making demands, people taking risks like trapeze artists, all creating the enjoyment and satisfaction of observing life's events.

“Just like any circus, life has entertaining or boring moments, dedicated actors, strong and weak people, geniuses, and clowns, the similarities are indeed numerous. There are performances, drama, and excitement that catch the attention of others, mistakes occur leading to tragedy, along with the glamour which masks real-life experiences including failure, disappointment, even a fall from grace.

Circuses have ringmasters who control what happens in great detail, just like everyone has ringmasters in various forms controlling and managing their lives in some fashion to varying degrees; such as bosses, family members, and friends alike.

The cost to take part in this 'Circus of Life' mostly takes the form of your time, along with the financial, physical, and mental energy required which needs to be specifically utilised as the means to achieve exactly what is expected or most desired by both oneself and others. Just as the performance in a circus, the same requirements for rewards apply to life in general, to become proficient or expert at anything takes focused study, a deep passion, in-depth training, and lots of practice, together with a firm vision of the expected results.

Life Is A Circus
Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN: 979-8820347054

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Life Is A Cocktail

Life really is quite like a cocktail, each person adds the various component parts, then mixes them up to get their known reality. Ingredients like imagination, dreams, wishes, hopes, aspirations, ideas, et cetera can be included as seen fit; any combination of things can be added to the melting pot as decided, then just mix it all up to see how things turn out.

“Life Is A Cocktail” covers different situations that tend to occur in life; with an insight into how to think about and deal with what evolves. When looking for answers or inspiration external stimuli can influence an intuitive response that becomes the seeds for a potential solution. That is the intention of ‘Life Is A Cocktail’, that inspirational benefits will evolve from reading sections of the book that are relevant to what is being experienced.

Much like a jigsaw puzzle, the individual elements required for success need to be collected in the right order to form the desired result. The combination of these various factors in the form of what you seek and pursue, the things you learn, the places you live and visit, what you acquire, all the individual parts that constitute your life are the components of your life's cocktail. You decide the individual contents, how they are combined perfectly or in dissonance, compatible or otherwise.

Life is an experiment of learning to create your desires within your known reality, perfecting this ability is paramount for achieving a satisfactory life of purpose. Not wasting or allowing chances, potential, or opportunities to go unaddressed is the way to achieving your true heart's desires. What you attract then capture to enliven your life to give meaning to desires is imperative and will make all the difference.
Life really is about practicing creation; creating wonderful memories, creating wonder for others, creating joy and peace. The point of all this, as with anything, is the value that is created and remains at the end of the day, basically the extent and quality of the memories created.

Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1521024546
E-book ASIN: B06Y4GDBV5

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Life's Impressions

It's your life, your chance to walk in the light of day, to experience whatever your mind may desire.

After all is said and done what are you left with at the end of it all are not only just the memories and love you obtained, but also the knowledge that you have gained which will help you to challenge whatever the future may hold for you. Life offers endless chances to pursue whatever your mind can perceive as an objective you wish to challenge, then with focus and intent successfully achieve.

It is your moments of failure or disappointment that makes your triumphs shine even brighter; it is the contrasts, the uncertainty in life, that give life its excitement, it's texture and color, it's wonder. To dream extraordinarily improbable dreams, then through your beliefs and desires make them come true is what life is all about. This is your chance at creation, to create your life dream, to experience the material world, to capture within reality all the senses that the potential wonder brings to being alive.

You are the master of your own universe, this is your playground where you can do whatever you want, achieve whatever your heart's desire may wish to pursue. Procrastination is like a cancer that will have the potential to destroy you, action is the solution to all that you may face, any action is better than no action at all. It is better to have small dreams rather than no dreams at all; it better to have small desires which will lead step by step to greater things than nor desires at all.

The opportunities that you are searching all exist, they may not be in the form that you imagine but they are available to you. You have the chance to seek the favorable combination of circumstances that will result in you gaining the knowledge that you require in order to achieve exactly what you want. While some options available to you they may have an element of the unknown and unpredictability, you have the choice whether or not to take a risk in the belief of a favorable outcome being possible.

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Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN-13: 979-8656148559
E-book ASIN: B08BLX6Z1S

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Life's Simply A Game

Life is indeed a game that we all play to pass time; simply a series of days strung together, made up of how you planned or decided to spend the moments. Like any game how well it is played or whether life's circumstances are interpreted accurately, then used to the best advantage, makes losers and winners to varying degrees.

Senseless insanity is alive and well within the world. The world is awash with unruly forces, that if not intent upon harming you do desire to become a destabilizing force, either temporarily or over the long term. We are all participants in a charade, how life evolves and turns out all depend on how well the game is played.

It is not wise or ideal to treat life like a game of chance, a random roll of the dice that can determine unpredictable outcomes. The cost of success is the careful application of well thought out concepts and ideas.

Like any game preparation is critical; understanding the rules, knowing how to manipulate the dynamics at play efficiently to ones own advantage, understanding the intricacies of the rules and how to capitalize upon or create opportunities, pursuing whatever circumstances are present to maximize whatever potential exists to the best advantage.

The potential opportunities in life are only limited by the inability to firstly comprehend them and secondly to fully utilize personal abilities to maximize the potential that is available. Don't wait for special times to evolve, rather create them in accordance with your true desires to experience what you wish to make real.

Much like any game, the game of life has things that can be obtained, or things that can be lost. How the game is played, the value of the stakes, the opposing factions all come to dictate an outcome, be that favorable or lacking any resemblance of being lucky. A life lived based upon any reliance on luck or fate being favorable is tempting only to the over optimistic, or those extremely lucky ones or who were fortunate in the past and believe that good fortune will continue in the future.

While it takes resources to control the world, the control of your own specific world environment is really within your potential to achieve. How you choose to control your world, as well as to what extent your desires are put into action, determine whether your life will meet your wishes or not. The amount of thought and energy you exhort, the persistence of that effort, all comes to determine whether and to what degree what you want is what you actually get.

In life you may win or loose at times, it's basically just like playing a game; the right mentality is chancing the wheel of life by trusting and ensuring you will win just the same.

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Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1530225835
E-book ASIN: B01C9MGL4U

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Life Is A Dance

Did you realize your life is a dance with time.

The book is a collection of 215 inspirational and motivational points of view based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence and intended as a basis for the reader to develop the potential for positive an informative insight that can be considered as a basis for thoughts that may prove advantageous in understanding life’s experiences.

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were you are given the valuable opportunity to experience and interact with the physical realm that exists all around you, seen and unseen.

The quality of life is governed by the effort put into taking the opportunity to create wonderful experiences that give life quality.

There is a necessity to always have a clear vision, a desire, of what is required. If you can't figure out what you want in your mind's eye then what hope do you have of seeing what you want within reality.

Author: Steven Redhead
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Paperback ISBN: 978-1080368020 E-book ASIN: B07V9SGWM2

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The Solution - Keys To Life

Are you living the life that you always imagined, the life that you really desire? Can you realize your dreams, or are they gradually slipping away from you?

Life is indeed a wondrous journey, but modern living has caused many to loose their way, drifting far from their intended life. Start to create the life you live as it was originally intended to be lived, free of the chains created by modern society, a life built upon joy and bliss.

Stop surrendering the decisions controlling your life by allowing others to interfere with your future, you have the right to make all the choices concerning how you experience your life. Start living the life that you deserve by taking back control over your destiny.

Direct your desires towards creating a life that you truly deserve, realizing your dreams, creating the things that you want, gaining the know-how into what life is really all about.

When planning a holiday most people take care of all the details in advance, booking flights, arranging transport, hotel accommodation, tour guides, et cetera. Yet in life, the greatest journey that everyone will ever make, most people don't prepare or plan their life course as well as they should; they don't work to create a life of joy, peace, health and wealth.

Develop the seeds for thought that will be the basis to create a new and richer life for yourself. Richness is not financial, but rather a life of bliss, something money can't buy.

Take care of every detail of your life, leaving no stone unturned, never just scratch the surface of anything you undertake, do it fully, until it is entirely completed, this is the only way to avoid regrets.

Life was never meant to be difficult, it was meant to be a wondrous adventure, that ideal is traded for whatever exists because of complacency when whatever occurs is accepted uncompromisingly. For many the status quo is far more acceptable than taking the supposed risks of change.

You can't change anything that has gone by, but living life to its full extent and purposes is truly a joy to carry with you forever. The things that really matter must be clearly identified, you do the have an influence upon determining them.

Each of us are creators with the potential to achieve even the wildest dreams if the necessary effort is simply put into achieving or obtaining the things desired. Consider the directions to take to begin the journey back to your true life path.

The purpose and meaning of your life are to give purpose and meaning to life; to find out not only who you are but also who you have the potential to be, then pursue that goal. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that do exist for you. Born through your dreams, then crystallized into form by your desires, given impetus by your expectations, then made real through your beliefs.

Life is made up of chances to make choices, decisions what you wish to do; the accumulated result of those choices is what is called your life.

The purpose and meaning of your life is to give purpose and meaning to life; to find out not only who you are but also who you have potential to be, then pursue that goal. Open your mind to the infinite possibilities that do exist for you. Born through your dreams, then crystallized into form by your desires, given impetus by your expectations, then made real though your beliefs.

Life is made up of chances to make choices, decisions what we wish to do; the accumulated result of those choices is what we call our life.

Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1537396828

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The Laws Of Creation

Are you living the life that you always imagined, the life that you really desire? Can you realize your dreams and desires, or are they gradually slipping away from you?
You are the architect of your own life; so use your willpower to make those choices that will control your destiny, create your life path, your fortune. Start to live by taking back control of your life now.

'The Laws of Attraction taught how to attract what you want. 'The Laws of Creation' shows you what the greatest inventors throughout history knew and practiced, they created. You are the creator of your own perceived reality, so don’t be a creation of circumstances, take full control of your destiny.

The rule is simple, take good care of the future or fear it; for if you don't plan the present and the future to achieve your life desires, your bliss, then fate will ensure anything can and will happen. Fate has a terrible habit of filling in gaps in reality with anything that may come along, life then becomes an unstable game of chance, perhaps taking you far from the original intended life path. Decide then plan for what you want from life, then work towards putting energy into achieving these life goals, then more than likely what you aim for will become yours, what you most desire and need will become your reality.

Life has the meaning that you give it, through capturing then using the Power of Creation to create a life really worth living.

Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1508438038 E-book ASIN: B00TDU7ULU

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E-book ISBN: 978-1310519314

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Power Of The Heart

Unleash The Power of the Heart and Mind provides the inspirational direction for how to enliven the heart consciousness in order to access the ‘Powers of The Heart’ then linking that state to the subconscious and conscious mind; which in turn is able to connect to the higher consciousness.

The inspiration of the heart linked with the higher consciousness once in prefect sync provides a powerful force to not only drive but create reality in the way you have programmed through logical thought. It is not as some believe a choice between the intellect of the mind and the intuition of the heart; rather the unification of these two conscious states is the answer. Relying only either on the intellect and logic of the mind is limiting and gains from the support of intuitive insights from the heart’s intelligence. Utilizing the Power of the Heart in conjunction with the Mind is the most significant choice you will make in life.

The heart is not only an intuitive source but also a creator capable of bringing or driving your desires into action. Allow the abilities of your heart and mind to combine forces to bring into being within reality those things will serve you the best. The heart generates more than just intuitive feelings and desires but also the conscious means to bring them into reality.

Intuition and desires born from the heart consciousness are given the power to become real with perseverance. Achieving your heart's desire is the key to living a joyful life of bliss. By following your heart you won't go far wrong, for linked to the heart consciousness are the desires of the higher self's conscious states.

Utilising the power of the heart is one of the most significant choices that you will make in life.

Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1502787507
E-book ASIN: B00O82F1C8

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E-book ISBN: 9781310053634

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Creating Your Reality

Life is the most wondrous journey, yet many have lost their way by not managing their life well. Creating Your Reality offers directions on how to return to your true life path, to finding your bliss, living a life that you truly deserve. Create a life of joy, contentment, happiness, peace, wealth, health; living your dream, creating the things you desires; gaining the knowledge of what life is really about. The book gives insight into the secrets of The Laws of Attraction; that you are indeed the architect of your own life; that by harness the power of creation within you can make the life that you truly desire. Creating Your Reality is a handy reference, intended to be a guide through life, through the journey of discovery to find out your true self.

Obtain ideas that will enable you to gain insight into how to deal with what may arise; then progress to start living the reality you truly desire and deserve; live life as it was originally intended to be. This is what life is really all about, giving your own meaning to life so that you can live a life of contented bliss. Make the changes to ensure your life is what you desire and how only you intend it to be. Learn to live and create your own reality rather than living that of others.

“Life was never meant to be difficult, it was meant to be wondrous adventure, we trade that ideal for whatever we have because of our complacency, or whenever we accept whatever comes our way,” shares the author. “We can set ourselves free by removing or eliminating anything that is undesirable in our life, no matter what or how high the cost”.

Backed with personal insights and well-research studies, Creating Your Reality will inspire and motivate readers as it offers thoughts to overcome life's issues, allowing one to live the life imagined by creating what is needed to live the life that is truly deserved.

Author: Steven Redhead

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1505226973

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E-book ISBN: 9781311401311

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