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The consequence of our thoughts can be found in our actions and the consequence of our actions can be found within our reality.


Within the consequences of your illusions, lies the reality of all your tomorrows. As within the confines of your minds, Can be found the seeds that will make you grow and excel.


Love the moment for its simplicity,
It may give or take nothing from you,
But, for a blinking of an eye, it will have changed so many things forever.


Capture the essence of light in your life, And the magic of dreams will come true. Believe what you wish for is already yours, And it will be.


Time is but unto itself an illusion made of dust, With each second it blows away, Until all that is left are the memories.


How lovely was a smile so bright,
that brought forth love with every sigh.
To hold one whisper of your desire,
sweet enchantment for a restless heart.

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