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Original philosophical throughts and Quotes about life, mostly taken from the books I wrote and published.

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Links to the the Projects, Social Media Sites, Videos, Publications and the Articles Archive of Steven Redhead, aka Philomind. The aim of the Philomind Project is to create life changing ideas enabling live to be life intended.

Power of The Heart Google+

Dynamic Quotes taken from the Power of The Heart E-book.

Power of The Heart facebook

Providing motivational thoughts on Heart based living.

The Solution Google +

Powerful quotes, thoughts, videos and images about living a life of bliss; as life was originally intended to be.

The Solution facebook

Key Quotes and comments taken from the book, concerning how to live the life you really desire and truly deserve.

Laws of Creation Google+

A powerful techniques to change your reality for the better by creating life as you desire.

Laws of Creation facebook

Potentially more powerful than the Law of Attraction; take your abilities further by utilizing the Laws of Creation in your life.

Google+ Creating Reality

Attaining the life that you really desire is within your grasp; the key to master is belief.

Creating Your Reality facebook

Motivational thoughts about your natural ability to Create reality based on your own desires.

Life Coaching Systems Google+

Ideas for ways to bring the meaning of life into perspective.

Life Coaching Systems facebook

Inspirational thoughts, quotes and videos about obtaining a better life.

Myspace Page

A collection of random thoughts and quotes. It isn't a Blog page so to speak. But then if not a Blog page what is it? It's just my Random Thought.

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We don't see all there is before us, our eyes ability is limited to see this dimension only, our brains filter out other imformation that it deems is unnecessary.