Life Is A Circus book by Steven Redhead
Life Is A Dance

The book is a collection of 215 inspirational and motivational points of view based on personal experience and anecdotal evidence and intended as a basis for the reader to develop the potential for positive an informative insight that can be considered as a basis for thoughts that may prove advantageous in understanding life’s experiences.

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were you are given the valuable opportunity to experience and interact with the physical realm that exists all around you, seen and unseen.

Life Is A Dance - Insights

The quality of life is governed by the effort put into taking the opportunity to create wonderful experiences that will give your life the quality you seek.

There's no long-term purchase plan available for life, no long-lasting ownership potential, this physical experience is merely life on a short-term rental contract with the termination clause once the lease period is complete and over with. The restriction clauses are hardly noticeable and heavily redacted until some hidden hand of fate melts out restitution that wasn't expected or even justified. The course is quite constraining except for the privileged few who landed the right way up metaphorically speaking, for the rest a constrained menu of education, work, marriage, and menial boring obscurity, that is interwoven with various intensities of surprise, shock, and a numbness which pervades most lives between experienced moments of temporary joy and happiness.

Those with truly felt and acknowledged life destinations that are achievable if assailed with vigor then have the chance at making life somewhat worthwhile. The weaker or less ambitious drift along like flotsam on a vast ocean of humanity, not knowing any better with no one keen enough to try to tell them there should always be some meaning and purpose that is given to this gift of life. Devoid of any ability to realize this for themselves due to the constant blather of brainwashing deceptions aimed at keeping them passive aggressive, the passive part encouraging submission through trivial distractions and the aggressive side to take part in the divide and conquer delirium that exists in every society.

The conclusion often made is simple, a selfish life aimed at achieving the best possible outcome achievable under the circumstances, along with collecting as many trinkets of modern society that external intentions have motivated people to accumulate unnecessarily. The pipe-dream is attractive to many, the few that actually achieve that desired status are held up as examples that could be emulated, the potential on offer being mouth-watering to many even if the luxuries enjoyed by a few can only be observed only through the media coverage of the admired minority.

Rescue from the doldrums is achieved by creating moments of false realities such as during comparatively luxury trips and holidays, that glimpse of possibility being as glancing as it has been. Life offers chances that if not taken quickly fade away into obscurity, that window in time is likely too brief and indecision or lack of confidence can whisk away opportunities swiftly leaving a mundane void in their place. Only decisiveness expelled with authority along with a strong sense of purpose backed by a vision of success will suffice.

Perception of the physical reality is simply a temporary experience governed by strong-willed actions by oneself or others that impact outcomes. The gaps that perception ignores through a focus on necessity either logical or whimsical could hold conclusions of importance that avoid identification through lack of sufficient attention being focused to identify and comprehend what is actually truly important.

While it takes resources to control the world, the control of your own specific world environment is really within your potential to achieve. How you choose to control your world, as well as to what extent your desires are put into action, determine whether your life will meet your wishes or not. The amount of thought and energy you exhort, the persistence of that effort, all comes to determine whether and to what degree what you want is what you actually get.

Time is constantly flittering away unrealized and often insufficiently utilized to its full potential due to no longer being able to control destiny as desired perfectly. Each moment while precious is actually undervalued by many, unfortunately, as when fully utilized these moments hold the prospect of desires being in essence realized. Continuity is not a persistent aspect of life, once fully realized it makes sense to maximize each precious moment to the best possible advantage.

There is a necessity to always have a clear vision, a desire, of what is required. If you can't figure out what you want in your mind's eye then what hope do you have of seeing what you want within reality.