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Mastering Life's Chessboard.

By Steven Redhead

In the grand collage of human existence, life unfolds as a dynamic interplay of actions and reactions, a game played by individuals with their own unique strategies and motivations. While some choose to navigate this game with honesty and integrity, others employ tactics of manipulation, deception, and control, seeking to gain an advantage over others. This chapter delves into the intricacies of these power games, exploring their motivations, consequences, and strategies for navigating their complexities.

Life, with its finite duration, presents a limited playing field, a stage on which individuals pursue their personal goals and aspirations. While time seems to dissipate quickly, regardless of how it is spent, people strive to occupy themselves with activities that bring them fulfilment, seeking meaning and purpose in their existence. This inherent desire for fulfilment, coupled with the characteristic competitiveness of human nature, often fuels the initiation of power games.

The impact of these games varies greatly depending on the personalities involved. Some individuals, with their cunning and manipulative nature, wield considerable influence, leaving a lasting impact on those around them. They operate under the illusion of a "winner-takes-all" mentality, leveraging their perceived power to gain an edge over others. When confronted with the consequences of their actions, these individuals often feign innocence, shifting blame and deflecting criticism.

While life's game presents a variety of playing styles, ranging from the rough and aggressive to the passive and rule-abiding, understanding the dynamics of these power games is crucial for navigating their complexities. Just as one wouldn't bring a paintbrush to a rugby match, it's essential to match the intensity of others' behaviour to effectively counter their strategies. Maintaining a level playing field and reciprocating their level of engagement is paramount to protecting oneself from others destructive tendencies.

Navigating the complexities of human interaction requires a keen understanding of these power games. By recognising others motivations, recognising their consequences, and adopting appropriate strategies, an individual can protect themselves from their harmful effects and foster more harmonious relationships. Life is indeed a game, but it's a game that need not be played in the shadows of manipulation and control. By embracing honesty, integrity, and compassion, these interpersonal games can be transformed into a collaborative effort, enriching everyone’s lives.


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Manipulation Of Reality.

By Steven Redhead

The manipulation of reality refers to the ability to transform and shape one's perception of the world to align with personal desires and aspirations. It involves altering the circumstances, conditions, and even the characters in one's reality to create a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Imagination serves as a powerful tool in manipulating reality, as one's beliefs can manifest the desired outcomes. It is possible to modify and adapt one's environment according to personal preferences, although many individuals cling to familiarity due to the uncertainty associated with the unknown. It is essential to employ creativity not only in one's imagination but also in shaping the actual reality. Do not hesitate to make dramatic changes to situations that are unsatisfactory or do not align with personal desires and needs.

Anything that causes stress, discomfort, or a longing for something better can be altered or transformed. This principle applies to people, places, or things that manifest in one's life. Additionally, sleep offers an escape from reality, allowing for the creation of desirable conditions to be created through dreams. By consciously manipulating one's reality, dreams can be lived out exactly as envisioned. Embrace the opportunity to be a co-creator and bring your dreams to life within the bounds of reality, making your life a remarkable journey.

In life, one can either dance in the light of time or dwell in the shadows of mismatched creations. Utilise all available resources to craft a life that is truly wonderful and brings joy. Always choose what you accept as your reality and have the courage to reject experiences that do not align with your desires. The power to decide what should and should not occur in your life lies solely with you. Embrace this power and live a life that makes your dreams come true.


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Infinite Possibilities Do Exist

The Consequence Of Your Illusions Is Your Reality.

By Steven Redhead

What you deem yourself to be determines your present reality, but also what you are becoming. Through conscious and subconscious levels of thought you have created then come to believe in the persona you portray to the world. Those deep internal habits that are driving who you are determine your external image and therefore come to portray it to others. To change from who you currently are, the thought process that brought about the creation of the current self-image needs to be addressed and then modified to begin forming the new you.

Who do you wish to be, what would you like to change, what kind of image do you wish to portray to the world? Every aspect of who you believe you are goes towards creating the person that you actually become; the image or impression others will have of you. By changing aspects of both your personality, behaviour, as well as your thought process you can begin to create a personally desirable improvement in your outer world image.

Literally every single thing within the universe; from the physical to the immaterial are in a constant state of change, there are literally no exceptions to the rule that all things never exist for long in the exact same condition. Of course, there are welcome changes to things you may have preferred wouldn't remain the same; yet there is a feeling of security in the predictability of stability, while a feeling of apprehension or excitement always accompanies the unknown that is created by change.

Change is inevitable, how it affects your reality needs to be fully controlled, including your perception of what occurs. Life is yours to manage, you shouldn't allow the circumstances to arise that are placing unwanted demands on you. Action should always be preferred to inaction, taking the risk if the chance is right and preferable to not taking any action at all; inaction in itself is also a risk too.

By embracing then utilizing change for personal benefit makes sense, resistance is a simply a waste of energy as life will continue to change no matter what you do. The key is to utilize change in the best way possible to maximize all the benefits that are available.


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Dreams Are Wishes Wrapped In Dust

Life Is About Living Your Dream

By Steven Redhead

Life is like a dream where you get to shape your reality by turning your dreams into actual experiences. Your personal reality is delicate, influenced by both good and not-so-ideal factors. However, your true reality is solely yours, untouched by external influences. You are the creator of your reality, and it's essential not to relinquish this power to others, who act as reality thieves.

Picture life as a playground, a grand illusion. What transpires here stays here, except for memories and love. Concepts like eternal retribution, revenge, and justice are designed for this reality and don't extend beyond it. While you possess the potential to live the life you desire, you coexist in a shared consciousness with various personalities and desires. Skillfully navigating through these influences is crucial to maintaining your identity and pursuing the life you want.

Consider deeply what you desire from the grand tapestry of life, and then, with meticulous detail, weave those aspirations into a vibrant reality. While it may seem like a universal truth, the magic lies in nurturing a strong, persistent belief that propels you forward. Today marks the commencement of your true life; now, in this very moment, the canvas is before you, and you possess the power to alter its course, turn it around if needed, or even start anew.

As you embark on this journey through the landscape of dreams, remember that the shadows of unfulfilled dreams can only be dispelled by the light of belief and purpose. With each deliberate step towards your aspirations, you bring your dreams out of the shadows and into the vibrant tapestry of your lived experience.


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Life’s Dance With Time

Unleashing The Power Of Your Mind

By Steven Redhead

Imagine the incredible potential within your mind, a vast reservoir waiting to be tapped into and utilised. The challenge lies in navigating this boundless capacity effectively, an endeavour that often perplexes many. To unlock the true potential of your intelligence, you must first shatter the perceived limits that have been ingrained in your thinking.

Breaking free from the conventional boundaries that confine your mind is the initial step toward progress and heightened intelligence. Your capabilities can only expand as far as your beliefs and efforts allow. It's about recognising and embracing the untapped potential that might be initially elusive. You can easily enhance your abilities within your known limits, but true advancement requires pushing beyond these boundaries.

To transcend the familiar and venture into the unknown, you must dismantle the barriers imposed by your existing knowledge. This involves delving into new and potentially transformative realms of information. While observing and learning from others can provide valuable insights, the most impactful growth arises from personal exploration and independent thinking.

Initiate your journey by exploring new areas of interest, delving into necessary knowledge, and challenging the limits of your understanding. The key is to continuously stretch the boundaries of your consciousness through self-driven efforts. Instead of relying solely on external sources, cultivate a mindset that actively seeks to broaden your horizons.


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What You Seek You Become

Control Of Reality and Create A Life

By Steven Redhead

As each day unfolds then comes to a close reflect on the fact that another day in the adventure of life has drawn to a finish; another page in the book of life has been completed. You are writing your life experiences upon the echoes of the past and projecting desires onto the present and future.

Time has its limit; for the time that you are given should be capitalized upon to the best advantage, by not surrendering it to others. Rather use time solely for your own purpose, for what you wish to achieve, like it was intended to be used. Your life is a testament of the memories you created, a legacy that reflects a life well lived.

Everything in life is either the result of your desires, actions and thoughts or the inability to counteract the will of others or external forces that may have some impact over you. Allowing the reality of others to clash or overwhelm your reality never ends well. Any unwanted phenomenon or overlapping reality that comes to intrude upon yours should be overcome quickly by a strong effort to disallow or banish those effects from entering your perception by taking action to avoid any undesirable circumstances.

The only restriction on what can be obtained or achieved is determined by willpower or the lack of it that dictates the relevant outcome. There is potential to constantly chase whatever you want or just take things as they come, the choices are solely yours to make, you are the one who can decide how to respond to life's many options. By allowing the status quo to invade or pervade your days wastes life's opportunities and potential.

You have free will to decide how to live this life, the choice of whether to take action or not does have consequences in the potential form of regrets. When taking the route of least resistance; by letting what is just be, you surrender to the whims of destiny.