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The 'Book Series' presents an accumulation of ideas and to motivate formulating choices that could inspire you to look for changes that can improve your life and thought persona for the better. Change is indeed the most beneficial and strongest power in the universe. This Book Series covers revolutionary ways to view life and is designed to provide inspirational and motivational seeds of thought that are intended to help you realize how to find your way through life, guiding you to formulate or identify the options available for creating not only a better life but also a better world.

The author has over 38 years of experience writing motivational spiritually based philosophy, that is intended to inspire people into asking themselves the questions that will point them towards what they are searching for. These books are intended to bringing the many possibilities available to you to life, by making you aware of the options available for creating the life you desire.

Start changing your life for the better now; taking this chance to pursue the things that enliven you, that give you satisfaction, joy and that brings true bliss.

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Philomind's YouTube Channel

A selection of 66 motivational and inspirational potentially life changing YouTube videos based on the concepts and quotations taken from the series of published books by Steven Redhead aka Philomind. The videos are intended to make you aware that You have within your power the ability to make whatever you want become real; this ability is limited only by the extent of your vision, by your ability to perceive in reality the things you have envisioned within your heart and mind.

Find the potential to become aware of the options for creating the life you desire.

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Twitter Page @PhiloMind

Launched in April 2009 with 2542 followers and 7,590 tweets the Philomind Twitter page is geared to ‘Looking Beyond the Boundaries’ by creating ‘Intuitive Philosophical Spirituality’ concepts and ideas that are intended to motivate and inspire productive thoughts.

Life is what you make it, therefore by finding ways to motivate the forming of new ideas is imperative for bringing about the opportunity to enjoy a productive and valuable life experience.

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The Linkedin page of Motivational Author, Business and Product Development Expert Steven Redhead has 3,141 connections.

Specialties are Business and Product research and development, specializing especially in Asia; with experience working with large corporations in Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

For 32 years I was based in Japan working with companies in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Brazil, assisting businesses to succeed and prosper.

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With over 18,000 views from visitors worldwide with regular visitors from the USA, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, South America and Asia.
Posts are based upon inspiring thoughts and quotations backed by an analysis of the specific meaning to ensure a clear understanding of the intention behind the statements. Quotes are always open to personal interpretation, which can be varied based upon personal points of view and experiences which always have potential to impact or drive how each quote is interpreted and understood. Each quote offers insight into creating a thought process that will open up a wider interpretation of personal life issues, but more importantly initiate a new direction of thought that will be inspiration for how to view the world.
What is impacting life is likely to drive or control the interpretation of Reality.

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Power of The Heart FB

This page is focused on the published book ‘Unleash The Power Of The Heart an Mind’ and contains selected concepts that are related to enabling an insight into this book’s concept.

The Power of the Heart and Mind books provides the inspirational direction for how to enliven the heart consciousness, then linking that state to the subconscious and conscious mind. The inspiration of the heart linked with the higher consciousness once in prefect sync provides a powerful force to not only drive but create reality in the way you have programmed through logical thought.

Achieving your heart’s desires is the key to living a life of blissful happiness.

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The Solution FB

The Solution on facebook is based on selected key inspirational points from the book ‘The Solution - Keys To Life’; the page has 2,411 followers and 2,474 people who like this page; so well worth checking out.

Life can seem to be full of mystery, full of adventure, even confusing on occasions; at times we can face obstacles and great tribulation. Yet life is a wondrous experience that needn’t be a mystery to us, needn’t be a hardship, a challenge, or a drudge, but can be a joyous experience a wondrous adventure.

Whenever some great endeavor is to be undertaken usually people seek advice on how best to proceed, when a great adventure is to be undertaken it is wise that always a good guide should be sought. Yet with our life, the greatest adventure and undertaking most of us will ever make, we simply just live day-by-day, most of us not planning how we will proceed or what we plan to achieve, what our legacy will be, what information we will leave behind to ease the way for future generations.

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Laws of Creation FB

The Laws of Creation facebook page is based on the motivational book The Laws of Creation which has 903 page members and 917 followers.

It is of the greatest importance to stay in control of your own destiny, no matter how difficult that may be to comprehend or achieve. Immaterial of how wondrous or dire your life situation may be there is potential to modify or completely change it at will to become whatever you may desire.

Believe it or not, you are capable of recreating each and every aspect of your life at will. The minds capacity to dream, or produce very intricate daydreams, is the unexploited part of your ability to create what you want. However, many people don’t bring those dreams into reality, they stay just dreams, wishes, hopes, ideas that are destined never to see the light of day.

It is the choices of what you create that determines everything of true value, not some random generated chance.

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A wide range of the additional social media sites that are intended to promote the published motivational and inspirational books that are intended to bring ideas and a wider perspective to daily life. The intention is to bring ideas that can motivate thought to bring inspiration solutions to the numerous challenges and to help identify and capitalize on potential opportunities.

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