Beyond Your Realization Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • This life is your chance to be whatever you may desire.

Beyond Your Realization

Reflecting upon what has happened in life is the best way to understand your life's path to date; the things that have happened, what is happening in the present, while also pondering the potential for the future. History does tend to repeat itself if strategic changes are not engineered to take place, such changes are created through identifying then planning how to achieve specific desires.

Learning from the past and present in order to prepare yourself for the future will assist you in how to deal with things that will likely occur and unfold in a more beneficial and efficient way.

It is within everyone's capacity as humans to learn and grow from all the things that have happened to date, not only to oneself but also to others and throughout time. Reality is like a mirror reflecting your image so to your life reflects what you really are or believe you are, what you have achieved or desire to achieve, and what you think about and desire the most.

Taking the time within a busy schedule to reflect upon your existence is always beneficial. Life is full of hustle and bustle, rushing here and rushing there, time seems to just pass by so fast before you know it time will have run out. Yet, if you don't stop, then reflect upon and analyze what has been and determine what you want for the future as well as how to get that, then the sands of time will leave you as dust blowing in the wind.

This life is your chance to be whatever you may desire, to pursue the things that have meaning specifically for you; to dance upon the stage of space and time, to be mortal and to relish in the glory and wonder of each moment.

The realization that perceptions can and do create illusions that can mask the true reality that should exist with what is being experienced, or twist reality in some way beyond the true meaning or purpose of the reality being experienced.

It is always wise to stay grounded, not letting the illusions created by society or by others influence you in any detrimental way, especially negatively. It is possible to have your reality hijacked, either maliciously or even unintentionally. Any outside influence or interference of any type in your life experience that is not desired constitutes the aggressive undesirable intrusion into your experienced reality, perhaps to manipulate you or the reality being experienced.

Modern society is selfish by its very nature, people rarely consider others or the impact of their actions upon the general state of the reality of others. In such cases, the focus is usually upon satisfying the self, irrespective of any impact or effect this may have upon others who are trapped within or captivated by that specific zone of influence.

It is through a realization of the way things are that the option to take evasive action is possible; that enables the potential to avoid being trapped by the will and actions of other and the malicious impacts of fate. The clear understanding of what is real or actual, as well as what is an illusion or false state of affairs is the ability that will enable the corrective action to avoid being sucked into the whirling cycle of a life controlled by the demands of others or society.

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Dance in the Light of Time Article  - Author Steven Redhead
  • The things of real value in life are the experiences you have with others.

Dance in the Light of Time

Your life desires, the things that you long for are mostly only temporary, both from a perspective of their usefulness or longevity of influence, they are just passing fantasies. While these items do contribute something to the experience in the short term they are mostly soon discarded, forgotten, or rejected at some stage to become a distant or faint memory.

The things of real value in life are the experiences you have with others, the memories you create, and the moments you enjoy and treasure. With effort, it is possible to create wonderful memories that will stand the tests of time and indeed an eternity.

You need to balance then combine the desires of the Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Body as one contained unit of consciousness, not giving any special preference to one or the other but creating a unified consensus of thought. It is this combined focus that will give the most impressive meaning to your life and understanding of what occurs.

It is the combined energies of the Soul, Spirit, Mind, and Body that can bring into reality the things that you most desire or wish to experience. They can draw not only things but also people to you simply by using their combined energies to create what you want to exist or experience in your life.

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The time Of Your Life - Author Steven Redhead
  • Time has become the essence of life, that metaphorically makes things tick.

The time Of Your Life

Time Is The Devil's Toy 

Time is a pure illusion that has been created by society in order to control the human race; in essence, time doesn't exist outside the perception of humankind. Once focused upon through contemplation time becomes more and more elusive to comprehend or even understand.

What the reality of time actually consists of is merely in total the passing of a life; the time between birth and death. Or some similar measure of the passing of time as we know it, from a start to an endpoint.

Obviously, without time there would be chaos in the modern world, but man would indeed be set free to live the true reality of what life should really be like without the constraints that time does impose on people.

Time has become the essence of life, that metaphorically makes things tick, brings together what would be chaos into a uniform symphonic regimental order. The modern human is ruled by time, the demands of the day that must be satisfied without fail within a given constraint.

To realize what time is there is a need to contemplate what life would be like without time; put simply the remaining measures would be day and night, light and darkness. It would not be long though before the day was divided by the markers set by the passing of the sun across the sky; for it is basic human thinking to have order and a uniform understanding of what exists within reality.

There is a need in the human psyche to not only control oneself but also to control others; for in control, there is the element of power. As humans power is the definitive marker of status; the elements of control and manipulation have a magical essence about them; the power over others being the prime objective.

Harnessing time to control others is the ultimate power tool; with other control mechanisms such as the money required in order to function appropriately within society. The deadline for the completion of a task would not exist without time; but time doesn't die, it continues long after such a deadline has expired.

Time is not a solid concept, but rather a thing of the mind, created by the mind of humans to control others; the ultimate tool to manage the actions of people and any reward that is appropriately given for the outcome of those actions being achieved as required.

Everyone is serving their time in one form or another; which to some on reflection passes so very quickly that it is a wonder where all the time that was has gone. As time only exists in essence within the mind it is the personal perception of time that makes it pass quickly or slowly. There is often a gap between different peoples perception of the passing of time, impacted by what they are doing, but also whether the task is personally enjoyable and beneficial or not.

Time is the master that each person must obey; for without submission to time, there is a need to extricate oneself from society in order to escape the influence of time completely.

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Considerations To Ponder Aricle - Author Steven Redhead
  • What may seem real can be at times just an illusion of your own making.

* Considerations To Ponder *

Start with Imagination

If you can imagine something in detail then you can make it real, you can bring it into your reality purely by the power of your thoughts, your desires, your willpower and actions.

Realization of truth

Some think that lies have power, but the power in temporary, an illusion, until the lie is revealed, then it turns to realization. Truth has eternal power, sometimes weaker than lies initially, but with time truth always reigns supreme.

Acceptance of facts

What may seem true, what may seem real can be sometimes just an illusion of your own making, only when you question what seems real can you begin to find the answers to questions that haven't yet been asked or even contemplated.

Willing into being

Everything will surrender in time to the will of the strong, it is the ability to sustain a continuous desire to obtain what is required over the time it takes for that to become real, to persevere in face of all adversity is what finally brings what you want into your reality.

Essence of Reality

Wishes, hopes dreams, desires, longings, wanting, imagination, expectations, are all the pure essence of your reality, the basic formulae to create your reality, with which anything you really want can be achieved; thus without these in a harmonic combination you are left to float like flotsam upon the oceans of time.

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