Concerns Are Wasteful Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Always judge whether any concern has a true legitimacy or not.

Concerns Are Wasteful

Being unduly concerned about anything flimsy is a waste of mental resources and can be a hindrance towards actually being able to achieve what is necessary or expected. Of course, some concerns are relevant, so should be tackled with vigor, then eliminated; keeping a major concern festering away for extended periods without a solution is not only unproductive but also unhealthy.

Any concern should first be judged as to whether it is legitimate or just an immaterial nonsense that just distracts from what should actually be the object of attention. If deemed irrelevant then such concerns are merely just a drain on energy and mental and physical resources. If the concern does, in fact, require attention then through analysis a course of action should be formed to overcome such concerns as speedily as possible, generally by maintaining focus on the objective to be achieved or overcome.

There are many concerns that arise that don't really deserve any attention at all, rather they should be dismissed so that the mind can focus upon issues that are potentially more beneficial, that actually can bear advantages, rather than create negatives as some concerns do tend to initiate.

Concerns that arise ad-hoc can tend to be a form of procrastination, a way to avoid starting or doing or pursuing some necessary action, idea, desire, or expectation. It is far more beneficial and logical to consider any potential issues one by one in advance, then formulate a response should they actually occur, rather than waste time on idle concerns that tend to pop up without reason or necessity.

If a concern is overbearing or seems intuitively based then it should be identified, analyzed, then a plan formulated as to how to resolve or overcome the cause of that concern. Swift action is always preferable in order to move on with what can be achieved before the concern can morph into what can seem to be more insurmountable.

Considering potential issues that could possibly have a strong likelihood to evolve or exist in connection with what is desired to be achieved, is actually a far better use of time than getting bogged down by concerns that show up without notice or warning without any legitimate reason or logic.

Always judge whether any concern has a true legitimacy or not, disregard those concerns that are flippant, but swiftly deal with focusing clearly on formulating a process or policy to overcome or eliminate any other concerns that indicate they may interfere with or affect what can be achieved.

Life is far too short to be waylaid by concerns that impede in any way what one is trying to achieve or experience. Deal with all major concerns with the urgency they require, while ensuring focus is maintained in achieving what are the targeted goals in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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Temptation Is The Game Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • There are no right or wrong choices, just decisions to be made.

Temptation Is The Game

You are continually bombarded with various forms of temptations as part of a game played upon humanity. It doesn't matter if you succumb to the temptations or completely deny them, that is all part of the game, you need to realize this important fact. There are no right or wrong choices, just decisions to be made, whichever you decide isn't really the issue - the issue is actually making a choice that counts. How you choose as well as why is all that really matters in the final analysis.

What you decide, which of life's temptations are attractive, what is accepted and what is denied are all part of what dictates the progression and outcome of this game called life. It is necessary to determine what matters on a personal level, what is going to be of value or what is in fact totally useless, or having only limited or short-term value in relation to what is required to bring that event about. It is the things that will last for eternity, the creation of really wonderful memories that should be sought, for in the end game that is all that will really matter.

Taking chances, taking considered and calculated risks to give life excitement, making the right valued choices, making dear and valuable memories are all that really is important, the rest is just window dressing - being of little consequence or long-term value.

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Shaken But Not Stirred Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • To follow the success of others is always the easiest route.

Shaken But Not Stirred

Reality with a dash of imagination, shaken but not stirred please. Life is indeed like a cocktail, the various component parts are added, then mixed it up to get the experienced reality. Imagination, dreams, wishes, hopes, aspirations, ideas, people known and acquaintances etcetera can all be added to the mix; it is possible to throw into the melting pot anything that is required, decide upon or desired, any combination of things that are desired; then just mix it all up to see how things turn out.

So much to choose from but what to choose, perhaps something original would be more fun? If this random thought process was used to make an actual cocktail it would be hit or miss as to its acceptability, perhaps drinkable, perhaps not; maybe you wouldn't want to waste it so you drink it anyway rather than throwing it away and starting again as would seems logical and ideal. To get a good, drinkable cocktail it is easier to follow formulae at first, then gradually experiment until it becomes possible through experience to create an original drink on your own. Perhaps the finished drink is modeled on some other famous well tried recipe or perhaps the final creation is a personal creation; it could even be a bit of both.

Yes, the right choice for a cocktail is one that is original, but should be drinkable; um.... guess this may need some thought to perfect the ideal recipe! So it is with life; to follow the success of others is always the easiest route; it is often the choice by many to follow the well-trodden path that society lays out as a route from cradle to grave.

The road less traveled, however, the one created to meet personal objectives and intuitive desires could be much harder, as there can be issues and a struggle to find the correct combination of factors to make the life evolve and turn out exactly as you truly desire. But when the pain that may be involved with evolving a recipe for this life course is avoided you also will miss the dance, the dance of life; those things that give life its mystery, joy, excitement, surprise and a sense of 'I did it my own way'.

What is necessary is a slight twist - that should give it the edge and originality life needs! So, when you drink from the cup of life what will your drink be; the well-tried recipe, or something original, exciting, with a twist of something brand new?

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Considerations Of Life Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Always view life's joys or woes with love.

Considerations Of Life

It is just for that actually brief moment in eternity that you live, while your spiritual existence is infinite, your life is just like a fleeting moment in eternity.

So, what is the best use of your lifetime, the chances that are available can sometimes be elusive; perhaps that is the game, to spend effort to find the people, the things, the places that can make you happy, that give you great joy, that offer some form of satisfaction or contentment. These are the things you ideally should search for in order to find your reason for living, this is your chance to dance in the light, to feel the sun, the cool breeze on a winters night, to listen to the birds singing, to hear music of the heart expressed in all the forms of art.

Like a meal is food for the body, life is food for the soul, helping it expand and grow in dimension, giving joy to the spirit through the things that are experienced in the physical reality. Always view life's joys or woes with love, accepting them for what they are but always making the very most of every single moment's true potential.

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Power Of The Mind Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • With a clear vision it is possible to find the course that will bring the most rewards in life.

Power Of The Mind

Every single thing that you comprehend or consider is feasible has the full potential to become true, to become real, no matter what that focus of attention may be. With concentrated focus you can do and achieve or obtain anything at all that you want or need to; basically, there is potential to have anything you desire, to be anywhere you want. All you need to do is harness the power of your mind and physical self to exert the necessary energy for the period necessary that is required to obtain what you want or need.

To focus your mind on some specific issue is much more valuable than letting your mind just wander aimlessly, you never will quite know what the result of unfocused thoughts will turn up to surprise or shock you. Fantasies are useless, it is only true focused desires that have the power to create and make what is required become real.

With a clear vision it is possible to find the course that will bring the most rewards in life, rewards that will suit you, not necessarily riches but experiences to enrich the soul, to make your spirit sparkle in the light of eternity. To many, the power of the mind is lost, lost in the confusion and paraphernalia of the intense daily performances or drudgery of life and the requirements that modern society has. Many wish solely for material things, where ideally it is far wiser to focus on the eternal value of what is being pursued instead.

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Lesson Of Life Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • In the final analysis, this life is just an experience.

Lesson Of Life

It is the realization of the fact that in the end nothing really matters, that it is the freedom you should seek. Many spend their lives becoming lost with concerns and caring about so many things without realizing that in the final analysis, in the end, nothing really matters at all.

Everything is just for the sake of it, just for the experience, irrespective of how things turn out in the end - that is irrelevant - it is the value of the experience that is all that really matters in the final analysis.

What is hell, what is heaven, they are just memories, that's all, and the divine retribution, the burning in hell for eternity, promised us by the world's religions, is actually just the memories of negative or wrongful actions that will be reflected upon for eternity.

The decision is yours, will you care to remember for eternity your wrongdoings, or will you just let them be blown away and scattered by the sands of time, this is also your choice, your higher spirits choice. In the final analysis, this life is just an experience, a fantasy in passing in order to while away eternity, for what else can you do with forever but spend a brief moment in the physical reality.

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