Needs Of The Spirit Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • There are numerous states of consciousness that exist.

Needs Of The Spirit

There are numerous states of consciousness that exist, for example; the conscious and subconscious minds, the heart consciousness, the consciousness of the gut region, and the overriding personal conscious state that is the spiritual consciousness or consciousness of the higher self. All these states of realizations are held within the realm of the controlling general consciousness of all that exists.

The heart consciousness is the conduit or window to the soul, or the spirit's higher conscious state that is in concert with the general consciousness. The general consciousness state is where the spirit consciousness resides, but the individual spirit does retain some level of autonomy to pursue specific desires of whatever may be held dear, or what that spirit may wish to pursue in a specific lifetime.

While some desires of the general consciousness are passed through the individual spirit consciousness states that exist, the individual spiritual consciousness does generate or create most of the desires to be pursued by the physical self. The physical conscious states do create desires that are specific to the material or physical reality, these are mostly based on observations of requirements within the physical world; but many of the strong intuitive desires do become conscious thoughts that have been communicated via the heart consciousness and are related to desires that have been communicated by the high self which become clear when the physical consciousness is fully open to them.

Depending on the mind's connection with the heart consciousness, then, in turn, the heart's conscious connection to the higher self - comes to determine how clearly the desires of the spirit are communicated to the mind and in turn the desires of the mind are exchanged with the higher self's conscious state. It is possible that many people don't even retain any level of connection with their higher self, they are what are called totally materialistic beings. These characters solely pursue the specific desires related to the physical world, that while these are enticing brain candy distractions they only have relevance limited to this reality. These specific types of consciousness are controlled almost entirely by the physical material world and the various conscious states and influences that exist within the physical reality. In some senses, these people are quite like human zombies in relation to those that have a strong connection to the general consciousness through the conscious state of their physical and spiritual self.

Having the interlinking contact with all states of consciousness from the conscious and subconscious mind, then through the heart consciousness to the conscious state of the higher self, which in turn is connected to the general consciousness, is the ultimate state for existence. It is far more rewarding to have access to all these levels of potential rather than having to simply rely on the mind's connection to the material world to provide the only possible levels of consciousness and perception or deception.

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Prayers Or Desire Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • That theory of lessons to be learned in life takes away free will.

Prayers Or Desire

Prayers are personal desires clarified in the form of pleas to whatever God or spiritual entity believed to be willing to listen and thought to be able to do this bidding irrespective of the consequences to oneself or whoever else may be affected. So what are prayers, simply put they are to please, to make what is required or thought necessary become reality through the powerful intervention of some divine force that is capable of making these prayers come true and be realized.

So when prayers do come true did God listen, and when they didn't did God judge these plea to not quite meet up to the universal expectations or disagree with the validity of the plea either because it was not good for the individual, or it would relieve some suffering or situation or modify destiny so that any intended purpose in a particular life path is negated, such as a lesson to learn? That theory of lessons to be learned takes away the free will everyone is supposed to possess, therefore the reason that any desire is unfulfilled is due to the lack of effort and not using the necessary mental and physical energy to realize one's goals and objectives.

Desires once identified then acknowledged can come true, it purely does depend on the amount of energy and effort you are prepared to put into realizing these desires. All things are possible in time, it is just whether that time frame suites what personally is thought necessary or time requirements that are believed crucial. Prayers are at times forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life, there is a need to hold onto those key desires unceasingly until they have become true, no matter how long that may take.

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Spiritual Dilemma Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • It's important to not hold onto beliefs whose time has past.

Spiritual Dilemma

It is indeed smart to stay true to one's own specific beliefs, without the need to concede to pressure from others to think otherwise or have to agree with their ideas and opinions. Manipulators will always try to use strong influences to cause others to comply with their beliefs and desires; social pressures are one of the main weapons used in order to condition and bring others into agreement with them. Keeping true to the beliefs one has acquired and support, while keeping an open mind is always the best route to follow; avoiding pressures to adjust personal thinking to pacify or adhere to the ideals of others.

Society has dominant beliefs, then less dominant ones, all depending on the number of people accepting these various beliefs as sacrosanct. The more people that believe in any particular issue is the common standard used as the marker to judge the legitimacy of that belief. In fact, this is not the ideal means to judge whether a belief has credence in the real world or not, as the results may be skewered by the subservience of those asked or by other nefarious factors.

What one feels comfortable believing, what appears personally to make sense, that intuitive feeling that says beyond logical arguments that this belief is correct, that is what makes a belief legitimate. The need to convince others of any particular belief is not necessary or even desirable; in fact, a belief can be guarded and personal, without the need to have others believe in it or even be aware of that belief's existence in order for the belief to gain credence or legitimacy.

Beliefs can be acquired externally from others, from literature, for instance, they can be the product of a personal search for truth or the result of an intuitive instinctive realization from within. It is possible that the initial intuitive idea could be expanded upon or modified later depending upon new ideas or information becoming available. It is important to not hold onto beliefs whose time has past, or those beliefs that are no longer relevant in light of more inspiring or dynamic knowledge that has arisen.

Beliefs should be guarded against anyone trying to deplete or demean them. To this end, it can be wise not to express one's beliefs unless the recipient appears that they could be receptive. Always stand by your own ideals and beliefs, holding them above any external influences that may attempt to capture or pollute your attention in order to change or modify a particular belief system. Do not let your beliefs wither or lose significance due to external influences that try to dissuade you otherwise. Stay true to what you believe personally; there is no necessity to adjust your beliefs in order to appease others.

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Concerns Of The Heart Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Most people are prisoners that are trapped within the material consciousness.

Concerns Of The Heart

The heart is the body's window to the higher consciousness, the connectivity to all that controls everything there is. Located at the 4th Chakra the heart has the potential conscious level that some have been able to achieve, they have been able to come to understand how to utilize the hearts power to make life more wonderful.

The Heart's brain collects information from the body's widely spread receptors; then correlates this information to formulate information gathered both within the body and intuitively from within the environment. The heart's intuitive power is extremely impressive if allowed to excel through empowerment; governed by the ability to create interconnectivity of the heart and the mind's brain centers. Once the mind begins to work cooperatively with the heart and visa versa the ability to become more intuitively connected to both the material world as well as the higher consciousness becomes available.

While the heart is continuously sending information to the brain, most of the intuitive elements are negated through overload from external influences. The mind has since birth been programmed to focus upon certain material and physical stimuli; societies nonsense has been designed to keep the mind fully preoccupied and totally insensitive to the valuable messages from the heart consciousness.

The heart consciousness gives insight into a vast range of intuitive information, that in turn give an individual power over material influences. This ability runs contrary to societies need to control the vast population of earth in specific ways to maintain order.

In truth most people are prisoners that are trapped within the material consciousness; they have lost the connection with the spiritual higher realm of conscious thought. Connecting to the heart consciousness through the inter-connectivity with the conscious mind enables valuable intuitive messages to enliven life, making the physical experience more wonderful through connection with the spiritual realm.

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Desires Of The Soul And Spirit Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Free-thought is the plague for those who wish to control the population.

Desires Of The Soul And Spirit

There are many people who go from day to day without even the slightest consideration or thought for the things of the spirit or soul, mostly concerning themselves with the cares of the day, the things of the physical rather than the things of the spiritual. Society has conditioned many to seek the materialistic experience rather than the esoteric spiritual matters in life.

Some elements of society feel the need to control the masses, therefore they use the logic that if there is control over other's thinking then there is a strong possibility to control their words, deeds, actions and more especially critical their mind and thoughts.

Free-thought is the plague for those who wish to control the population for financial gain or manipulative purposes, which is encompassed within the desire for power. These forces and their associates, acquaintances, governments or religious institutions of any form gain strength through control over others and thereby the power to have vast influence over those who become subservient to any form of malevolent indoctrination.

The personal search, upon which the purpose for life is based should ideally be a spiritual one, a journey of the soul within the physical reality; as reality is the means to carry out this search, not the sole reason for being alive, it is simply the medium by which it becomes possible to find and comprehend all the personal individual answers for which you may wish to search for.

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Dreams Are Personal Windows To Truth Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Dreams are an indication of the required changes from what currently exists.

Dreams Are Personal Windows To Truth

Dreams are an indication of the required change from the present state that exists towards the reality that you wish to achieve or obtain, but can also be based upon external triggers that were either consciously or subconsciously registered. Dreams are wrapped in the desires that permeate the mind but are hidden or disguised or not acknowledged due to the many cares of the day. In dreams those desires can be free to express themselves freely perhaps as metaphors or as indicators of what has potential to follow in daily life, unencumbered by the conscious mind dominating what should be focused upon.

If the heart consciousness can conceive, then the mind can come to believe whatever you dream of has the power to become real. The clear understanding of a dream is obviously paramount before beginning to pursue it; this is why the same dream may be experienced numerous times until the true essence of its meaning can be fully comprehended then action taken.

Modern life has so many varied distractions that do tend to occur endlessly, bombarding the mind with numerous options of what to focus upon then pursue. This at times leads to nothing of value being achieved, as one objective is replaced with a newer more interesting one on a constant basis before the first can be completely achieved.

Daydreams, are ignited by intuition and inspiration, bring true desires or fantasies to the surface; then the mind has the function of determining or figure out how these will be brought about and made real or disregarded as unrealistic at present. The choice of whether to follow a dream unceasingly without any distractions from external influences is a personal one, requiring dogged determination and focus. The surface candy of life can be totally hypnotically enticing, causing the attention on a valuable dream to be left to dissipate, then be lost sight of over time.

Dreams are experienced at night during sleep then in some cases remembered in the morning, or those daydreams that the mind pursues as an escape from or as an alternative to the reality being experienced currently, all offer an insight into the potential that could actually exist if those dreams are pursued with intent and persistent determination and focus.

Dreams are the windows to the true desires that exist beyond what is obvious or insights into intuitions that have been ignored; they are what the spirit consciousness wishes to be experienced through the achievement of bringing those dreams alive and becoming fully functional within reality.

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