Tears In The Rain Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • You perceive only what your mind can comprehend or wish to acknowledge.

Tears In The Rain

Tears In The Rain 

Certain things are not always completely obvious, they are obscured by whatever conditions that will cause you to come to an inaccurate conclusion. Things are not always as they seem, it is difficult to separate the tears from the rain, just as it is difficult to catch and hold the wind in the palm of your hand. When assuming anything that thought may or may not be correct or even remotely true, of course, strong gut feelings can be extremely accurate if you are perceptive enough.

You perceive only what your mind can comprehend or wish to acknowledge, or what the mind believes is relevant base on years of programming, the rest is deleted into obscurity. Even though what is actually there it comes down to whether the conscious mind does or doesn't observe or understand its existence. It is only when you start to open up your mind to the vast array of possibilities that you truly begin to see a greater perspective and a wider view of what is present within the reality frequency you are able to comprehend.

There is much more to life than anyone has never learned to comprehend, this is why many issues remain unknown or are shrouded in mystery and wondering. There is a need to be a truth seeker, to search out knowledge, both from others - as seeds of thought - as well as from the personal search for the realization of all that exists in this reality and beyond.

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Wondering Reveals Truth Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • It is the journey to the truth that is more important not the truth itself.

Wondering Reveals Truth

It is the exercise of wondering, the questioning, the search, that opens the doors to the personally accepted truth, those seeds of thoughts that can reveal your deepest longings or desires for what to pursue. The search for truth is a long and at times elusive or illusive path that can be traveled in search of what is sought, from time to time answers are found - yet once in a while they are not.

In a brief moment of questioning the seeds that could lead to answers are planted, which then starts the process that will lead to the truth and the meaning of all you may wonder about. It is truly the journey to the truth that is important not the truth itself. The experiences are what gives truth the value and meaning, which is the most important element of the truth itself.

The road to truth is always a journey, sometimes smooth, on occasion easily managed, every so often not. Truth can be on occasions illusions made by the subconscious to satisfy or to pacify any intent into easily accepting just thoughts as real as an ultimate truth. It is that moment of wondering that it becomes possible to start to find the answers to everything that is pursued with the intention of obtaining the required knowledge.

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Fears Can Come True Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Procrastination is driven by that inner fear that leads the mind to start flip-flopping.

Fears Can Come True

All your worst fears have a potential way of coming true in time if you allow them to do so through giving them some level of attention and focus. It is the pure thought of these fears that gives them energy, gives them life, that can then bring them into your reality giving these fears legitimacy to survive. Fears can't exist without the focus and energy that is provided by giving credence to them, avoidance of thinking about specific fears or a change of focus onto a positive alternative is always the ideal solution.

It is fear that can be your master rather than the other way around as it should be; mastering your fears will make anything possible. By placing focused attention on determining how to achieve a goal rather than on the fear of failure itself is the best option to follow.

Fear is usually the chief culprit that has an impact by stalling many of the things that can be pursued then achieved in life. Those doubts that come to scuttle or delay some intuitive idea or desire to experience or achieve some objective; these doubts can be driven by internal thoughts or external input from others or the environment.

Procrastination is driven by that inner fear that leads to the mind to start flip-flopping on an issue that could be pursued, avoiding the necessity to focus on whatever needs to be achieved. Pursuing those elements of life that bring enjoyment and bliss should be the key driving forces to overcome any fear, making fear irrelevant and an unimportant factor in achieving what is desired successfully.

Distractions often come in handy as excuses for not pursuing what should be pursued; the underlying reason mostly being the doubt that the objective that should be given attention may not materialize as expected or cause undue discomfort in some form in the process of achieving that objective. The effort required to achieve or experience a desire may be beyond what one is prepared to exert; whenever the effort required is feared for some reason or the effort is thought not to equal the potential pleasure to be gained by achieving the targeted goal. Without critical motivating factors, avoidance is more comfortable at times than having to chase the challenge to overcome any possible barriers that may arise in order to achieve something.

Fear of failure can be a mystery that is totally illogical upon later analysis; with the insight that is often subsequently obtained - the reason for being initially fearful seems unjustified and irrelevant. Once an intention is pursued then achieved it becomes clear that the initial fear has no right to exist in the first place. The source of fear is based on negative assumptions that are created out of nothing by a restless mind, mostly those fears are not in the least legitimate; it is by challenging the object of those fears that it will become evident that the fear has no substance at all in reality.

Fear leading to procrastination becomes a ghost that can haunt the very existence of one's true potential, making even the simplest of tasks a challenge to achieve. Realising that fear is taking the value and quality experiences away from a lifetime should be enough to negate the negative elements that tend to hover over an undertaking. Relegate fear to the insignificant, then pursue those challenges and desires with vigor and intent-based focus.

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Time Can Be The Devil's Toy Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Time is a pure illusion that has been created by humans in order to control others.

Time Can Be The Devil's Toy

Time is a pure illusion that has been created by humans in order to control the human race as a whole; in essence time doesn't exist outside the perception of people. Once focused upon through contemplation time becomes more and more illusive to comprehend or even understand. What the reality of time actually consists of is merely in total the passing of a life; the time between birth and death. Or some similar measure of the passing of time as it is possible to contemplate as physically real, time is a product of the mind that impacts the physical realm.

Obviously without time there would be chaos in the modern world, but man would indeed be set free to live the true reality of what life should really be like without the constraints that time does impose on so many people. Time has become the essence of life, what metaphorically makes things tick, brings together what would be chaos into a uniform symphony of regimental order. The modern human is ruled by time, the demands of the day that must be satisfied within a given constraint.

To realise what time is require the need to contemplate what life would be like without time; put simply the remaining basic measures would be day and night, light and darkness. It would not be long though before the day was divided by the markers set by the passing of the sun across the sky, for it is basic human thinking to have order and a uniform understanding of what is and what should exist within reality. There is a need in the human psyche to not only control oneself but also to control others; for in control there is the element of power. As humans power is the definitive marker of status, the elements of control and manipulation have a magical essence about them; the power over others being the prime objective.

Time is not a solid concept, but rather a thing of the mind, created by the mind of man to control other men; the ultimate tool to manage the actions of others and any reward given for those actions. Harnessing time to control others is the ultimate power tool, which other control mechanisms such as money require in order to function appropriately. The deadline for the completion of a task would not exist without time, but time doesn't cease to exist once a time dependant task is complete, it continues in a continuum long after any such deadline has expired.

Everyone is serving their time in one form or another; which to some on reflection passes so very quickly that it is a wonder where all the time that did exist has gone so quickly. As time only exists in essence within the mind it is the personal perception of time that makes it pass quickly or slowly. There is often a gap between different peoples perception of the passing of time, impacted by what they are doing, but also whether the task is enjoyable and beneficial or not.

Time being the dominant factor controlling most people lives puts various demands on each person, be these restrictions or requirements internally or externally generated. Time is the master that each person must obey, there are no options if wishing to coexist with others within a modern society; for without submission to time there is a need to extricate oneself from society in order to escape the constant influences of time completely.

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