The Choices You Can Make Articles - Author Steven Redhead
  • Everyone has the potential to grow into something very marvelous.

The Choices You Can Make

Like seeds that fall in autumn time, so are all of us here upon the earth. Everyone has the potential to grow into something very marvelous, something wonderful, something special, or alternatively passively just gradually rot away and in time become part of the earth, the choice is a personal one for each individual to make. Are you to learn to create then rise up to the challenges that will make you great, or are you to bask in someone else's glory, or just simply drift like flotsam on an ever-changing ocean of time.

Are you to be like one of many trees in a forest, almost indistinguishable from the crowd, or are you to stand out and tall as original, individual and different, your own personal creation. The result of this choice, as Shakespeare mentioned "To be or not to be", is sometimes never realized, people spending their lives in mediocrity a mere dim reflection of what they could achieve, or have potential to become. For some, the realization comes when it almost too late, that there are indeed possibilities to become anything the mind can envisage, anything that may be desired.

The effort to become great and the necessity to survive and overcome mediocrity are quite similar, only the resulting experiences are different, in one case there is the opportunity to live in joy and contentment, in the other case to endure the misery and boredom of a mediocre life.

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The Roads You Walk Articles - Author Steven Redhead
  • It is a journey well planned that will meet your desires for this life.

The Roads You Walk

It is the paths you choose in life, what you pursue that will make you what you are, as well as affecting who you are becoming. There are endless opportunities for change in this life, chances for you to alter your course or path through life at any time of your liking. There is a necessity to consider each split-second decision as they can change the course of your life completely, forever.

Also, it is true, that you are what you think that you are; therefore you become what you believe, what you desire will also become true. So it surely makes sense to use these creative attributes to make a life that is most desired, to bring into reality the life you need to achieve what you really want to do with the time of your life.

Your life can indeed be a long and winding road if you don't take the time to consider then decide what you really want from life, what you wish to achieve, who you wish to meet, to decide the places where you want to go or visit. It is a journey well planned that will meet your desires for this life that will give you the most joy, including the most comfort when you come to reflect on what you have created.

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The Games Of Time Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Time plays games with everyone to varying degrees.

The Games Of Time

With each beat of your heart, with each passing day, each season then a year the progression of time gradually eats away at your reality. But in essence time is, in fact, an illusion of your very own making, a rule put in place by which to control the passing of your life. Time also gives structure and form to reality, a means to judge its passing, to lock your observations and experiences to an identifiable place and moment within your life's journey.

Time plays games with everyone to varying degrees, making many believe that it is progressive rather than multidimensional. Once it becomes possible through realization to separate oneself from the belief that time is linear then the mind can become open to accepting the wider concepts of time. For sure time plays a cruel game with all living things whose bodies or form gradually deteriorates then finally cease to be. Without time does everything stop or even vanish, will life become a void or does nothing change but simply just go on.

Time can flip-flop from one state to another, when local or other global locations are compared time is different depending upon the country, over larger spaces or periods the gaps in time widens beyond the ability to comprehend at a basic level. Time seems to have rules that are in fact very flexible, it can be whatever you want it to be as long as control is maintained through perception. Don't let time slip through your fingers without achieving the essence of your strong desires and persistent intuitive thoughts.

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