Realizing Finality Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Focused mental and physical energy can make anything real that you care to desire.

Realizing Finality

It is not quite true that all good things come to an end sometimes, there actually is no beginning or no end, if you care to consider this point long enough this fact will indeed be obvious. The focus along with a concentrated belief and desire can drive a dream for as long as you care to experience it by exhorting the energy to sustain that reality, the endpoint is only arrived at when you decide consciously or subconsciously that the dream has been achieved, or no longer holds any benefits or advantages for you, then you can move onto the next stage of your life.

Reality is a puppet, your puppet, to do your bidding and realize your wishes, hopes, dreams, desires, wants, needs, and longings. Finality is the conclusion of those thoughts that brought your reality about, the point when objectives become achieved; then the new dream comes to morph into what is observed when the next reality begins.

Focused mental and physical energy can make anything real that you care to desire, however a belief in a whim can become your worst nightmare without due care and attention, an impulsive thought your greatest joy; the outcome all depends upon your outlook; whether that thought positive or negative is the driving factor for how whatever is pursued turns out. Even endings offer opportunities for an end is simply a point where something new starts, some new adventure, some new dream to pass the time.

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The Actual illusion Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Your mind has the capacity to create anything.

The Actual illusion

It actually is possible to come to believe in anything that is created within the mind or externally as truth, irrespective of the validity of that thought. An illusion of the mind can indeed become an actual truth by continual reinforcement in the power of thought. Your illusions become your reality at some stage irrespective of how flimsy they may be.

Your mind has the capacity to create anything, a brief thought can multiply in intensity until it becomes a very complexed theory or belief. There is potential to delude yourself into believing what you think or perceive as true or real as actually being so, even though it may, in fact, be just a figment of your imagination or a creation of your skewered perception.

Life is, in fact, is an illusion of your own making, you have created what you have through by pursuing the thoughts and intuition, your total reality created just from a single thought that multiplied becoming more and more complexed until you have what you are experiencing right now. Is it an illusion or is it real, this is the point that is difficult to determine, what is real, what is an illusion, when they both, in fact, could be the same. Thus experiences are the actual illusion that has become infinitely more complexed to become your reality and take upon an ever spiraling complexity until it is difficult to distinguish the illusion from what seems real.

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Recollections In Time Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • There are innate abilities beyond common understanding, beyond comprehension abilities.

Recollections In Time

That old feeling of familiarity with a person, place or situation, the sense that history is repeating itself perfectly, that strong feeling of déjà vu that is there to experience one minute then completely gone the next.

Not many ever exhort the necessary amount of energy to pursue the meaning or reasons for these experiences or feelings. Are these actually recurrences, history repeating itself in a life relived over and over, or as science presumes premonitions of things to come just milliseconds before they are about to happen due to a fractional lapse between what occurs and acknowledgment by the conscious mind.

There are innate abilities beyond common understanding, beyond comprehension abilities, beyond those manifested in this daily reality, it is acceptance of these abilities together with the longing to know more that finally will reveal many unknown truths.

What is backed by firm belief becomes real no matter how hard it may seem to comprehend, no matter how far fetched it may be, no matter if others believe this or not doesn't actually matter at all, it is whether you believe this is the main point - that is all that really matters. It is only your own experiences and recollections that have the only validity in time to yourself personally, there is no necessity to justify them to nonbelievers.

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Walk In A Dream Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Dreaming is the most expressive way of finding freedom.

Walk In A Dream

Your life can be the most wondrous dream come true, it is entirely up to you whether this ideal is realized as the true state of living or not. To dream is the gift given to everyone, but few use this most precious of gifts efficiently and then of those that do only a few use this gift of dreaming wisely and productively to manufacture their constant conscious experiences. Dreams do come true for those that believe in them, it is when dreams do come part of your reality, that there seems to be a sensation of walking in the essence of a dream.

Dreaming is free, it only takes the effort to think of what you want in enough detail, then desire something wanted with enough intention and energy - with all your heart, then believe that this dream will become reality, will come true. Dreaming is the most expressive way of finding freedom, the freedom to do what you want, go where you want, be what you want, and have what you want.

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Wishes or Reality Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • The experienced reality is the sum result of all your wishes.

Wishes or Reality

Is what you now comprehend the result of some desire or wish that was made that now faces you in your reality. Which has the power, the wish or the dominant reality? Do you in this experienced reality make a wish based upon a desire then it actually comes to life within the perceived reality, or does other forces first make the reality that leads to the conditions for making a wish.

The experienced reality is the sum result of all your wishes in the form or longings, desires, hopes and wants that are made forcefully or subconsciously; the saying "you may not know what you want until you obtain it by chance“ can also be a deciding factor in how life plays out.

It is the strong desire to have the life experience, to touch, to feel both joy and pain, to make a life script that becomes possible to live out each day of your reality. The permutations for the scenarios for your life are indeed endless, each choice made offers different courses of reality; quite simply choose the key consciousness you wish to exist within, then live that experience.

Wishes do come true, they may be long lost to your memory but everything you wish for is materialized in some form or another within reality sooner or later, irrespective of whether you realize that or not. Reality doesn't just make itself upon an off-chance whim of some unknown forces, it follows a strict course based entirely on each and every desire that humanity entertains, these are the combined seeds of reality that if acknowledged and adhered to can determine what occurs personally; determining beliefs, thoughts, desires, expectations, and what actually is experienced.

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Hopes Are Fantasies Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Reality is able to support clear beliefs, strong desires, and powerful thoughts.

Hopes Are Fantasies

It is ideal not to rely on the concept of hope, for it is hollow, has no substance to support your dreams and desires. Hopes are just fantasies that can't be fully supported within reality on a sustainable basis. Reality is able to support clear beliefs, strong desires, powerful thoughts; but to hope is too flimsy a concept to be reliably manifested within reality and able to be maintained over the long term.

Hopes are like whispers, they are not sustainable, these longings should be replaced with a firm desire; hope combined with a strong belief, and wishes with a firm imagination of what is wanted in detail, and ideally a determination of an identified timescale to achieve what is wanted.

Hopes are the fictional fantasies of weakness, they will never be fully supported in reality to create or bring about what you most want, therefore trust shouldn't be fully placed on the concept of hope. To reach out to your dreams with hope won't make them real, but reach out to your dreams with a sustained belief that is what will make them real.

Hope can be based on fantasies that wish for some specific outcome, but can also be anchored to the thoughts to escape or change a present condition or formulate a more enticing one, this level of hope will only have the best potential if backed by trust that what needs to be created has the real potential to become true by imagining the conditions and constraints of what is required, then backing this with a strong belief and focused expectancy of what is desired can indeed come about.

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