Winner Takes All Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • The rule of life is that the winner takes all.

Winner Takes All

The rule of life is that the winner takes all, but in eternity this has no meaning or relevance at all. Why? Because everything belongs to the general consciousness, there is no individual ownership.

Material things of life can't be taken with you when you die, the memories you have and the love you received is about all. The material things are not eternal, they are temporary fleeting trinkets in their essence, even in this reality these things only exist as long as you can focus on them, when you don't they are gone.

Life is a game, just a game to pass the time you have in this reality learning to create in the physical consciousness; otherwise, there is not much else to do with eternity but search out the limits of your capacity to create purely by thoughts alone.

It is important to always be aware of your mortality as well as the mortality of everything around you. What you really need to fight for, what we really need to win or more appropriately obtain is love, for it is love that is eternal. That attainment of love is what judges the winners from losers, the amount of love you have created and received in life.

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No Place To Hide Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • You are what you made yourself to be.

No Place To Hide

It is only a matter of time before you come face to face with your stark reality, your mortality, at some stage or another during your life, there is no escaping it. You are what you made yourself to be, yet while this is changeable few people ever consider to do so, not taking the trouble to reinvent themselves.

It is inevitable, there is no running away from your destiny, you can pursue your life's desires up to a stage and within certain bounds, doing whatever you want, then suddenly you are faced with the fact that this reality can't go on forever, not in this form.

No alternatives exist, there is no escaping your destiny, it is the end of a cycle of life, there are no alternatives but to accept this freely and willingly, there are finally no choices but surrender.

It is only when you surrender freely that your life will end peacefully, if we try to prolong your life beyond the allotted time there is potential to suffer greatly. It is the resistance of the mind to accept fate that forces the spirit to do whatever is necessary to reunite with the soul.

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Age Of Spirits Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • If you lose everything you will still be who you are.

Age Of Spirits

The desires of the spirit will always transcend any barrier that exists; when you work to understand though intuitive communication the desires of your higher consciousness a greater understanding of life's intentions can be achieved.

If you lose everything you will still be who you are, nothing will change. So find your true self beyond your physical image and material possessions, then be who you really are, not what things or society make you. Remove all your mental chains, connect to your heart consciousness then let your spirit soar.

Your spirit longs for the freedom, peace and tranquillity that is so very often completely lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life and intentions society push onto people. To appease the spirit you need to search for and find that special state where we can be at peace with everything, as well as everything being at peace with you.

Your soul or incarnated spiritual consciousness is immortal, basically, it is one and the same with the connection to the higher spirit. The soul is not some inanimate thing of fiction, it is existing within reality - which needs to be acknowledged then nurtured in order for the connection with the higher consciousness to grow and excel within the reality of life.

Most people pass their lives entirely without giving a second thought to their soul consciousness and its well being present in this consciousness. Those that do dwell on this subject do so generally fleetingly, without any conclusion or final understanding. Yet to focus on the soul's advancement while being in this consciousness is both a wise and beneficial pursuit.

Your soul is the very source of the intentions of who you are and who you can and are becoming; the soul is your true identity. The root of your entire life's origin lies here within your soul. It is the soul that contains the why, the who, and wherefore of your entire existence, not only on earth but throughout eternity.

Learn to set your spirit free - to fly majestically upon the winds of time; to seek out those intuitive desires with the freedom to pursue whatever you desire.

The earth is a place where the spirits come to experience the physical, to play in freedom and enjoy growth; basically as one means to escape the element of eternity. It is within your very self that the soul exists in communication with the spiritual consciousness.

It is your duty to guard and protect your soul from any harm or transgressions, thereby keeping it pure from the mundane, as well as negative matters of life.

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Spirit Talks Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Destiny is not fate, it is a course that you must find, then create.

Spirit Talks

The desires of the spirit will always transcend any barrier that is likely to exist when you intently wish to start communicating with your higher consciousness.

The eyes are said to be the window to the soul, likewise, the heart consciousness is the seat of the human soul and is the window to the spirit. A smile brings joy and energy to the soul; so it becomes possible to make the spirit consciousness rejoice by smiling not only to ourselves but to others. To rejoice in this world will enliven the soul and glorify the spirit.

The heart consciousness is the conduit that accesses the soul via which communication with the spirit self or higher consciousness can be made. Thus the connection with the general consciousness can be achieved through the higher self which resides within the general consciousness of all that exists.

Whether you win or lose this game of life the outcome will be the same, the reuniting of your soul that exists in the physical will become one - once again with the spiritual self. Your salvation is the realization that this life is just a journey, an experience to be enjoyed, savored and lived well; the outcome is really immaterial in the scheme of things. Life is just to experience the material physical world and all the sensations available; basically, life is a means to keep enlivened as a temporary means to pass eternal time.

Finding your true self can only be achieved once you let go of all you have become or believe that you are. Imagine taking away the things that life has given you, forget the way you have been indoctrinated into thinking and acting, then you will be able to find out who you really are. If you lose everything you will still be who you are, nothing will change. So find your true self beyond your physical image and personal accessories, then be who you really are, not what things, others or society has made you. Remove the mental chains that bind you by letting your spirit soar.

Destiny is not fate, it is a course that you must find, then create - this is your true life path which you should follow in order to achieve those things that are of utmost importance to your higher consciousness. Seek your life's meaning and purpose, then with clear focus aim all your energies at bringing this destiny into your reality. The future won't wait for you, if you don't create your own destiny fate will.

Salvation is the realization that life is just a journey and not the end point; that at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you have found then maintained true bliss.

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Thought Is Eternal Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Thoughts are an element of consciousness that is eternal.

Thought Is Eternal

Thoughts are an element of consciousness that is eternal; for some inexplicable reason once a thought has been created it remains available for others to connect with, that is if they have the ability or realization. Thoughts don't fade away, nor are they lost with time, or even the passing of the individual who released the thought into reality.

The consciousness of the mind is always knowingly or unknowingly in communication with the general consciousness of all there is via the heart conscious state and that of the higher spiritual self. Whether this is known or not doesn't matter, the process exists for everything that is; all the information is being continually fed back to the general consciousness, but also all the information that is available there can be tapped into and received as well.

The thoughts, in the case of an individual, are transmitted through the heart and higher self to be stored in the general consciousness. It is here that all knowledge both past, present and future exist; this is because progression, or call it time, is not linear, so the past, present, and future are all existing at once on different levels of consciousness. Also, the consequences of every choice or decision, those made as well as those discarded all play out in different dimensions, each creating data in the form of knowledge.

All the created information is freely available to anyone who spends the energy to communicate with the general consciousness, either knowingly or intuitively, or in some cases purely by chance through the desire to achieve some objective or information. The more the intercommunication with the general consciousness occurs the stronger the connection becomes. It is the desire for information, the pursuit of that special goal or desire that can open the doors to the consciousness to the realm that has all knowledge, the answers to everything exist simply by making the effort to seek out the necessary knowledge.

Great artist, be they composers, writers, painters, sculptures, architects or engineers all gain inspiration from the general consciousness, call it inspiration, while at the same time feeding back knowledge of what has been experienced or modified or improved, or information they created. Some composers, inventors, and artists have throughout history stated that the ideas for their composition or creations just came to them in their entirety - simply out of nowhere.

The knowledge within the general consciousness is available to everyone; if you don't find and use some specific information of interest then it will be available for someone else to potentially stumble upon then utilize. Basically, if you don't access and use the information freely available then others surely will.

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Light Reveals All Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • To 'see the light' is to finally understand or comprehend something.

Light Reveals All

To 'see the light' is a common phrase that actually means to finally understand or comprehend an issue, either what was being sought after or a realization of the dynamics of an issue that had been or was perplexing or elusive. While another similar saying 'seeing the light at the end of the tunnel' can have a different connotation, it could infer or be interpreted as the metaphorical foreseen end or completion to what is being experienced.

In some senses these 'Light' quotes are interchangeable; the tunnel metaphor has a relationship to another saying 'Out of the darkness and into the light'. After a period where one has been in the dark, or unable to understand or fathom an issue or gain the desired information, entering the light, or enlightenment, reveals the knowledge that gives a better or fuller understanding of the issue in focus.

To 'see the light' likewise is to finally come to understand what has been elusive up to that point in time. The knowledge may have been sought after without success or even may not have been known of, therefore 'being in the dark' about an issue or subject. Much like ‘wandering in the darkness' infers being without the knowledge or even the ideas for knowledge being sought, by then suddenly finding the answers or details that reveal the achieving of a clear or different understanding of a necessary or sought after element of a life experience there is potential to 'see the light'.

There is no one person who knows everything, so in some senses, we are all in the dark to some extent or another. There are those who continually seek out knowledge to enlighten themselves; others are quite contented to remain in the darkness, completely unaware of what information is available to change their life in numerous way or even completely unaware of the fact that they are unaware.

Knowledge seemingly begins to flow like magic when the desired subject is pursued with a continuous focus and intent, the information being sought after starts to become more readily and easily available with each unfolding revelation. Thus the old adage comes true, ‘seek and you will find'; it is the effort of seeking out information that in the end creates the energy and direction that draws the required information towards the seeker.

There are those that spend a lifetime chasing various knowledge, in what appears to be a never-ending cycle; once one subject is mastered the next target subject is identified and the process of research starts all over again. Also, conversely there are those who just know through intuition about the things of true importance, the information that truly matters to them in life. Then there are others who just are bound by material attractions or just sit around metaphorically watching the flowers grow; it is up to the individual to decide how to spend their lifetime, not for others to judge or try to interfere with.

What is best, or the right or wrong way is indeed a personal choice; the pursuit of earthly knowledge, the search for higher meaning, or just enjoying life day by day. In all cases, through the pure experience of life we are all changed in numerous and infinite ways, things will be forever different and changed with the passing of each day; impacted by what was pursued, the things that had some kind of impact, the experiences that were enjoyed or were troubling, the people interacted with, and so on. All the elements of life come together as a recipe for what can be, determining who you will become, all impacted by what is pursued or focused upon. The light that you seek is the element of what will come to enlighten life for you.

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