Imagination Makes It Real Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • The creation process consists of bringing desires into reality.

Imagination Makes It Real

The creation process consists of bringing desires into reality is dependent first on the amount of detail the process of imagination can generate and bring to bear to isolate all the intricate details of what is actually required. The more exacting or precise and encompassing the details are will enable the imagination to generate with accuracy the desire closest to what can potentially be achieved. Attention to the details is of paramount importance in creating exactingly what is desired; the more details that are placed onto a desire the more accurate the result will be once manifested within reality.

The ability to place clear continuous focus on imaging what is required in order to keep the desires clarified, another most important factor in creating your desires exactly as possible within reality is to avoid vacillating, in fact, this is imperative. Whenever there is doubt, lack of commitment or continual forever changing points of reference as to what is desired then the end result is likely to be variable, unreliable and uncontrolled.

Procrastination along with not putting sufficient focused effort into obtaining success in achieving what is desired will only cause confusion in what is to be accomplished through the process of creation. Focused imagination is the cornerstone upon which desires are built; the more details that are identified as to exactly what has actually been desired - then the more accurately that desire can be recreated within reality. Imagination provides the base elements of a desire, and belief is the energy that brings a desire into reality in coordination with a focused intent that drives mental and physical energy towards obtaining or achieving what is required.

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Passion Is The Driver Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Each of us are dancing on thin ice, an illusion of our own perception.

Passion Is The Driver

The ultimate desire lurking or hiding there deep within each of us, hardly used by some, by others used somewhat foolishly to meet the demands of their mortal self. But desire has another purpose, the true passion of creation, this is the driver for everything that can be comprehended and brought into existence.

Every one of us is dancing on thin ice, an illusion of our own perception, looking into a mirror of reality, deluded by our own personal sense of grandeur or self-worth. Yes, reality is flimsy in a way, it is fickle in other ways too, having the habit to change drastically on a whim, the result is that nothing will be the same again - but that doesn't matter because few really notice at all, they are too wound up in the material world, too busy being lost in the moment of self-satisfaction.

It is the passion for what can be achieved as well as the development of individual attainment, or at least what can be believed has been accomplished, that will make everything seem all right, make everything seem to turn out the way intended, or if not through complacency be satisfied with what is actually available. If something is done with passion it has some kind of mystic glory or power behind it that leaves everyone in wonder, in awe at the magic of creation.

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Exceptions That Are Possible Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • What is life but a brief encounter with mortality, a dance with the concept called time.

Exceptions That Are Possible

What is life but a brief encounter with mortality, a dance with the concept called time, that in comparison to eternity is actually less than the blinking of an eye.

So what are you supposed to do with such limitations on your time, your brief moment in the spotlight of life? Are you to squander it by spending your time on mortal pursuits, the physical pleasures that come and go like the wind, like raindrops on the lens of a camera pointing into oblivion. Are you supposed to spend your time looking for the purpose or meaning of your life to find in the end that all you did was waste chances and opportunities by chasing rainbows, without achieving anything at all of a lasting eternal value?

Perhaps you are actually supposed to dance to the invisible drum in your soul, savoring every moment, every encounter, enjoying each second of the miracle of life. An alternative would be to bring the spiritual consciousness into reality to experience the things that you can only achieve in mortal form; touch, the other senses, the experience to hold close the ones you love, to have the sensations and all the emotions including sadness, joy, hope, loss. The ideal is to communicate closely with the spirit in order to maximize the experience of reality, to achieve a higher level of consciousness in life, beyond normal mundane existence.

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The Love You Bear Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Love is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.

The Love You Bear

Love is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse, it can build you up or break you down depending on the circumstances within which love is experienced. Love is the essence of your soul the reason even for life itself in some ways, the chance to love and be loved both mentally and physically. Humans are born to love, born to embrace all the myriad of desires, to realize the passion and the longing to connect with another spirit, this is true love.

Love is all, love is everything, be it physical, mental, or metaphysical - love is the greatest power that you hold within you. Everyone has the power to give or deny love, this is irrespective of the need or worthiness of the one receiving or giving love.

In the search for love there are many choices, many chances, but it is imperative never sell yourself short no matter how long you must wait. The wait could seem like or actually be an eternity, but love will embrace you in its own good time, perhaps for a brief moment, but in that time it will change your life forever. Then you must remained satisfied that yes indeed you did find true love in this reality.

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Happiness Can Be illusive Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Many people are bound up by the pressures and cares of the day.

Happiness Can Be illusive

Happiness is achieved when the desires of the spirit become real, real through your efforts to bring those spiritual concepts into reality. Many people are bound up by the pressures and cares of the day, the demands of modern life. The achievements of materialistic desires in the form of satisfaction becomes the substitute for happiness; happiness is replaced with physical or material things in order to pacify oneself into believing happiness or a substitute has been found.

So, happiness becomes the success of a career, a stable daily life, the value of the material things that have been accumulated, the status of the people known, the quality of the things and activities done with the time available.

Yet true happiness is devoid of material things, it can be the smile of a stranger that brings joy to your heart; the calm, peaceful feeling as you doze off to sleep contented; the gentle gush of a breeze that brushes your face; it is contentment with who you are, not what you are; happiness is the pure essence of joy, the tranquility of peace within your conscious and subconscious mind.

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Loves Revenge Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • The frequency of body and mind impacts whether there is harmony with others and the environment.

Loves Revenge

The chance to experience true love, this basis of all human emotions, is thought to be the essence of life. Lasting love can be difficult to find or even quantify, love basically goes through cycles of intensity that is governed by the internal body frequency and external frequencies and influences of others and oneself.

The Heart's Chakra Activation frequency is 528 Hz, this is also thought by a process elimination and logic to be the frequency of love. But also the frequency of body and mind also impacts whether the body is in harmony with others as well as the environment in general. Discrepancies in the frequencies between the individual and other people and indeed the environment are what leads to disharmony.

Those who seem to get along with almost anyone or appear to excel in various environments are those that are able to adjust their body frequency to the surroundings or people they are dealing with. This may be a conscious ability requiring effort or they are lucky enough to have a natural ability to automatic adjust themselves to match the frequency of others they are in contact with. In a group setting therefore they should logically have or need a body frequency compatible in some form with everyone in the group or a frequency that isn't combative in any way, but rather complementary.

The disadvantage of matching the frequency of others is when that frequency of others is low or negative, such downward adjustments in the bodies natural frequency could impact the consciousness considerably, with the potential to cause adjustments that may not be desirable and personally harmful; so a neutral seemingly passive frequency that isn't detected as being combative or challenging to others would be one solution.

While there are some advantages in slight temporary adjustments in the frequency of the body to match others, it is far more ideal and logical to seek out people who have a similar or matching frequency. Those people that seemingly instantaneously get along well with each other either have a similar, compatible or matching frequency; this frequency can be natural or adjusted naturally by the presence of people with frequencies in the same range. It is also possible to raise the frequency of others or an environment purely through the presence of a higher frequency being emitted; those with the ability to achieve this naturally or through frequency manipulation are always in demand by many in society.

When the physical attraction is strong but the frequency of the other person is negative or considerably at odds this is a state of Loves Revenge; it is only a matter of time before issues arise, unless some adjustments are made to either parties body frequency to bring them into tandem with each other.

Being in the presence of someone with a low, negative or considerably at odds frequency can be extremely draining, causing loss of energy, patience, or ability to function; only isolation from such people is the solution. Whenever an undesirable energy level is detected through uneasy feelings it is always better to put as much space as humanly possible between yourself and that person or place; limiting any contact to the absolute minimum possible or required.

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