It's Your Dream Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Only a strong willpower and fixed intentions can keep life on the track.

It's Your Dream

Your life experiences are truly your dream, so 'make life what you want' is the stance that you should take always; don't modify your wishes, hopes, or desires to suit those of others, stay true to your dreams at all times then they won't desert you.

There are many people who sacrifice what they want, or what they are longing for, simply in exchange for some short-term benefit or material thing that will all too soon be gone, leaving them with nothing but regrets. Surrender to the will of external pressure in whatever form will always result in a future that is controlled or dominated by others, only a strong willpower and fixed intentions can keep life on the track most desired by personal affirmations.

Your life rushes by so very fast on reflection, seemingly soon to be gone; it is only the dreams that you hold dear that are eternal, that make life worthwhile; that make the journey a joy to experience, to behold and recall throughout eternity.

We are all adrift on the ocean of life, without a dream to drive or give direction there is potential to become lost, wandering without a goal or even on analysis without hope. It is your persistent intentions and focused dreams that drive the future forward as you imagine, it is these dreams that give a purpose and meaning to what exists by forever seeking what potential opportunities that are available to hold onto can be captured and determining what to pursue. Your destiny is waiting for you to comprehend what lies within your ability by dreaming then pursuing your wildest dreams.

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Make it Yours Aricle - Author Steven Redhead
  • It is necessary to chase the things you need or want with all your energy and focus.

Make it Yours

Sometimes the things you love or may long for can slip right through your fingers due to the lack of any or even the suitable level of attention and a sufficient input or due to not enough effort being applied in maintaining the situation or the absence of firm intentions and clear focus on your part in obtaining what you want.

It is necessary to chase the things you need or want with all your energy and focus, with all your heart, and soul; the things you want should be worth fighting for; otherwise, you won't realize their full potential and then fully value them once you have finally obtained them.

All things are indeed truly possible, it is just up to whether this fact is fully comprehended or not, with a realization that when what you want is pursued with all your available passion and desire it does have potential to be brought into your life at some stage. It is easy to let what is truly longed for simply slip through your fingers at some stage purely due to the lack of effort or firm intention. Why let what you want or need slip away due solely to the lack of enough effort and attention on your part, that surely doesn't make sense.

Once you have focused on something that you want it is critical to maintaining that focus up until what you desire becomes yours. Some things are successfully realized quickly, others can take time, it all depends on the amount of mental and physical energy you are prepared to spend on obtaining whatever you want, be that a relationship, a specific outcome or a material possession. All you have to do is truly desire something strongly enough for the time it takes to make it real in order to make it yours.

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Life In A Nutshell - Author Steven Redhead
  • Life means much more than the physical or material reality.

Life In A Nutshell

Life is basically a game, one that is played out through eternity in various forms. There are times when it is possible to win, other times to loose; but all cases good or bad what counts are just the experiences. Eternity is a complexed concept that is complicated for the physical mind alone to comprehend. Only through connectivity with the heart consciousness, which is connected to the higher conscious states, can it become possible to begin to comprehend the true meaning of life.

It is within the myriad of chances, opportunities, choices, and decisions that make life the gamble that it truly is. There is always the chance to choose through decisions of which opportunities to pursue, or those to be ignored or rejected. Intuition can provide the impetus to make certain careful decisions, or alternatively by relying just on the flippant choices of the moment that can render a potential opportunity irrelevant.

Life means much more than the physical or material reality that the mind comes to believe in through indoctrination or inability to perceive alternatives. Life is quite short, passing in the blinking of an eye in relation to eternity. Reality depends upon and is also governed solely by how it is perceived, what is pursued with the time available, how the results are interpreted then accepted, but mostly whether the desired life purpose or meaning is achieved in the manner desired and imagined.

There are times to win and times to lose, life is actually just like playing a game, yet existence is a chance to spin the roulette wheel of life trusting to win just the same.

Whichever result is achieved or obtained it is the ability of perceptions that truly makes the end result valuable or not. How the endgame is devised or envisioned is critical to how life actually plays out. It is the expectations, the imagination of what will be, the desire to make those concepts become real, then belief in these concepts high potential that will determine how the endgame plays out. Life is indeed a game of chance, having the right desires then pursuing them relentlessly will determine the type of life lived, how it all actually turns out.

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Find The Wonder - Author Steven Redhead
  • There is no necessity to crucify oneself on the crosses of others assertions, beliefs or disbelief.

Find The Wonder

There is the opportunity within a lifetime to find the true wonder and meaning of what this reality is actually all about. There is the chance to shine a light upon all that really exists. The true total reality can be found through the pursuit of the right knowledge that is concerning all that has importance and relevance to your life objectives. The information about the actual meaning of life is available to everyone simply through the effort of simply through relentlessly seeking out the answers to those intuitive questions that arise.

Once in a lifetime, the moment comes along to follow the path that will provide the potential to understand the true reality of this existence, the meaning, and purpose of this life; the opportunity to obtain the important information of all that there is beyond the obvious, the reason for everything.

Through taking the correct direction in life it becomes possible to know the reason for what you perceive, the reason for being. There is always the necessary search out information, to become aware of the hidden knowledge behind and beyond the reason for life as it actually is, not as it usually is perceived. This information is not written on billboards, it requires a subtle search beyond the obvious, beyond what is known or easily assumed.

Those blind through ignorance will never be able to see, thus they will remain forever groping for the true reality and reasons for their existence; the real reasons for life will be hidden to them behind the masks of the unceasing distractions of the material world.

There is no necessity to crucify oneself on the crosses of others assertions, beliefs or disbelief. Rather the personal journey becomes a search for the reasons, beliefs and the wonder of why the existence of consciousness became into being in the first place and exists as it is in the current form; answers become available by always questioning what lies hidden behind the obvious.

What is the purpose of life, of this actual existence itself, the purpose of the consciousness that exists or the reasons for the chance of being able to choose how to perceive what is observed or experienced; these are questions that could lead to answers and understanding of why what exists became what is currently being experienced.

The solid reality of the material and physical world seems to be continually in direct conflict with the world of the spiritual, seemingly like two opposing concepts that are destined to be forever in conflict and disharmony with each other. Only through the combination of the material and physical realities linked to the spiritual through the interconnectivity of the heart consciousness and mind can the potential for harmony and understanding truly exit.

The supposed meaning of life becomes the reality that is experienced, rather than the meaning of life becoming the meaning that is given purposely to life, the desire of what life should be, what is possible to create through desire, imagination, and belief.

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Just Another Day - Author Steven Redhead
  • Everything that is experienced causes some changes within you.

Just Another Day

That latest Twist of Fate has the potential to impact the environment in ways that can be phenomenal, everything has the potential to change 180 degrees without warning at any moment; that is unless you ensure your life balance is completely stable. The effect that the environment has upon you can range from fundamental to major depending on your response or reaction to what occurs. Everything that is experienced causes some changes within you; while these changes may be subtle on a day to day basis, the overall long-term impact can turn out to be quite substantial.

Within nature adaptation is the key principal to survival; the key rule or mantra is either adapt to the environment no matter what the cost or perish. These evolutionary changes within nature cause plants, animals, microorganisms, the environment to have only one purpose, that is survival, the continuation of the species; change and adapt or become extinct. Likewise, the human race also is constantly changing by undergoing minor to major changes in order to adapt to the ever-changing world we live in; some changes are clearly known, others are imperceptible or purposely hidden.

The quality of the air you breath, the water that you drink, the food you eat, what information you expose yourselves to, your habits, all contribute or impact you in one way or another, causing changes within you in order for you to survive. It is for these reasons that you must be constantly careful and extremely wary of what you expose yourselves to. The genes of all those generations of survivors who lived before you stimulate your responses to life; the necessity to survive at all costs is inbuilt within your genes and psyche; survival in various contexts is achieved when all the elements of the body are fully allowed to function at the maximum efficiency necessary in order to meet the various challenges that can arise.

Humans have the capacity and are able more than any other species to create or change the environment as desired, all this takes is action, there is really no necessity to be at the mercy of any particular situation or unwanted experience. Individually it is possible to alter what is to be experienced through the desire and efforts aimed at changing the circumstance in which one exists. It is possible to even change completely the experienced environment by allowing the mind to focus on achieving the means to bring this about.

You are most definitely the creature of your own creation; by ensuring your environment is one of growth rather than fear you can ensure your life's journey is the most rewarding and pleasing one possible.

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