Wisdom In A Nutshell Articles - Author Steven Redhead
  • Life was born from the figments of everyone's combined imaginations.

Wisdom In A Nutshell

Existence is just a chance to play with eternity, just passing the time, the things to do are all part of an elaborate game that is played within the time and space that has been created by yourself though imagining, believing, desiring and the mental and physical efforts being made.

What is the distance, something far away or something nearby, it all depends upon where one is standing at that particular moment of considering this? Then likewise what is life, the opposite of death, well that is as long as it is possible to stay alive? This thing called life is a search, a fleeting fantasy intended to pass the time an escape from the boredom of eternity.

Then who and what are you, are you a figment of your own creative imagination or that of the Gods' are you and what is all around real - or by just thinking that reality has substance is what makes it possible to function anyway? Usually what you think is real is truly real because of the fact that it was acknowledged through thought, just the thought makes things real, usually at some stage.

So are humans more spirits than mortal, if so what does all this thing call life actually mean? Yes, life was born from the figments of everyone's combined imaginations, from the curiosity with what is and what can be given the spark of energy to materialize. You are the creator of all you perceive, all you prevail over.

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Belief Is The Power Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Belief is what drives the desire based on what was imagined to become real.

Belief Is The Power

Elements supporting the achievement of desires are made up of the detailed points or factors of what is imagined; belief is the power, based on what has been imagined, that gives desires the legitimacy to come alive as required. The more in-depth the details that make up the combined thoughts being imagined the more accurate the outcome will be to what was intended when it is finally materialized.

Dreams and intuitive longings are windows to your hidden desires; pursuing them will ensure a life that is made up of what your higher consciousness desires most. Letting them rot unattended will always lead to some form of regret over the long run.

Belief is what drives the desire based on what was imagined to become real. Belief can be harnessed as it is one of the key elements that go towards creating those things that you desire most. Life is actually a journey of your desires, a game you are able to play through the effort to create whatever you wish within your own perceived reality.

Belief is composed of many factors; one is the belief in some external concept such as; a religion, political views, also including views about a plethora of concepts that exist externally. This belief system is not specifically only created by the self for the self, but rather exists for people in general as well as requiring the supporting beliefs of others to sustain any general concept of society. There also exists the beliefs that are a personal powerful force that can be connected with other forces created by the mind to give them legitimacy such as imagination, desire, expectancy, and focus.

Belief energizes imagination, taking it from the formation of an idea or concept to being pursued into an actual possibility that can actually be materialized and recognized; likewise, belief enlivens desire, while giving credence to expectancy.

The stronger and more focused the belief actually is the more energy exists to enforce the creation of what has been imagined then desired, bringing what is required or necessary into the perceived reality. It is this focus on the belief that makes things possible, enabling you to obtain or achieve the things you pursue with a strong intent and focus.

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The Joys Of Life Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • It is through your thoughts that make you what you are and what you are becoming.

The Joys Of Life

The people you know or interact with can make your life sparkle, or become quite dull. It is important to avoid those who make you feel uncomfortable for any reason what-so-ever; always seek out positive relationships with others.

It is those people who are allowed into your life, your family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, even the ones you have yet to meet that make your life worth living. Given the chance, others will bring love, light, joy, happiness, and peace into your life.

The places that exist in your life, where you live, frequent, or make an effort to visit can impact your sense of joy. It is by finding those special places in your environment that will bring you a feeling of security, peace, and tranquility. Whenever you feel uncertain, lost, and out of sync just seek out your special place to find yourself in order to elevate your body's overall frequency.

To find the answers or ideas and solutions to the daily matters of your life you need to have your own secret place where you can go to be alone, relax and think. In this place, your thoughts will flourish, unaffected by others or external sources.

It is through your thoughts that make you what you are and what you are becoming. Your thoughts can become imprinted onto your mind creating the reality that you experience; they impact you in infinite ways. If these thoughts are positive or negative the outcome will, of course, reflect this. Thus it is important to not only keep your own thoughts under control but also to avoid undesirable impacts from the thoughts of people that you come into contact with.

It is imperative at all times to try to control your thought patterns, for if they are left alone to run free they may create a reality that you really don't care for. Thoughts are yours to manage as well as master; thoughts should do all your bidding, therefore it is your will that should always direct your thoughts, not external factors.

Life is intended to be a joy; it is the various forces from external sources of the modern world that impact this ideal. Always seek out ways and means to create a life of bliss by following the paths and intuition that leads to happiness.

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The Crosses You Bear Articles - Author Steven Redhead
  • There is nothing in the universe that is constant or static.

The Crosses You Bear

You are all trapped in a body of your own making. Everyone has the chance to make all the decisions and choices that govern their lives and in turn how things will play out both in the sort and long-term.

You control every thought, or rather you have the ability to fully control your every thought; also to decide what to eat, how or whether to exercise, how to take care of yourselves in general, what to expose yourselves to; all these factors that control your body, your environment are all under your control; that is if you just simply make the effort to create your desired reality.

You are not what you have been, only partially what you are at this very moment; but more importantly, it is what you are becoming that has the greatest relevance. Now is the point or time of change; it is this moment when you can change not only your perception of not only yourself but also that perception others have of you.

There is nothing in the universe that is constant or static, everything is undergoing the continual process of change. Every cell in your body, even bone cells, are replaced completely within a year; you are not the same person, even physically, that you were one year ago.

There is no way to stop the constant changes that are going on all around, but by being aware of such changes it becomes possible to utilize them to become who or what you wish to become.

Through your mind codes, those constant messages you send to yourself consciously and subconsciously you change your body, with the potential to eliminate disease, change your mentality, motivate yourself to some action that will be of benefit, the list of potentials is actually endless - limited only by your ability to conceive what you wish to achieve.

It is possible to change your environment, even your entire world either physically by moving to a new location, or you can change your perception of the world you observe and interact with.

You must always ask yourselves not only who you are becoming, but more importantly who you really wish to be; start to make the changes necessary to be the person you truly wish to be rather than the one you feel for materialistic reasons that you need to be.

There is no benefit to crucify yourself on the crosses you have created all by yourself. Life has enough challenges to overcome without making unnecessary ones to deal with. Rather work to make a life of bliss where there is contentment with what is available to you; together with a desire to pursue your true potential.

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The Consequences Are All Yours Articles - Author Steven Redhead
  • What is real or not sometimes can reach the limits of your comprehension.

The Consequences Are All Yours

What should be done when facing the unwanted consequences of your uncontrolled thoughts, they are there stirringly dominating that moment in reality when your greatest fears or greatest joys are materialized for you to behold.

There is a necessity to accept that whatever happens to you is the sole accumulation of all your inner desires and thoughts materialized into your experienced reality. Both conscious or subconscious thoughts can bring about in reality what you come to experience. Do others actually experience the same reality that you do or are you just under a self-illusion that they do so.

What is real or not sometimes can reach the limits of your comprehension, it remains for you simply to believe and accept that what you are experiencing is real and it will be, reject any undesirable occurrences forcefully and these will quickly or gradually evaporate depending upon the level of energy directed towards necessary changes.

So who is left to accepts the total consequences of your illusions but yourself, you are the sole creators of your reality, therefore you must accept total and unconditional responsibility for all that happens in your life.

You are here in your created reality, yet are you alone with just illusions of companionship or are those with whom you share this really as real as you can believe they are. This reality you perceive is your total responsibility to manage and control, but does that mean that everyone contributes individually towards what exists, that in fact, we are all indeed jointly responsible for the total outcome that whatever happens and is universally perceived. The alternative is that everyone perceives the reality that they create and wish to experience and are culpable for the subsequent outcomes.

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Desires Come True Articles - Author Steven Redhead
  • Creation of desires is a function of the higher conscious state.

Desires Come True

Desires can be varied in the extreme, as well as elusive in meaning; the true reason or justification for the existence of any desire can also be based upon the actual reflection of what is required by the spiritual self - emanating through the physical reality. Desires are the true expectations of a person's spirit; combining the details of what is actually wanted or required to exist in the future, as opposed to what is the current reality.

The gap between what is desired in relation to 'what is' can be eliminated by the focused pursuit of what is required long-term rather than being satisfied by what currently exists, or has the potential to evolve and control what transpires through the intervention of fate.

Creation of desires is a function of the higher conscious state that is then relayed via the heart intelligence to the mind. Whether the mind is fixed entirely on the material world or a spiritual connection will determine the clarity of these desires, how or whether the desire is comprehended, as well as the importance attached to the pursuit of such desires. The intervention of societies constructs can waylay or hijack spiritual desires, transposing upon them materialistic desires that dominate through conscious manipulation.

The ability to bring imagined desires into reality depends entirely upon the intensity and quality of focus that can be brought to bear upon the object of those desires in order to force them to materialize within reality. The deepest intentions of the inner psyche can be revealed within the desires that are exhibited within expectations of what is being required to exist within reality.

Desires are the true essence of the spirit that has potential to become the basis and driving force of each of us, even determining who you are or become over time. It is the ability to achieve these desires or not that determine the extent of each person's connection to their true self, their higher consciousness; leading to whether the experiences are blissful or full of hardships and regrets.

Desires are driven into reality by the power of belief, it is this force of belief that makes desires real, thus giving life and credibility to these desires, enabling them to be driven then exist within reality. Without the realization of one's desires, the only reality remaining is one of regret; the regret of not achieving those heartfelt desires, of not experiencing the results of those desires becoming materialized.

Regrets are the cost that must be paid whenever the effort and focus are not placed on the achievement of those desires that come from the spirit, which occurs when the final realization at some stage of what could have been.

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