Life Flows Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Spiritual and mental imbalances can also cause energy to be impaired.

Life Flows

Life energy flows in an endless supply, freely available to all who realize this fact. This energy flow can be easily tapped into whenever there is a need or desire, there is no limit or rules beyond those you impose by yourself, you can use as much energy you care to for whatever purpose you like.

Energy is available in many forms, mental, physical, or spiritual. These energies can be directed towards or used for whatever purpose you see fit; to create or destroy, to communicate or heal, to grow either mentally and or spiritually; the uses are as endless as you are prepared to imagine.

Energy levels can be increased by improving your attitude, apathy being one primary cause of natural energy loss; by staying highly positive it becomes possible to increase then maintain good energy levels at all times.

Spiritual and mental imbalances can also cause energy to be impaired. The meditative means to absorb energy from your higher spirit is the most stable and sustainable way to obtain pure energy. The most unreliable means of increasing energy is to steal or absorb energy from other living things because that energy could be impure or of an incompatible frequency thus having potential to cause disruptions.

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The Life Paths You Take Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • With a clear chosen destination, you can always know that at the final conclusion.

The Life Paths You Take

The choice of which paths you take through this life is always a personal decision, your responsibility alone. Each and everything you do changes your life outcome in some way, no matter how small.

The influences of others on what you do can't be blamed for any outcome, for it is of your own free will that you decided to do one thing or another, any blame lies squarely with yourself.

The impact of your actions is unchangeable, there is only one direction and that is forward, there is no going back to start over again to adjust what has already taken place. For this reason, it is wise to think carefully before doing anything minor or major, for everything you do has an outcome, a knock-on effect upon your entire destiny.

With a clear chosen destination, you can always know that at the final conclusion you will end up where you desire as long as you have the determination to stay true to your ideas. You must never deviate from the purpose that you have chosen for to do so would be confusing, leaving fate to play whatever trick on you that the dice should come up with. If you have faith that you have chosen the right path then stay true to that decision, your fate will be in your hands, the destination will be the one chosen.

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Life Eternal Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • It is through a spiritual path that it is possible to gain more knowledge.

Life Eternal

If taking the time just to consider for a moment the particles of water in a stream, where have they been in the past, the drop of rain that once fell of grassy pastures that are now desert, the once sweat of a tramp or king, a part of the ocean who's waves crashed on the rocky shore slowly eroding it away, the drops of water that cascaded through a fountain in some ancient cities, or once part of mighty ice formations that melted becoming rivers that etched away the landscape changing the surface of the world forever.

So coming to consider the soul, what journey has been experienced through the eons of mortal time, or even the twists and turns within eternity for that matter. Where and who have you been is a fascinating question, for with that knowledge it should become possible to be much the wiser. What games does life play within time that can't easily be recalled or is there indeed a way to open the vast storehouse of knowledge that is held within the soul and higher spirit's conscious.

You are an eternal spiritual beings first, so it is through a spiritual path that it is possible to gain more knowledge into the things of the spirit that the mortal mind can't begin to perceive or comprehend.

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