Destiny On The Rocks Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • It is neglectful to leave your destiny stranded on the rocks.

Destiny On The Rocks

Fate is a fickle thing at times, it does what it wants if you don't pay enough attention to it and what is going on. Your destiny truly lies in your own hands, the choices are all yours to make if only you choose to do so, nothing can happen without your consent or apathy of not caring thereby allowing rogue forces to take control.

Most people have the odd desire for something to occur from time to time, many even have a general goal or dream for their lives, but few actually micro-manage their destiny, their total reality. Most people leave the details or even the major issues up to fate, what will be will be.

Yet with a little effort and care it is possible to control your entire destiny by simply spending time to think, think what you want on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, even lifetime basis, then plan how to bring that about, while determining what resources are necessary to achieve what is intended.

All things come to those who ask, the problem is that most of the people don't ask with clarity, or even know what is possible. It is neglectful to leave your destiny stranded on the rocks, especially when so much potential does exist.

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Truth Or Lies Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • Within every lie is the bases of some form of truth.

Truth Or Lies

Some people don't even know the difference these day between truth and lies, for sure there are times that it's really is difficult to tell what is the truth or has the potential to be and what is not fact. There are those that believe in the power of their lies so strongly or have repeated them so often that they come to even believe they are true themselves, in some cases with enough effort promoting them that these lies actually do indeed actually have the capacity to finally become true.

Within every lie is the bases of some form of truth, that is used to make the truth somewhat more believable; also likewise, within each truth there is the basis of some form of a lie or exaggeration to enhance belief.

Truth can frequently sound more farfetched than lies, also, likewise lies can sound more realistic and convincing than the truth. So what is the difference, if any, between truth and lies; it is purely up to personal perception and intuition to determine what to believe or disbelieve?

Reality is a fickle thing, it follows your desire including your beliefs, if you believe in truth or if you believe in lies doesn't matter much at all - reality will simply follow what you believe until that belief changes to something different; lies are truths and truths lies in different guises.

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Wondering Reveals Truth Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • The experiences are what gives truth the value and meaning.

Wondering Reveals Truth

It is the exercise of wondering, the questioning, the search, that opens the doors to the personally accepted truth, those seeds of thoughts that can reveal your deepest longings or desires for what to pursue. The search for truth is a long and at times elusive or illusive path that can be traveled in search of what is sought, from time to time answers are found - yet once in a while they are not.

In a brief moment of questioning the seeds that could lead to answers are planted, which then starts the process that will lead to the truth and the meaning of all you may wonder about. It is truly the journey to the truth that is important not the truth itself. The experiences are what gives truth the value and meaning, which is the most important element of the truth itself.

The road to truth is always a journey, sometimes smooth, on occasion easily managed, every so often not. Truth can be on occasions illusions made by the subconscious to satisfy or to pacify any intent into easily accepting just thoughts as real as an ultimate truth. It is that moment of wondering that it becomes possible to start to find the answers to everything that is pursued with the intention of obtaining the required knowledge.

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Tears In The Rain Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • You perceive only what your mind can comprehend or wish to acknowledge.

Tears In The Rain

Certain things are not always completely obvious, they are obscured by whatever conditions that will cause you to come to an inaccurate conclusion. Things are not always as they seem, it is difficult to separate the tears from the rain, just as it is difficult to catch and hold the wind in the palm of your hand. When assuming anything that thought may or may not be correct or even remotely true, of course, strong gut feelings can be extremely accurate if you are perceptive enough.

You perceive only what your mind can comprehend or wish to acknowledge, or what the mind believes is relevant base on years of programming, the rest is deleted into obscurity. Even though what is actually there it comes down to whether the conscious mind does or doesn't observe or understand its existence. It is only when you start to open up your mind to the vast array of possibilities that you truly begin to see a greater perspective and a wider view of what is present within the reality frequency you are able to comprehend.

There is much more to life than anyone has never learned to comprehend, this is why many issues remain unknown or are shrouded in mystery and wondering. There is a need to be a truth seeker, to search out knowledge, both from others - as seeds of thought - as well as from the personal search for the realization of all that exists in this reality and beyond.

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