Vision Aricle - Author Steven Redhead
  • Is it possible that what is observed is limited to what is expected


Is what is perceived and believed to be seen really what is actually there or is there more than can be observed, or is there perhaps less available than what some can perceive. Does the mind shut out the things that can't begin to be comprehended, or even add certain things to embellish what is observed thus making it more logical or more easily accepted or understood to fit personal comprehension, making what is observed more acceptable or normal to the consciousness.

Is it possible that what is observed is limited to what is expected in order to meet personal habitual understandings of the environment, or to see what is believed should be there, or does the mind filter out all those things that it hasn't been programmed to acknowledge through disbelief?

Surely there is more to this reality than anyone could ever wish to comprehend or imagine; is it basically the minds inability to see all things without judging what is necessary or not to comprehend by not filtering out anything; most importantly are these unseen or incomprehensible elements of reality what will give a better insight into the reality being experienced and perceived?

To strive without any society imposed limitations on comprehending reality, with an open unbiased mind, understanding or accepting that there is very much more to this reality, this consciousness than first meets the eye.

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Enlightenment Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • The clear perception of the truth and knowledge must be enlightenment.


Each of us seeks enlightenment in some way and in some form or another, trying to make the best of this life in a way that is personally satisfying and as seen fit; some focusing on the spiritual values while others focus on the materialistic side of their reality.

While the spiritual path seems noble and the most logical or true path to follow, are those who seek materialism less worthy, less likely to achieve whatever their concept of heaven will be. Or is heaven just that, finding what is sought no matter what that may be, no matter how righteous, no matter how materialistic, can each of us by different routes arrive at the same destination, which is basically a successful accumulation of our own personal dreams, desires, wants and longings.

The clear perception of the truth and knowledge must be enlightenment, freeing oneself from the chains of ignorance, the superstitions or prejudices they are inborn or indoctrinated within during life, to return to a true state of consciousness unencumbered by the needs and requirements of society, free from the demands of life, what many have been conditioned to believe are true, what the masses have been indoctrinated into feeling, thinking, wanting, desiring and believing.

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Tranquility Aricles
  • First, you must decide what is tranquility, what does it mean to you personally.


Where are you supposed to seek then obtain the peace and the tranquility that is essential to your growth, to enable you to contemplate who and what you are? Shall you find tranquility in your environment or should you first look within yourself? The answer is obvious, you can surely find tranquility within yourself irrespective of your surroundings, you can create tranquility out of chaos purely by concentrating, focusing on eliminating all distractions, you can establish a zone of peacefulness.

First, you must decide what is tranquility, what does it mean to you personally. Then you need to determine what you seek exactly within tranquility itself and why.

Until you can clarify what you are looking for then it most surely will be elusive, you may not even know you have found it unless you clearly define and know what you are specifically looking for.

Many unknowingly self-create their own chaos or the disturbances in their lives, mostly through accepting them as some necessary evil rather than combating or dispelling them. The power and choice to eliminate all undesirable things from your life is always available.

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Contemplation Article - Author Steven Redhead
  • There is potential to at times be isolated from the reality.


We live a modern life of hustle and bustle, surrounded by the technological wonders that make life both comfortable and enjoyable for many. There is potential to at times be isolated from the reality of life's darker side that others in the world have to face on a daily basis.

In our cities or towns, many live a life of illusion, based upon what they expose ourselves to, rather than what is contemplated or generated through one's own individual unpolluted thoughts. It is easy indeed to become a puppet of a modern world, doing its bidding for whatever reason; to earn or get money, to obtain someones attention, achieve approval of some person or organization, et cetera; following the various rules of what is deemed accepted behavior of society in whatever circumstance the masses find themselves in.

Each of us was born a free-thinking spirit, but many have sacrificed that freedom of thought to the desires of the masses, to the will of those that rule society for the sole purpose of achieving their own specific desires or purposes. Thus many become slaves to society by surrendering their free will, their desires, their ideas, their hopes, their inspiration, their energy, all the things that should be held dear, in many cases without fully realizing what has been sacrificed; they become a shadow of their true potential.

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