Life is Your Journey Through Time and Space

All your memories are what made you what you are today, the good and the bad alike. So hold these memories dear and never forget them for they are the essence of who you are, a testament of your life to date.
Memories should be always cherished, for when you die they are all that you can take with you from this earth. They will be aways there for you to remember and reflect upon throughout eternity, for some this can be heaven and for other it can become a hell. You can learn a great deal by reflecting upon the what has happened in the past by studying your memories, recalling what happened in certain situations; all the things that you could have done differently given a second chance; what you could have been done better; what should have been avoided. These reflections have the potential to help your decision making in the future.


Your life is the result of the accumulated choices you made.

Memories are Treasures of immense value

All you can take with you when you die are your memories. The riches and all material things become worthless to you in a moment, so hold your memories dear - for they are a testament to your adventure through life.

The People make the difference

The memories of the people you have met in your life will be with you always; the ones you liked, the ones you hated. All have contributed to what you are today - in one way or another; each of them have changed you forever in some way great or small.

Places that You remember

The places that have special significance, either for some experience or related to some person should always have a special place within your memories, never forget them for they will offer comfort in times of reflection.

Memories are Golden

It is good for your mental health to reflect on the memories that gave you pleasure; for the are worth more than gold, for they are yours for eternity, they can never be taken away from you.

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