Life is Your Journey Through Time and Space

It is your thoughts that make you what you are and impact immensely the person you are becoming. Your thought if repeated can become imprinted onto your mind, creating who and what you are, your beliefs, behaviour and actions.
You should at all times try to control your thought patterns, for if they are left alone to run free they may create a reality that you really don't care for. Thoughts are yours to have full control over and not allow external influencers to malipulate them; others may try to hijack then impact or manipulate your reality via your thoughts. Your thoughts should do all your bidding alone and it is your will that should always control those thoughts and not the others around you want. With nurturing and care really profound thoughts can be yours, to enlighten your life, solve your problems, creating the ideas and plans that can truly change your life for the better; making your reality match your desires.
Your thoughts become your words and deeds, your very self, your persona that others recognise; so for this reason you should alway take care of what you think, and what influences you expose your minds to.


You control all your reality by your thoughts and beliefs.

Thoughts That Make you

ThoughtsCreativity: If you focus your mind enough upon any issue or matter that needs a firm solution then the ideas that will solve it will flow freely.

Beliefs Tree

Beliefs TreeControl: It is wise to for you to keep your thoughts under control, for if they are given the chance they will run amoke and cause havoc.

The places in Your life

Your lifeYour own secret Place: To find the answers or ideas and solutions to the daily matters of your life you need to have you own secret place where you can go to be alone, relax and think. In this place your thoughts will flourish.

People make your life sparkle

People Sparkle
They are what you think they are: The people that you know will become what you think they are. They will take on characteristics in line with the image you have of them and what you think of them. There it is wise to think positively about those you know.

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