Beyond Boundaries

There is a tendancy to create illusionary yet seemingly real boundaries that in truthdon't really exist.

The right question is always the key to finding the right answer

Just as the silence in music contributes vastly to a music score; just as silence of mind brings peace; the pause in poetry gives emphasis to the meaning; so too, the answers for which you search can be found in the silence, in the gap between thought, or when your mind exists in a state of peace when your thoughts are free to focus.

What do you really want from life? Where or what are you aiming for, what are your wishes, hopes, and dreams.

Many people live their life day by day, little by little in small chunks, they never look at the bigger picture of what is the 'Sole Goal / Soul Goal' to be achieved from their life. Of course, some may have short-term goals about what they want to achieve here or there, but what is the specific purpose of there life is a question very few ask. The key question is at the point of your death will you have any regrets about what you didn't do, what you didn't experience, the chances or challenges that came your way but you didn't take. By making a 'Life Map', a plan of all the things you want from life, all the things you want to achieve or experience, of where you are actually going or aiming for, you will be able to make the plans or devise the schemes to attain what you want.

The search for meaning, not only for your life in general but also the things you do and aspire to become.

The meaning of life is basically the meaning that you give each and every experience you have, the sum of all this is accumulated into the meaning of your life. you should always pursue the things of value that will contribute to your life goals, time spent searching for these elements of your life will never be wasted.

While there always seems to be something the will disturb or interrupt your search, you must firstly focus on what is truly important to you alone. While this may seem selfish, by achieving what you need to achieve you will bring joy to not only your life but those close to you. Putting your priorities to the fore will in retrospect bring benefits for all those close to you.

Doing things that bring you the most satisfaction and enjoyment will create the best life experiences.

Things that satisfy your curiosity, those things what you aspire to, or strongly desire to experience, are what you should pursue with vigor. Achieving a dream or desire will uplift your whole spirit, giving you the confidence to seek out other challenges that you can endeavor to accomplish.

The confidence to confront with the strength of willpower all that comes before you will be of immense value in your life. When you do the things you are meant to pursue you will feel spiritually enlivened, things will always seem to go more smoothly, you will feel invigorated - in a state of happiness and contentment. There will always be a feeling of something is not quite gelling when you pursue something that is not your true intent or in your best interest, thus through intuition you can be easily aware of what you should pursue or avoid.

From one point of view, we are now living in an age of darkness.

Many have lost their way; for most people, their true intent for their life path is vague at best. It should be you ideal to search for the answers that will lead you back to your true life path, the true meaning or purpose of your life.

Not to waste a single moment or lose any potential opportunity should be your life mantra.

Time is fickle, is comes then goes as it sees fit, lasts the amount of your life of its choosing, completely unaffected by any desire you may have to the contrary. Time can pass by so quickly when viewed in retrospect, you need to make sure that in a lifetime did your bidding, not you doing time's bidding.

While you can't control time, you can control what you do with it, irrespective of how slow or fast it may pass. Giving due care and perseverance to thoughts of how to use the time you have wisely is of the utmost importance. It is never an issue of how much time you have but rather how to utilize that time to the best effect for yourself. You should never consider what the moment brings to you but preferably what you bring to the moment to make it better, to make it perfect.

Make memories that will not only last a lifetime but that will last, bringing joy for an eternity.

Memories are like shadows, they will follow you everywhere it seems, they are undaunting in the persistence for your attention, on occasions taking over then dominating your desired thoughts, your focus, your dreams. For this reason, you must always aim to make the most wonderful memories or at least work to discard the bad memories so that only the good ones survive.

Like anything, the things you pay most attention to or take most care of are the things that flourish and survive best; so too must you concentrate your thoughts on giving emphasis to the best memories so that only they survive, or at best dominate over the bad memories. You have your life, this time is given to you as a sacred covenant, to make memories that will suffice to keep you contented throughout eternity.

Always aiming at every crossroads, every juncture to create a life that has been well lived.

In the essence of time your life is just a brief moment, a slight flicker in the darkness, that always on reflection is over in what seems like the blinking of an eye. When you look back upon of life what do you see, a life that had purpose and meaning, that created something of value to add to the great scheme of things, or a life that was wasted, that just drifted by day by day until there was no time left.

Looking back upon of life, reflecting on what was, may have some benefits for improving your actions in the future, but how much time ever remains is always unknown to almost everyone. You must consider your legacy, what will you leave mankind as a testament that you did at one time walk upon this earth, what will you give back to life in return for what life has given you.

Your dreams, your desires, your hopes, if left to rot like dust on the earth will have had no meaning or purpose, you must achieve all that you desire, contribute all that your ambitions dictate, live every moment of your life to the very best of your ability; you must live a life well lived.

It is in the brief moments that your chances in life exist, if you don't respond at that specific time the opportunity can be lost forever.

Mostly many don't respond at the instant they should because they either can't rise to the challenge or believe that some advantage will be gained by waiting, or believe the timing isn't quite right.

Each chance has a certain value that you can obtain from it, by believing you can get more or thinking that by waiting the situation will favor you better will potentially be met with disappointment. It is in the moment that you initially feel confident that you should act that everything that can or is possible to be achieved actually exists.

As long as you have a strong initial intuitive thought to act at that critical instant you will gain nothing by postponing your actions, you will get less if you don't act in the limited chance of that magic moment. Excuses such as the timing does not seem right, a beliefs or thought that something extra or more secure can be gained by waiting, all lead to the lost opportunity of not acting in the moment, where all that is possible exists.

It's your life, your chance to walk in the light of day, to experience whatever your mind may desire.

After all, is said and done what are you left with at the end of it all, not only just the memories, but also the knowledge that you have gained that will help you to challenge whatever the future may hold for you.

It is your moments of failure or disappointment that makes your triumphs shine even brighter; it is the contrasts, the uncertainty in life, that give life its excitement, it's texture and color, it's wonder. To dream extraordinarily improbable dreams, then through your beliefs and desires make them come true is what life is all about. This is your chance at creation, to create your life dream, to experience the material world, to capture the reality all the senses and the wonder they bring to being alive.

The quality of your destiny is governed by your action or inability to act, by your ability to dream or not, by your desires or lack of desires.

You are the master of your own universe, this is your playground where you can do whatever you want, achieve whatever your hearts desire. Procrastination is a cancer that will have the potential to destroy you, action is the solution to all that you may face, any action is better than no action at all. It is better to have small dreams rather than no dreams at all; it better to have small desires which will lead step by step to greater things than nor desires at all.

The opportunities you are searching all exist, they may not be in the form that you imagine but they are available to you. You have the chance to seek the favorable combination of circumstances that will result in you gaining the knowledge that what you require in order to achieve what you want. While some options available to you may have an element of the unknown and unpredictability you have the choice whether or not you take a risk in the belief of a favorable outcome being possible.

You bind yourself by the chains of the burdens you accept willingly during your lifetime

You can either accept or deny the various things that come to burden you or effect you during your life. By accepting these burdens you give them the legitimacy to exist, by rejecting or preferentially ignoring them you deny them the right to impact you, at least by the level of energy you can muster to deflect them. By setting yourself free of the necessity to accept the unacceptable, by realizing you have the given right to rejects anything that is not positive in your life.

To the contrary of what appears to be true, even in the direst situation, you have a wealth of choices.

It is the ability to create a variety of choices, then determine how to proceed using those choices. Your potential is endless, it is not bound by any set of conditions or limitations; your prospects are limited only by your ability to create options to answer the situation that you are faced with. By never losing hope, by maintaining the belief in yourself, and trusting in the true potential of the human spirit, by relying upon your own ability to find solutions, trusting in other to help you achieve what you desire, your potential is endless.

Life is like a game, you can play by life's rules or play by your own rules, the choice is yours to make.

Life is far too short, why spend it bent out of shape trying to follow rules that others make to hamper and restrict you, it just doesn't make sense in the greater scheme of things. Of course, you are bound by governmental rules, there isn't much you can do other than choose carefully where you reside. You can make rules for yourself under your own terms, dictating how you react and interact with others, and how they are allowed to interact with you.

It is a mistake to take life seriously, no matter what happens there is a reason in all things, it is your decision to take only what you want from whatever happens to you - discarding whatever you deem irrelevant. There are no winners or losers in life, this is not a game to win or lose, but a game to live through just for the sake of the experience.

To Live a life of peace and contentment, without any form of fear or aggression whatsoever

It is your birthright to live a contented life in peace without any element of intimidation or fear controlling you. You are a free spirit at heart, therefore any scourge that exists in any form in your reality will cause you not to experience our life in all the wonder and joy that should exist. Space is the means by which you can divorce yourself from unruly influences in your life; by putting as much space between yourself and any state of undesirable influences whatever that exist within the realm of influence.

The boundaries that you create or accept are illusionary, it is only when you contemplate beyond these boundaries that you set ourselves free from the constraints you have bound yourself with.

The mental or physical boundaries that you create for yourself, or the mental or physical boundaries others may impose upon you, are only powerful or meaningful if you accept them, they are useless when you reject them or look beyond those boundaries for your true potential.

You must always be curious, seeking what lies beyond the boundaries that try to bind you, limit you, constricting your true potential. To find what is really possible for your life you must always search 'Beyond the Boundaries' that are constricting you from achieving your true potential. You are only confined by the various boundaries that your mindsets, that you then believe are the limits to which you can excel. By stretching these boundaries, by continually pushing the limits which you are lead to believe exist, you can gradually escape the confines you have committed yourself to or that others have imposed upon you.

Looking 'Beyond Boundaries' offers you an insight into your actual true potential for your life.

Carefully considering what is possible then taking the chances that are open or offered to you always will lead you to a better beginning, a new start. Society builds many restrictions which lead you to believe in what is possible or not, thus creating a limited view. For you to be beneficial to society you need to conform to the rules of that society, to what is possible, to what you can and can't legally do. While you must always abide by the laws of society, there is no such requirement regarding the arbitrary rules that society as a whole or individuals may try to make you conform to or expect you to follow.

Your intuition can lead you through the psychological gateways of any boundary that may be confining your true potential. Doing the best you could under the circumstance may not be the only or complete solution to what faces you, you may need to go above and beyond the norm in order to find the resolution you seek. In some instances you can spend a lot of energy to rectify something only to end up back at square one, you should never aim for just getting back to the start point when you try to resolve what you are faced with, you must seek to excel beyond where you started from, what you previously believed was the limit or best case scenario. By continually searching for and testing the extremities of the potential that exists within you, looking for then finding the endlessness of your abilities they will expand enabling you to become whom you should intend to become.

Reach for the stars, this is where all the ultimate possibilities exist; stretch beyond the boundaries that yourself or others have come to believe in or have set as the limits of possibility.

The unknown always has some image or element of risk, some factors that are unidentified that could be a hazard or benefit, a plus or a minus. To walk a straight line may not be the quickest route to where you aim to go, you sometimes need to experience the unknown in order to achieve what you need to achieve quickly.

It is always possible to achieve what you wish if you have a firm belief that what you are pursuing can become yours, together with an unending desire not to give up until you get what you seek. It is the standards by which you live that give credence to the legitimacy of your thoughts. Never to just settle for something without making the extra effort to obtains the best case conclusion to whatever scenario you are faced with.

You are given all the tools necessary to achieve your true potential in life, you are also able to overcome whatever stands in your way if you just have the desire to do so. It is your belief in the right you have to succeed that will enable you to rise to the occasion whenever the time arrives to distinguish yourself by attaining your life goals. Your strong desire is the most important asset you will ever have as it will enable you to achieve all your aims.

Beyond your realization, beyond the limits that you set for your imagination, lies a far better reality.

There are things that you can't comprehend, they do exist of course, but because of there complexity and frequency, you don't register them in your perception of reality. The things you don't recognize are existing outside the levels of reality that you can comprehend. The unknown is always considered with skepticism because there is no knowledge or experience to confirm what may lie in store for yourself, what you may face by proceeding. Yet mankind throughout human history has always challenged the boundaries of understanding, the limits of possibility. Thus by questioning then testing your limitations, you will be able to then distinguish yourself. It is only by challenging the limits that you place upon your expectations that you are able to truly excel, to achieve your real potential. It is your birthright to find then achieve your purpose in life, the numerous distractions that come your way are to test your resolve; in modern life, it is easy through distractions to be lead far from your intended life path.

The smooth flow of your life is a result of your dedication to attaining your true potential, or at least being on the correct path; you can only achieve this perfection by continually challenging the boundaries that exist in your life. You are on a mysterious journey of life, the end game of which has numerous possibilities that are mostly unknown to you. You are always in a position to go against fate by just choosing to do exactly what you intuitively feel at the moment. All the restrictions that seem to be in your way can be overcome, they only exist by the credibility that you give them, by working to overcome these assumed limitations you can transcend then overcome anything that stands in your way. You must always seek to go Beyond Boundaries in order to find out who you truly are and where you should be heading in your life.

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