Ideas Form Your Experiences

Life is given to use in any way you want, it can be as easy or as difficult
as you wish to make the experiences.

The conscious mind allows illusion to avoid reality

You may wonder who you are, why you are here experiencing reality, alive. The purpose and potential of your being mortal in this specific reality are actually all up to you to contemplate and realize.

Contemplation of provoking ideas and concepts will offer you some answers to the meaning of your existence.

Capture the essence of light in your life, and the magic of dreams will come true.

Believe what you wish for is already yours, and what you desire will be attracted to you through the frequency of desire.

Thoughts towards realization

Bounded by the consequences of your illusions lies the reality of all your tomorrows.

Contained within the confines of your mind can be found the seeds of potential that will enable you to grow and excel.

The day in the life starts here

The mind is a tundra of thoughts and word and rhyme, a deep well of knowledge and information that is freely available to those who are open to paying attention to the available intuitive messages.

You can be what you dream to be.
A star can rise in the heavens, or fall to earth.
Be what you feel,
Take heed of what the situation presents you,
Don't be blown with the wind, when you should be steadfast,
And don't be steadfast, when you should bend with the wind.
Can a reason be found in a moment of reasoning,
A second of pure and unadulterated thought,
Brings forth the answers to all the questions,
That you could ever envisage, thus is realization.

Thoughts for contemplation

The dreams of one person can be as infinite as the stars.

Follow your thoughts and dreams and realize your true potential in life.

Thoughts are abstract things in a way, they come and go at their own bidding, these can make a profound effect or no effect on your life. Follow your thoughts, and allow them to lead you to your dreams.

Life is the Journey of the mind through space and time.

You are on a journey, you are a traveler, searching for something specific to you; those things you wish to achieve, what you wish to undertake, those interactions you would like to experience.

Whatever your purpose in life you should pursue your goals without injury or impact to others. There is plenty in the world for everyone, there is more than enough to go around. It is selfish intent that leads to want, need or suffering in the world; by just allowing others to be - without injury or impact - is how you should pursue your desires.

Manage the elements of change with a clear focus.
Have a scheme to ride the wild winds of fortune.
Ask the right questions and intuition will answer them.
Be the ruler of your own perceived universe.

Your spirit guides are always there to support and guide you, making your journey through life more bearable.

Consulting your spirit guides in times of uncertainty or when you need their guiding light is always beneficial. Their input will always be of value to all those who will just listen.

Your life has a sole purpose that the spirit guides that look after you will work to try to communicate to you. Listen to these intuitions in thought.

Life is given to use in any way you want, it can be as easy or as difficult as you wish to make the experiences

The quality of life is governed by the effort you put into giving life quality. Every day you have the freedom to pursue what you wish to become. You can choose to do nothing towards managing the creation of your future or take full control of your life.

Seek the true original purpose of your life.
Live life as it was originally intended.
Walk away from negative forces in life.
Don't make life more convoluted than it is.
Life's as easy or as difficult as you wish to make it.

Wishes are like dust, easily blown away by the winds of time

Wishes are easily a weak person's fantasy, feeble, of little substance that has a slight potential to manifest within reality. It is the essence of desire, strongly focused desires that have the potential to create what you most want in life. Once you fix your desires on something you need to pursue this intently for as long as it takes to get the success that is desired.

This is your chance, your chance to be, to dance upon the stage of space and time, to be mortal and to relish in the glory or our immortality.

Visions of Life

The fountain of youth is within your heart, spirit, and mind, so while your body may wither, your heart and desires can transcend aging. Never cease the search for new experiences in life. Your higher spirit will carry these desires and memories always through eternal space and time.

Always have love in your heart. Going forward in peace at all times.

Reality is based upon your belief in what you perceive.
Life is sometimes called an illusion, a swift-fleeting moment in eternity - your spirits dance with time.
You control all your reality by your thoughts and beliefs.
Your life is the result of the accumulated choices you made.


The gentle breeze, that seems to blow away all tribulations and woes, bathing one in its sweet and tender caress. Was it sent by the Gods to ease this pain within one's mind, bring calm to ease the cares that the day unwittingly left in its wake.

The route to change is through thought.
Each day offers the chance to pursue something new.
Some thoughts are best left unsaid.
Exercise the ability to choose thoughts.
Thoughts change due to pressures of reality.
Choose carefully which thoughts to reveal.
Don't Be blown by the winds of fate.

Are you to believe what you conceive, this your sense of reality, created by your mind or the Gods as your temporary playground.

So on the bridge to infinity, standing forlorn, unsure which route will lead to where, no particular care in mind, for destiny, is for sure a fickle thing that does not welcome to be tampered with. So, therefore, what choices does one hold other than to be subservient to fate and follow the given destiny to wherever it may lead, whatever the consequence. How some would deride this action and proclaim proactive and correct choices to attain the required outcome. Yet they don't stand here, with no choice other than acceptance of whatever the Gods of fortune have in their playful minds.

Who am I, a mere mortal, to argue or question what the Gods have decided long, long ago, before I saw the light of day. Is it within my power or ability to question what is in store for me. For surely, the complete puzzle is available to the Gods so who am I with my limited vision and knowledge to question them; and if I should do so what would be the effect or response, surely the wrath of the Gods would be far worse than to accept my current fate and gracefully surrender to the outcome that is in store for me.

So here I stand awaiting a conclusion to my fate and whether this is the time to cross the bridge into infinity - where awaiting, arms open, are endless souls I have know throughout eternity. Waiting to greet my return from this passage into morality, that was intended only to break the boredom of eternity and provide a source of reflection and memories to think about until I can visit this place again - sometimes in a far-off future.

There's value in realizing what is really going on.
Trust your intuition, not others belief systems.
Contemplation will offer you some answers to the meaning of your existence.
Ask yourself what is the purpose and potential of your being.

Creating A Different Reality

There is a world beyond your realization, the world of mystery, the world of seeming illusion; where what is real is not real, what is unreal is believed - for these reason people fail to perceive it, for it doesn't match any sense of induced forced logic, so therefore ceases to exist as legitimate in the perceived reality, within the understanding and perception of the masses.

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity where you are given the brief opportunity to experience interactions with the physical realm that surrounds you. Few really take the chance to enjoy the true experience or meaning of life, living merely day by day in the hope that their desire will become true.

You are said to be masters of your universe, creating what you believe into what you conceive then this becomes what is perceived. New realities are created over and over in a vicious cycle, the same things again and again if you are not astute enough to realize that is is your chance to be, to create what you please. To take full control of your life, your reality is your birthright, to fail to do so is a travesty of the worst possible imaginable outcome.

Use your lifetime well creating the things of beauty and wonder for all to marvel at, for this will be your legacy written here for all time for all to see.

Controlled reality through thoughts and beliefs.
Reality is the best teacher of life's true condition.
Within you is the freedom to be whatever you want.
Anxiousness about the future causes misery.

Secrets are only as valuable as the level of demand to know what they hide, or the power of the knowledge they could disclose.

Secrets can be about people, places or things, of various levels or intensity of interest. Any secret is only valuable to those who hold the secrets and those who really want to find out more about them. Once revealed, what was once thought a secret may be found to be of no interest or use at all to others; it was just the hype surrounding the secret that gave it value, in reality, the information had no significant benefits or value attached to it.

An aura of mystique can always be constructed around whatever can't easily be confirmed. There is always a game played between those that hold any secretive information with those who are keen to find out exactly what that information is so that they can assess its value to them, basically how they can achieve some related gain.

There are what can be classed as good or bad secrets based upon what they hide or the damage or good that can result once they are revealed. The value of any secret is always hidden, as secrets have unknown value until disclosed. Revelations can be disappointing to some extent, they never reveal the same level of mystery as the hype originally surrounding the secret. Disappointment is concealed within most revelations, as a secret is only as valuable as the desire to know it.

The unknown always has a certain aura or mystique about it, for knowledge always has immense potential power to control others. The unknown always attracts interest, as what is concealed creates a seemingly magnetic attraction to those eager to probe the depths of any unknown. The depth of confidence in any secret is limited to it remaining undisclosed.

The mystique of a secret is what creates the interest.
Secrets only have interest from those who seek them.
Lies are the only defence to guard a secret.
Not all secrets have real value to others.
Hiding information gives it an aura of value.
Few people knowing a secret is what gives it more power.
Secrets Confine Knowledge to a limited few.

Deception is a device to control oneself or others by twisting or inventing the truth into an easy acceptable form purely in order to manipulate.

Deception is the pit of delusion and illusionary forces that disguise the facts to gain acceptance or create ignorance of the true dynamics at play. A state of delusive deception can be a ‘mind ploy' to avoid accepting facts that are destructive in some way or thoughts that are undesirable; an escape from reality by replacing unwanted facts with an imagined or altered version of events or the truth. Not facing the truthful facts is always a short-term solution, as reality is persistent in the generally accepted view of anything. being more forceful than individual imagining or belief, be they believed real or imagined. A delusion that exists for an extended period of time can take on a life and legitimacy all of its own, becoming the accepted and legitimate view as more people buy into the concept.

Deceit depends upon the ability of the deceiver and the gullibility of the deceived. The elements that are used will also be of influence; the seeming validity of the lies used, the feasibility of the illusion that is portrayed, the quality of the supporting details, all contribute to the potential acceptance of the deceptions validity.

Deception is always imposing the belief of the imagined upon others, creating the circumstance that will cause the information relayed to be accepted. It is wise to be always vigilant, questioning whatever others may portray so as not to be deceived by others false beliefs or mischievous trickery.

Deception always holds some element of gain in some form for the deceiver, this may be some idle promise or the potential to obtain or achieve some desire. Deception's best ally is always greed, as once the expectation is set it will take a revelation for the deceived to escape the trap that has been set to envelop them.

Self-deception is the most difficult spell to break, as the desires driving the disillusioned will always be the object that has a hold over the thought process and an obstacle to accurate logic being applied.

Deceit is usually applied when one wishes others to believe something that is false in order to distract from the truth for some reason. Or when the truth is far too distasteful for oneself or others to bear that is disguised within an untruthful account of matters.

In order to avoid being deceived into believing some untruth any belief should be limited solely to the facts that can be proven or are clearly evident. To put one's faith in a depiction of what others perceived, true or otherwise, can only be disastrous from some point of view.

The facts if distorted or out of sync with beliefs can cause confusion; how much depends on the divide that exists between one's understanding and beliefs and the interpretation of reality.

Belief should be limited solely to the facts.
Deception is a noose to strangle reality.
Avoid being misled by others false beliefs.
Facts are the enemy of truth.
Deception Strangles Reality.
Any substitute for the truth should be completely rejected.

Confusion is a purposely induced illusion.

The facts if distorted or out of sync with beliefs can cause confusion; how much depends on the divide that exists between one's understanding and beliefs and the interpretation of reality.

Confusion comes in many forms and levels of intensity. Any struggle with confusion has the ability to intensify, even complicate the thought process further. Taking a break, stepping back, even walking completely away from confusion, especially if conflicting strongly against your beliefs is one solution. Confusion is unusually an illusion, a spell that is woven to gain some benefit by making others temporarily off balance mentally, either temporarily or until they concede with the focused narrative.

Confusion is caused by either the inability to process what is going on or a divide so large exists between beliefs and the reality being experienced. Confusion can be real or faked as an excuse or reason to avoid accepting some concept or idea. It is always a good excuse or way out to state that the opinions of others are confusing or contributing to the confusion. Confusion may be feigned or used as an excuse to gain more time to extricate oneself from a particular range of situations that are deemed unwanted or unacceptable. Being confused is an ideal excuse to gain more time or to avoid doing or agreeing to something that is to be avoided.

States of confusion can be permanent or temporary, specific or wide-ranging, actual or concocted; being the basis or cause of a minor or major issue. The state of confusion may not even be fully realized as the factors involved cause the observers to be unable to disentangle themselves from the avalanche of supposed facts or issues that are difficult to begin to fathom.

Confusion can be self-induced by absorbing or attempting to process too much new information, being unable to accept certain details due to personal beliefs, or an unwillingness to accept new conflicting or difficult to believe or comprehend information. Confusion can be a permanent or temporary state, depending on whether the issue can be rationalized, understood, or disregarded for more personally logical information.

Confusion can also be caused externally by chance or malevolent influences. The impacts can be just for a moment or wider ranging, even taking on a life of their own; a downward spiral of conflicting information between beliefs and what reality is imposing. At such time it is always ideal to step to one side mentally to view all the information available. If the issue is minor with few or no consequences then it is best to let it be. If a major impact has the potential to affect daily life then figuring out what is going on is the best ploy. The greater contribution will be from people you trust, thus adding more views will enable some course of action from the extended input of various ideas. The introduction of clarity into the mix will always contribute towards making the right personal decision.

Confusion can be induced purposefully to achieve an agenda, to gain an advantage.

Confusion can be an induced state solely for the purpose of gaining an advantage or upper hand in a negotiation or some facet of life. When a person sets out to specifically cause confusion in order to gain an advantage over others then they are likely to be quite destructive in their nature. Using confusion as a type of weapon is only as good as the duration for which it can be maintained. Once others realize the confusion was induced they are likely to either react in kind, become more confident in forcing their demands or walk away in disgust; resulting in rarely letting their guard down or trust the one who purposely confused them ever again.

Confusion always has the ability to cause an illusion or dilution of arguments in relation to the true facts. By standing by logical thought, immaterial of the number of detractors offering the way to clarity. Always be fully aware of the value that some place on causing confusion in order to get their own way. By standing by logical thought, immaterial of the number of detractors does offer the path to clarify the issue. Always be aware of the value that some people place on causing confusion in order to get their own way.

When some issue is blurry, lacking clarity, the potential for confusion arises if the details can't be verified in order to make the situation perfectly understandable. There are cases where others may make the situation unclear in order to confuse for long enough that they can enact an agenda or idea that would normally be rejected.

It is easy to become bewildered when conflicting information is revealed regarding a subject, especially if the information is from the same source. Under these circumstances either the source is confused or has no clear concept of how to view something, or the conflicting views were proposed purely to cause confusion. By keeping a clear thought process it is possible to identify when the lack of clarity is caused by others, either purposely or not; at such time this should be highlighted, irrespective of the stigma that may be involved with stating the information is unclear. Maintaining the legitimacy of your thoughts at such time is important, if others have some agenda then they will be likely to demonize anyone who questions their logic or asks for further clarification. Avoid building bridges by making assumptions, staying focused on facts is the easiest way to clarity.

When other try hard to convince you that you are confused it is the time to realize that some mischief is unleashed; ask for clear clarification of all points that seem out of whack, irrespective of the rebuffs that may be directed towards you. Being confident in your logic and unwavering in the legitimacy of your thought process; pressure the ones using confusion as a weapon to clarify themselves regarding anything that is unclear or sounds unfounded. There are times when others may be confused and thereby cause confusion by not saying exactly what they mean; for whatever reason, they may seem to have that is legitimate or otherwise.

else is giving in to peer pressure. When something doesn't make sense or seems wrong avoid letting others lead you down a path that is designed to gain your undesired acceptance through applying pressure, don't allow the agendas of others to dominate your actions. It is difficult to identify the truth when conflicting information is presented as truth; in cases of error, truth soon surfaces, but when confusion is at play the facts are difficult to pin down.

Being well-informed helps avoids confusion.
Seek facts, never assume when confused.
Confusion is an induced illusion.
Being confused is not a legitimate excuse.
Confusion can be ignited by thoughts, words, and deeds.

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