Beyond Boundaries

That life was never meant to be difficult, it was meant to be a joy.

The search of a lifetime, the never-ending quest for knowledge.

You are on a quest of some kind, to find something; be it your reasons for living, the answers to the various questions concerning what happens inside your specific life experience; what will become of you; the knowledge that will help you. No matter what you search for the answers are always there, you may not recognize them, or feel they are really what you are looking for, but the answers that are right in front of you are many times your best possible conclusion to whatever may face you.

The question 'Why' is a key one relating to the search for answers or enlightenment about something or other.

Why is this situation like this or that; why did this happen, or why didn't this or that happen, these and a bunch of similar questions will get your attention during your lifetime. Whether you have the fortitude to search for or wait for the answers is the main point. Perseverance will always enable you to find the right answers to what you are searching for. Whether the answer was there all the time but was waiting for the right moment, or the right timing, where the answer would more accurately meet the needs of the moment or be more easily accepted. What is revealed to you is time sensitive. Timing as with many things is all important if what you are searching for is revealed too soon or too late it will lose its specific impact, necessity or relevance.

The search for knowledge can be endless because knowledge can exist in so many different or varied forms which are morphing and increasing in dimension constantly. The technical knowledge related to specific studies; knowledge about life; knowledge to help you live life and solve some specific or general issue relating to what is being experienced, are some of the many examples.

Each of us are knowingly or unknowingly searching for something, this is for sure.

Depending upon your tenacity, focus to find solutions; ability to understand the dynamics going on around you; the potential to see something so close to you and what may actually be so obvious, something right under your nose so to speak, will all help you identify those answers or solutions for which you require and are searching for.

What to do in some situation that you face is also a search for answers, a search for the ability to realize then understand the things that are at times not so obvious, or partially obscured in some way or another. It is true that what you seek with perseverance and passion you shall find when appropriate, the concern is always whether the timing will be right, or whether the information will be sufficient or not to meet your search requirement. It is imperative not leave any stones unturned in your search for whatever of life's answers that you seek, too much information is never an issue, diligence is the key element in your search for the answers to life's most curious or persistent questions.

Where does truth ends and the lies begin? Sometimes lies become truths and truths become lies.

Life is full of many surprises, things happen without warning, yet perceptions and interpretations differ depending upon what each individual actually needs or requires what happened will mean to themselves personally, it's all about what each person has invested in the outcome that suits them. Of course, there is always a wrong and a right, separating the two, finding out which is which can be a daunting task.

Since time began man has always searched for truth in various forms; the truth about everything that is related to life and what happens during the time spent in earth's reality.

Truth means different things to different people; the convenient truth to support the reality you need to create; the desire for the truth behind some occurrence; the fragile truth which requires belief in order to have legitimacy; the legendary truths that are passed from generation to generation that have credibility due to there history and through the generations that believed them; beliefs that with time become truths; lies that with continual telling become truths, and of course truths that with the right spin on the perspective are labelled as lies.

It is said that the truth will set you free, thus lies must imprison you, confining the liar to repeat the lies that they hope will become truths.

If you tell the truth you have nothing to remember, the liar should be ever wary of the slip of the tongue that will reveal their lie to everyone. The more complicated the lies that are told the more embellished stories that are necessary to be created to give the lie credence or credibility. Truth is always weak when faced with lies, because lies have more flexibility to morph and expand so, therefore, have a potential to sound more plausible, more valid.

Everyone is searching for their own truth in some form or other, or they are trying at least to battle lies with their personal version of the truth.

Lies hide or at least attempt to hide what is real, what is the truth. Yet the truth is fragile, weaker than the lies that sometimes break truth down, break truth apart, make truth into what seems like lies.

It's your life, it's your life to do with exactly as you please, you can make of your time whatever you want, you can make your life shine in the limelight of truth or linger in the darkness of falsehoods, misrepresentations, twisted representations, and blatant lies.

Truth is subjective based upon personal perception and instilled belief systems.

What is the truth is always solely based upon what you are prepared to accept as truth, it is negotiable, variable, changeable, truth depends on your acceptance, what you are prepared to accept at any particular point in time - be it well considered or just on a whim.

Sooner or later you come to know everything that is deemed necessary; the limits or boundaries of which you search is governed by the truth you are prepared to accept, the truth you need to accept in order to move on with your life.

the truth they come to know a convenient conclusion. When you have heard enough and seen enough and come to believe in it all, then you will know that you will never find what you are seeking unless you know and specify exactly what it is that you are or have been searching for.

Defining and fine-tuning the exact information you require, while ignoring the potential numerous mind candy distractions, will maximize the use of time by zoning in on specifics rather than generalizations or getting lost following unnecessary tangents.

The world is full of people who would like to control your life in one way or another.

But this is your life, your reason for being, your legacy is held within the things you desire the most, the things you have a strong passion or need to do. Your life should be free of the constraints of others who would wish to dominate how you wish to live your life, including how you think.

You should always endeavor to live your life as you desire without the undue influence of others who would wish to control you for their own purposes. There is never a better time than right now to take control of the reins of your life; to do what you want to do on your terms, on your agenda. There is no one better suited that has your interest more at heart than yourself. By following your own internal intuitions you will never stray that far from the true directional path for your life.

Find, then follow the path that will enable you to create the life that you want to live.

Life is a continual search for answers to the question of how you should or could live your life, what reason or purpose life has for you? It is imperative that you should seek how to make the best of what is available to you, how to achieve your desires instead of being just blown around by the winds of time.

You should always intently search for what experiences or interactions will give you the most joy. Also, you should search for the elements of joy that exist in everything that you pursue and do, the wonder of your life is often not fully comprehended or understood, even the very smallest of experiences has enormous moments of wonder if you just care to look for them.

Life can be as easy as you wish to make it, or as difficult as you are prepared to believe it is.

Everything is governed by perception, how you believe and perceive things creates the actual reality that you then come to experience. Whether you perceive what happens as negatively or positively will determine whether what you experience is enjoyable for you or not, irrespective of it's significance to others. Negative or positive experiences are both beneficial to your experience of life in different ways, but surely when you have the choice it is far better to experience things from a positive perspective. Always aim to take the positive from all the things you encounter, as for the negatives try to eliminate then forget them quickly; keep your memories positive, wondrous and uplifting.

Dream only wondrous dreams, only contemplate the very best experiences that will bring joy to you for eternity.

What you believe in is what you actually do conceive in one form or another, this is an irrevocable fact that there is no getting away from. Therefore, with the endless choices that are truly available to you in all the various forms then surely it does make sense to focus your desires, thoughts, wishes, hopes, dreams, your imagination only upon what is the most positive and exhilarating, to concentrate very specifically upon the things that offer you beneficial experience that will lead to you retaining only good memories for you to treasure forever.

You should sing only songs of joy, avoiding sadness like the disastrous plague it can be.

It makes sense to avoid all forms of sadness, or the things that would make you sad or depressed. Always aim for uplifting experiences or desirable encounters with others. While there are those who are surrounded by various forms of negativity, you should keep them at arm's length at all times, limiting any exposure to them to a minimum.

It is always advisable to avoid allowing the chatter in your mind to take control, as it is easy for negativity to take a dominant role. Only think positive thought, reject or disallow any form of negativity whatsoever. You are given your life to use in any way that pleases you, there are few actual restrictions upon you or how you chose to live your life, as long as we don't impact others too negatively. By making the very best use of the time you have available to you, by bringing joy to others as well as yourself it becomes possible to live a valuable and purposeful life.

Anything whatsoever that is undesirable in any shape or form should be eliminated from your life.

You throw out from your home the garbage that you create without a second thought, yet many tend to hold onto mental and physical garbage that should be gotten rid of without a second thought. We all attach values of necessity, desire, kindness, love, caring, want, dependency, etc. to the mental and physical garbage that exists in your life.

Familiarity sometimes over-rides a desire to obliterate someone or something from your life, things you are used to offer a sense of stability or comfort. If left unresolved these elements could become millstones to your advancement, they can drag you down in a whirlpool of destruction, it only becomes a matter of time when your kindness is repaid with contempt, some negative occurrence, or a life-impacting disaster.

The future only can offer you a true vision of what is possible, forget about the past, it is only history that maybe if you are lucky you can hope to learn from to help navigate the future.

You have all your tomorrows, the past is unchangeable - except for your memories it is lost to you forever. Look only to the future, trust in your potential for good fortune to shine upon you, the future is yours just for the taking. Have a vision for what you want your life to be, the end game firmly held in your mind will create pathways to achieve those things that you desire. Life is forgiving as well as taking, with these two factors in balance you can work toward achieving our vision, with your true purpose in life achievable Beyond Boundaries.

From one point of view, you are now living in an age of darkness.

Many have lost their way; for many, the true intent for their life path is vague at best. It should be your ideal to search for the answers that will lead you forward or back to your true life path, the true meaning or purpose of your life. Intentions should be clear and well thought out with the focus necessary to remain on course irrespective of whatever or whoever may attempt to distract you from your intended goals.

The distractions available are indeed quite numerous and enticing, with the potential to lead in directions that are best completely avoided. A slippery slope exists when others have the potential to govern what you pursue or believe. Following any Pied Piper of modern society has the ability to lead you unwittingly in a direction you don't wish to go, leading to acceptance of lies, nefarious belief systems, and indeed unwanted situations and consequences.

The world at present if overrun with dark alleyways that the mind can wander down through some form of external manipulation that has the potential to lead you to a place you initially never intended to experience. The tundras of the mind can be twisted and cajoled by coaxing or flattery into contemplating and fixating upon what under normal circumstances would never normally be considered. The puppeteers expertly and masterfully lures and strings along by a stick or carrot anyone unsuspecting of what is, in fact, a scam imposed upon those trusting souls to enable them to willingly undertake some action or reaction that on reflection they don't consciously intend. Perhaps seduce into a sense of camaraderie in this age of lonely people so may become the play-things of those that control society for profit or personal entertainment.

Many tend to create illusionary yet seemingly real boundaries that in truth don't really exist.

Reality can be controlled and managed through beliefs along with the control over how what occurs is perceived and processed as thoughts. Once specific roadblocks come to exits the question must be considered as to what caused or enabled those barriers to come into existence? What may seem a legitimate concern should, of course, be dealt with efficiently, while nuisance that have no true validity can be disregarded - otherwise false constraints may be created to hinder what has potential to be achieved with ease.

The necessary analysis as to whether any barriers actually really do cause a hindrance and in what form is required, as many forms of procrastination or laziness can create reasons for not doing or pursuing a specific worthwhile objective. Once the first steps are formulated and put into action even the most daunting tasks take on a sense of being achievable. Often by looking back over a resolved situation or challenge it becomes clear that all the expected tribulations and concerns were not actually justified, that actually once challenged all the barriers gradually fade away due to the persistence exhorted.

Getting past the initial stages of any venture is the key, as this stage offers a potential for procrastination to step in when difficult obstructions are faced and redirect intentions towards an easier to achieve a task. Independent of what may arise it is always worthwhile to maintain focus and stay on-task, perseverance will always have its rewards. The key point to remember is that by not surrendering by giving up due to what may occur to cause difficulties, there is the knowledge that while others may likely give up, by staying on course the rewards will be more plentiful and satisfying.

You have the sole responsibility for what happens to you in life.

The chances, the choices, the opportunities, the decisions, all exist in one form or another, but what is actually necessary is to recognise these then harness whatever they may offer into an advantage that will achieve what you have desired or intended. Taking what exists then forming that into the conditions that you wish to experience, making the modifications or additions or even deletions within your life to create the outcome that you wish to pursue into the future.

Of course, there is potential to blame others or bad luck or particular circumstances for any undesirable outcomes that may occur, the truth is that as the architect of your life you hold the keys to design and manage life however you may wish. Paying attention to what needs to be avoided such as certain people, places, and potentially unwanted experiences is a necessity in modern society, just winging-it just doesn't cut the cloth anymore. Fate is your main enemy, only specifically desired and designed outcomes should be contemplated, otherwise, life will slip from your control making you dance to a tune that you hate.

Control is the mantra of modern life, it is prevalent everywhere in every stratum of society and most situations you don't fully make the effort to manage. People that are subjected to some form of past or current control tend to attempt to control others, this can be outwardly or mischievously hidden or disguised as seemingly innocent but actually manipulative request or suggestions. Paying attention in order to recognize these slights of hand that are either willful or habitual, past success makes such intrusion upon the sanctity of your space quite pervasive; being challenged usually leads to feigned indignation, what moi?

What is Eternity Quantified

A brief moment holds within its very essence the potential of an eternity, for that moment is eternity unto itself. Within certain moments to moments experiences that drag on and on seeming to never end, you many feel at times that you are in these cases experiencing a form of eternity.

Eternity is a persistent continuum that spirals in upon itself until it becomes itself again in a never ending cycle that continues to repeat then repeat unendingly. To grasp the full concept of eternity in its actual essence can be difficult to comprehend, but can be imagined to be like a roller coaster ride that never ends, it just goes on and on repetitively without stopping.

Eternity is not linear as it is sometimes thought to be but actually is a repeating spiral. As eternity is an endless sequence as its beginning or end just constantly repeat themselves in differing forms, that actual conclusive end just doesn’t exist. Nor can this concept be easily grasped by the mortal mind as the concept is beyond normal retained comprehension. When an end point can't be determined then the space in between the start and potential finish becomes endless, an eternal protraction of existence within ongoing moments, this is eternity.

The mind through life’s conditioning needs a beginning and an end, because beginnings and ends are the constituents of life that the mind can conceive because they have a familiarity that is often experienced. The concept of life and death; the start and end of the days, weeks, months, years; the start and end of races, are all based upon a beginning and an end. For this reason eternity with no end is difficult for mortal minds to grasp or comprehend.

While the concept of durability through an eternal continuum is alien to reality it is thereby difficult to comprehend, so therefore can't be comprehended or understood easily. Yet, eternity is where everyone is actually in fact stuck, therefore at some stage it will be necessary to come to understand as the perception of existence is continually exposed to the concept of eternal life.

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