You walk in the light that you create, if you are experiencing darkness, this is because you have failed to create enough light in your life to light the way
- to enable fighting off the darkness..

You create within your mind your own cages that confine you.

You each create the reality that entraps you within the illusion you have made for yourself. In order to escape the illusion, you must come to embrace your actual reality by realizing what actually exists rather than how you prefer things to be.

Illusions are quasi-dreams made of dust that are capable of blowing away in an instant. While you must never cease to dream, you need to endeavor to perceive your true reality, for escapism is never the conclusion that will prevail. You must embrace your reality while continually molding or changing it to fit better into what you need or desire.

Your imagination's ability to create alternative realities is no match for a persistent current reality that won't go away. You can only escape your current reality by creating an alternative experience or changing the reality you are experiencing. Illusions will not change reality, only your perception of it. An illusion can become difficult to maintain for an extended period of time, it will either fade and crumble or collapse altogether without warning; you are never able to maintain an elusive reality over the long term. Your perception of reality if perverted will trap you within the illusion limiting and confining you like a trap of your own creation.

What is may not always be what it seems to be

This world is sometimes wildly tipsy turfy; things happen that are so unexpectedly strange they are almost unbelievable. Yet the wider variety of experiences you have, irrespective of whether good or bad, the better it will be than the mundane being repeated in a vicious cycle of experiencing the same experiences over and over constantly.

Life is the chance to experience; the more limited your exposure to a variety of occurrences the less interesting or more mundane your life will actually be This life is your chance to be, to walk in the light of day with all your senses receptive to what the world has to offer; to be mortal, to feel, touch, communicate, to live life to the maximum.

You bind your mind as well as your physical ability by the restraints, real or imagined, that you create yourself, these limit your life's potential for progression. You are able to remove the imagined restraints by dismissing them, then moving beyond the barriers your subconscious mind has set for you. Actual restraints are also surmountable if you stretch your conscious mind to challenge then overcome those restraints. You have within you the capabilities, knowledge, and fortitude to overcome any obstacle that you may be presented with during your life. It is up to you to embrace the challenges and grow.

You should separate your illusions from your reality

You literally see what you expect to see. What you believe you perceive is actually what you anticipate based on past exposure rather than 100% on what is currently actually there.

Over your lifetime your mind has come to know what you expect, then creates those images as well as the situations within your reality - based upon the vast amount of exposure you have had in the past from your accumulated experiences. You see and experience what your mind has created from what is, but also in addition upon what you expect.

You should seek and search for means to experience your true reality by not allowing your assumptions or past memories to create the reality that you perceive now. Your future is waiting for you, therefore it is your duty to yourself, to your true destiny, to not live a life of delusion. You can achieve this by questioning your perception of what happens to you, looking deeper for the meaning of what occurs in your life, by being true to yourself rather than accepting convenient solutions.

Your wildest dreams are illusions unto themselves

To concentrate on the present strong desires has more value rather than focusing upon unfilled flimsy hopes of dreams that have persisted over time. The harnessing of abilities that will enable you to achieve anything you set your mind to has more substance than dreams alone.

Yet dreams are the seeds that drive reality, you must determine that your dreams have feasibility, then use them as the basis upon which to build your reality. There is always a price to be paid in order to make a dream come true, but by using persistence you can make all your dreams come to fruition through persistently focused desires, a strong focus, clear intentions, and defined expectations.

With the mortality of this life is forever waiting for you, it becomes your duty to make the dreams and expectations you have not what things are but what they might be if only you are prepared to create dreams that are grand. It is never too late, you are never too old to dream, then with effort bring your dreams into reality, making them come true.

When your dreams lay shattered, scattered into pieces, never be afraid to pick up the pieces then begin again. For every dream born, like matter, can't be destroyed - it will only change form. You have the ability to recreate your dreams then make them real through your persistence and determination.

You get what you wish for, but you may not recognize it

Wishes do come true, the issue is when, then do you still recognize them when their form becomes realities twisted variable interpretation of your thoughts. When you seek something with enough vigor, persistently enough, then only time stands in the way of your reality falling into place. When you can't do what you wish for you should then wish strongly and unrelentingly for what you really want.

You are all on borrowed time, you have been loaned your reality, your form, and senses, with an unknown expiry date set by nature. But whether you believe in your wishes or not the motion of life will continue upon its course; having been given the chance to mold destiny to suit or meet your desires shouldn't you not take that opportunity. You should always give sufficient consideration to what you wish for, yet what desire are born you surely have the ability to achieve, therefore you should never abandon these wishes. The wisest of wish is for your potential to be achieved, to have the strength, persistence, and fortitude to perceiver in making what you wish for reality.

There is no benefit in wishing others were different if you can't change yourself, you should always strive to create wishes that will expand your horizons, to reach for then achieve your true potential.

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