Echoes of Time

Your Life is a dance with the winds of time.

Time is relentless and unstoppable

Time, a mortal means to measure the passing of your life, replacing the beat of your hearts as a record of what was, what is and a prelude to what will be.

It is without the clear understanding of the true value which time embraces that you can find your life flashing by without a clear meaning or purpose. It is only with a true understanding of your destiny, and a desire to achieve a predetermined goal - by using well-laid plans, that your life can have on reflection been worthy of the time you had available.

Everyone knows time is relentless and unstoppable, running its uncontrollable and unstoppable course. What you need to concern yourself with is the use of this time, how to obtain the best value from each moment, how to use the time you have to obtain and achieve your true heart's desires and attain your life's destiny.

The time to rest, to relax; time for nourishment, to learn, to earn money to support your life; time to enjoy the company of other; the time for spiritual pursuits; life should have balance otherwise you will never be truly contented, there will always be a longing for some missing element, always a wondering of what could have been, an unsettling discontentment that is left unanswered that may linger like a knife, cutting away as regrets at your heart, mind, and soul for eternity.

It is freedom that offers you the chance to pursue your heart's desires and this opportunity should not be squandered and wasted. If you live your life like a game of roulette, a game of chance, then we will surely deserve what you get, a life governed by fate and the toss of the dice to determine whether you win or lose. You will never under these circumstances know what you missed or what could have been, or what wonders that you have missed.

Avoid discrepancies between what you wish for and what you get

Even in nature, there is disharmony within the harmony, for while all things in nature appear to work together - the storm or typhoon, for example, brings chaos and upheaval. Yet the trees bend with the storm to survive and are there long after the storm has passed by and gone. Were the unbending, inflexible trees are uprooted and scattered to lie rotting on the ground.

A dream should be cultivated creatively to become a reality and forced into your conscious life. It is your wishes, beliefs, desires, hopes, and dreams that will make your life special, worth living, and a journey to be enjoyed rather than persevered. Within your mind, through strict focus and firm desires, and a strong and persistent belief, you can bring your dreams nearer and nearer to reality, until finally, they become true. Therefore, how you form your dreams and the attention you pay to all the details are the factors that will govern the accuracy of those dreams when they become real.

What you desire is what will be, and the parts you miss out or don't pay enough or proper attention to will end up being filled in at random events and may downgrade and drastically change the quality and contents of the reality that you expected.

A dream can be fine-tuned and refined in detail over and over again encompassing whatever period you wish, until such time as you decide to bring it into being within reality. The more fine-tuning that takes place together with more time spent on the confirming and fixing the details the better accuracy those dreams will have in complying with your desires. If not enough attention is paid to the fine details of what you want then there could be flaws in what you wish for when your dreams come true.

Any discrepancy between what you wish for and what you get is due to not paying enough attention to the fine details of your wishes, hopes, and dreams. The extra time and effort taken to consider and fix every detail in your mind, confirming these over and over again, reinforcing exactly what you want in order to ensure the dream will accurately comply with your wishes. Dreaming of what you want should be like constructing a jigsaw, first fixing the core of what you want or desire, then expanding it little by little until all the details are complete.

The desire and focus must remain strong to the end and it is not wise to settle for second best; even at the final stage you should continue to focus on what you want without compromise or lowering of standards, for believing that any compromise would bring what you dream of or desire to your reality quicker is false logic. Even when you see something that only partially meets your expectations - but not quite - it is better to wait until what you truly desire in all its aspects comes your way, which it will in time with perseverance.

There are occasions that what you have focused upon comes into your life in some form, but it is not quite what you desired and only partially meets your expectation. It is better to hold out for what you truly desire until it shows up; it is also a good idea to refocus on the missing attributes so that they will be present the next time what you desire comes to you.

Time is sometimes an issue, as what you want may not be available to you immediately, possibly, in some cases taking much time. However, if you never ever let go of the dream or wish, then when the time is right it will indeed come to you, and if your focus is accurate and strong then in the exact form that you most desired. Requiring what hasn't yet been invented or isn't commonly available may require time to be achievable or obtainable, time and place play a large part in achieving exactly what you require, patience would be necessary in certain cases, the key is to persevere and not change focus or concede.

The things that can indeed be yours are indeed unlimited and endless and it is only the inability to dream perfectly that will limit what will become yours. You can easily tap into the endless abundance of good things that can be yours so easily through dreaming better dreams to enable creating what you desire.

Eliminate any unsettling ways

Try to eliminate any unsettling influences in your life and ensure to maintain a state of contentment and balance. Sometimes to achieve peace in your life some factor of your life, major or minor, may need to be eliminated or the influence on you will need to be considerably be reduced or negated. If you are for some reason unable to remove the disruptive influence, be it due to an attachment or otherwise then you need to greatly minimize its effect upon you; as well as the means by which you react and respond to these disruptive stimuli. You need to negate then eliminate all negative stimulus that enters your sphere of influence, control or effect; this includes the physical and mental zone of reality under your control.

Are you to concede to the will of others that aim to control and manipulate thoughts and actions, or live by your own will and desires, that are indeed your true intended destiny. External forces come to create internal instability within the conscious and subconscious thought processes, in certain instances taking over freewill to manufacture unthinking rote thoughts and actions that contribute little or nothing of long-term personal benefit. Taking back full control of consciousness simply requires isolation for all influences that are intended to brainwash, control and mesmerize, along with personally desired and directed thought patterns that stamp out any rote attempts to dominate what is focused upon.

Your reality is variable and governed by your thoughts, words, actions, and intentions along with numerous external drivers that cause you to become susceptibly influenced by over time. There was a period where valuable mentors and societies heroes influenced people, these are now replaced by numerous taking head that constantly gabbles on incessantly purely to have a distracting and invasive influence that is intended to have control over your thoughts, the result is a world inhabited by a potentially mindless population that can be manipulated for nefarious intent. Personal control and elimination from your sphere of influence of all unwanted and unproductive distractions are necessary in order to regain the sanctity of your own world reality.

The purpose of peace in your life

A day without peace in your life is a day without light, just darkness, and confusion; focus strongly to create your days of peace, light, and contentment, avoiding all disruptive factors - in whatever form they may be attempting to impact you.

It is by maintaining peace and tranquility in your life that you can start to fully appreciate your life's true meaning and purpose. Those intuitive messages will become clearer by the day as you practice shutting off the mental dribble that can cause so much confusion to your thought process. External influences can be perversive and pervasive in nature maliciously and unceasingly attacking your tranquility from every source imaginable. Negative elements are out and about constantly at work trying to subvert any rational and logical thought by causing a much decent and agitation as they can in order to destabilize society along with setting the narrative through which people are induced to think about and consider negative based ideology.

Peace is the light that will eliminate the darkness that hides your life's true purpose

It is rare in the hustle and bustle of the hectic modern life that dominates society these days to actually be able to clearly and calmly meditate and consider the various elemental structural issues that determine your life's purpose, basically what you wish then plan to achieve during your lifetime. Without a concerted effort to the contrary, there tend to be various nagging disturbances that pervade the day or habitual activities that actually produce little in the way of significant benefits.

Modern society tends to be driven by constant unproductive distractions that hide laziness or a lack of commitment to achieve anything of substance; life tends to be more about making noise through speech or actions in order to create moments of attention that satisfy the ego. Spending time productively is the essence of self-satisfaction through creating or bringing about what will have value to others and society in general, but also will produce a lasting legacy.

Not being or becoming blinded or mesmerized by the humdrum and chaotic ramblings of external forces such as various forms of media or what in essence are undesirable social interactions is imperative to maintaining a clear focus necessary for finding and pursuing what will provide the most real and lasting satisfaction. There are always going to be distractions of one form or another, this is the nature of the beast; this makes it important to train both the conscious and subconscious mind to shut out these persistent disturbances in order to pursue what are personal objectives.

It is true that silence is golden, in that silence is becoming more rare and valuable in essence than gold itself. It becomes a satisfying endeavor to find true peace and tranquility, where the conscious mind is unhindered to decisively pursue personally desirable areas of contemplation that are intuitively driven. Intuition can be drowned out by the real and induced or artificial cares and humdrum of daily life, with subconsciously driven habits taking control over what is to be achieved and considered on a constant basis. Recapturing the sanctity of personal peace of mind in order to allow thoughts to sore to levels of true personal intent and discovery by focusing your intuitive thoughts to identify what is truly worth pursuing is imperative in order to truly experience the true joys and wonder of life.

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