Purpose And Intent

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about life and its purpose.

Dreams are cast so you can see what can become reality.

This wild ever-changing reality bring forth surprises all the time; but this is due to a lack of dreams to forge your destiny. So spend all your energy to create your dreams, then place all your focus to make them come true, for this life you live right now you should realize was created just for you to manage.

Within this dream reality there is a light to follow every day, it is made by the power that is called intuition, that is intended to guide you through your life. Yet if you stray onto a different path, if wrong then never fear, just look for a guiding light in the distance then follow it without fear or reservation.

What would you be without your dreams, purely a barren and mortal shell? The dreams give sustenance to the soul and a goal to your will. For without my dreams you would be lost, a wanderer with no will, no reason to live or die, just lost and standing still in nothingness.

Your mind's dance with time is told within your dreams. Desires often once hidden are revealed, and thereupon this storyboard in space and time, your reality has the potential to be born.

What fortune will time behold for you where your fate is told within your perceived reality. But your dreams have the potential to make a difference if you give them the power to grow and guide you.


At this crossroads I stand, my fate not in my own hands but in the hands of the Gods - by whatever name you call them - it is they who have supremacy over all things, and if you anger them what price should be demanded as penitence. So what options are there open to one, when all, in fact, seems out of control, because this is the realm of the Gods, and they alone will decide.

At The Feet Of Destiny

The tightrope that we walk in life, to choose between good and bad, will lead us to our fates conclusion, to linger for eternity in heaven or in hell.

The dreams that gave birth to many a plot,
Some yield a desire, others not.
A somber carnival of faces lines up in a parade,
To account for the results in their live's masquerade.
It is there that the future and fate await,
In a line full of souls, at St. Peter's death gate.
In the shadow of dreams, we linger each day,
At our feet are the chances we tread on, if we don't notice them.
In our hand is the hope for the future we build,
So our mind is the mine in which we can find gold.

Within the bounds of our lives, we are destined to wander, not knowing whether we shall live or die, surviving day by day, year by year until time for us is no more.

The earth is a place where spirits come to play to take away the boredom of eternity.

With concentrated thought over an extended period of time, focusing on what you want and how to get it, nothing is out of your reach. Take time to clearly identify and qualify what you want and it will become yours. The key element is never to give up until your desires are met, your goals achieved and what you want becomes yours alone.

Would it be that life's long road, be filled with laughter and no tears, that all the things you need and want, will be yours for evermore.

The consequence of your thoughts can be found in your actions and the consequence of your actions can be found within your reality.

To find the light in the darkness, and follow this light to your true destiny is the ultimate climax of your existence.

It started as a faint idea, that became a dream, that became a belief, that then became true.

The earth is just a place where spirits come to play, to take away the boredom of immortality.

Self-doubt is the most destructive force you will ever face, for just in that moment of questioning, the legitimacy of your thoughts or actions will be negated.

It is within the confines of your own mind that your present and future is formed.

Within yourself are the answers to all the things that you search, whatever it may be. Ask your higher self’s intuition for help, then advice will flow into your mind, to guide you and direct you to the things you seek.

It is within the confines of your own mind that your present and future is formed.

Oh genital breeze that touches the night,
And wafted the clouds across the moon,
To caress my soul with tenderness.
Raise up my spirits like the wings of a dove,
To soar up on high above the mundane world,
To shine in the light of God’s Grace.
In a blinking of an eye,
My life has passed and was over.
Oh to have savored each moment more than I did,
What is there left but memories,
And if they are not golden,
Then I walk in a shadow of dreams.

Beyond your wildest dreams, lies the door to your potential reality. Create your ultimate reality with the strength of focus and desire, that through your imagination, your expectations can be manifested in reality.

Purity of mind and idleness don't match, an active mind won't exist in an inactive body.

Look around you at all the things that man has crafted from nature, from the simplest thing to the most complicated, they all came from the earth. You too can also model and manipulate the things around you to your own will and desires. All that is required is the firm desire, a strong imagination, and persistent perseverance to continue until what you wish for is completed and becomes yours.

Your Experiences Cost A Lifetime

It is within this dance with time that the meaning of your mortal existence will be made clearer to you, little by little. The knowledge would most surely have served you better and well if you had known it from the start. Yet if that were the case the journey would have less intriguing and the final realization of less impact if this was to be so.

The Meaning Of Time

The concept of time within your mind is put there from your birth. But in true reality, this force called time fills up all the space. Time is infinite and everything and with your mind, you can manipulate it to that time will do your bidding, if you lead the way for your destiny to unfold. All things are created here in time, from thoughts to mortal things, so let your mind's power reign free to make your life complete.


Allusive as it may be, silence is your only tranquility, when not even a whisper can be heard.


Fate is fluid and can contract or expand depending upon the circumstances you conform with. Denial of conceding to fate will bring forth the realization of a destiny that can be of your own making.

Oh, sweet dreams that fill my days with such delight,
Enrich each moment with wonder and content.
What would life be like without your light,
To brighten each day and every night.

Thoughts are abstract things in a way, they come and go at their own bidding and can make a profound effect or no effect on your life. Follow your thoughts, and allow them to lead to your dreams.

Oh, the sorrow of ages have lingered in me,
Yet no tears do I shed for the days that have gone.
At The Feet Of Destiny
It is at the feet of destiny, that your fate truly lies.
Helpless. but to follow whatever shall befall you,
Or are you able to cavort with fate.
Altering the course of your life,
Creating a reality of your own making.
Majestic in its glory, as a statement of your being,
That at some time you once passed this way.
Not being contented with passivity or subjugation.
You dared to try to change things.
Sometimes taking a path of difficulty,
In order to rise above the mundane.
Creating a more beneficial life experience,
Albeit a more precarious one. yet by doing so, at the hour of your passing,
You will have diminished any regrets, being able to surrender your spirit up in the knowledge,
That you will be able to make the most and experience the maximum from whatever should befall you.

The faintest light can be very bright in the darkness.

Is this life purely a distraction. a kind of playground retreat for.spirits, a place to come to ease the boredom of an eternity. So as an alternative to immortality you become mortal, to share a whole myriad of emotions and feelings as well as to take with you when you leave a whole array of memories to reflect upon when there is no time and physical space.

I heard an angel asking if I wished to say goodbye to you, and I replied that we are locked together throughout eternity, so there is no need to say goodbye!

It is within your imagination that the future lies, sometimes hidden amidst the cares of the day, sometimes forever lost in the realm of a wandering thought; true majesty belongs to those who can focus on what they want and keep the desire strong until they achieve it.

What is this feeling inside of me, is it from the heart or from the soul, these feelings they call love.

Angel's Song
One day an angel sang a song, of love and peace for all the world,
But mortal man paid no heed and went about his daily chores.
It seems so sad for those who see, this chance is lost for every man.
To live a life as God had planned, a tranquil existence in this land.
But some humans have agendas that don't meet this goal,
And spend their lives in war and strife.

You are limited only by your unwillingness to take action.

Your life will spiral and run away if you don't take full control. When you finally reflect upon your time on earth only then will you notice that time passed by so quickly and that you did time's bidding rather than the other way around.

This journey through time called your life is your chance to be what you desire, what you create can be your reality. So focus on your desires and how to make them come true, and your life will be a journey that is a memory in eternity for you.p>

Listen all ye who travel here and pass this way once or more,
The world can be exactly what you want to be and all so very much more.
So never think your desires are too grandiose or too great,
For all this is just a dream, of magic in dust and time.

Creation is a gift of the Gods, bestowed on man to play with time, and make times passing so much more than fate would allow.

The angles gathered at the dawn of time, to see the sunrise and listen to the first sounds, and so they will again gather for the moment when time is no more.

It is within this dance with time that the meaning of your mortal existence will be made clearer to you, little by little. The knowledge would most surely have served you better and well if you had known it from the start. Yet if that were the case the journey would have less intrigue and the final realization less impact if this was to be so.

The meaning of time

The concept of time within your minds is put there from your birth. But in true reality, this force called time fills up all the space. Its infinite and everything, and with your mind you can manipulate reality and time will do your bidding if you just simply lead the way. All things are created here in time from thoughts to material mortal things so let your mind's power reign free to make your life complete.

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