Beyond The Mind's Eye Of Reality

You are bound by the constraints of what you perceive,
it doesn’t matter if those perceptions are accurate or not.

Dedicated to finding out about the mysteries of life

Destiny becomes the accumulation of the choices of which paths you took in life


Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were once only walls.

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Beyond Boundaries

A search for truth through going beyond the normal boundaries of thought.

Beyond Boundaries

Life's Cages

You create within your mind your own cages that confine you.

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You have the responsibility for what happens to you in life.

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Fact or Fiction

The first impression is usually always accurate.

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Journey Of The Mind

Your life is a fleeting moment, a blinking of an eye.

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The Power of Vision

The Magic is in the making of it all

Believe Then You Will See

Many people only see what they believe should be there, so they miss many of life's wonders, these are hidden from them. What you expect is what you will see, even if there are other things are existing in your reality your mind simply blocks them out, they then become invisible to you.

Make it clear in your mind what you wish to see, what you want as well as don't want to have within your reality.

You have within your power the ability to make whatever you want to become real, this ability is limited only by the extent of your vision, by your ability to perceive in reality the things you have envisioned within your mind.

Have the vision to create something that is wonderful, what that will last a lifetime, that has true value forever. Avoid passing fantasies or things of little value, they will only distract you from the things that will bring wonder and magic into your life.

Seek and you will find

The search does require a concerted effort that for some is not feasible, they are distracted by the cares of the day or the need to focus on making ends meet. All their effort is spent upon temporary things that for the moment seem to hold the main priority for them.

Yet if you are prepared to search for your life's direction it will surely be made clear to you. Avoid the focus on things of temporary value by placing attention upon what truly has value.

You must always have a clear vision, a desire, of what you want. If you can't see what you want in your mind's eye then what hope do you have of seeing what you want within your reality.

You are blessed with the ability to create, to make what you want to become real. With the constant focus on your dreams, you can make them really come true for you. Fix your vision clearly upon what you want most, never waver, never give up until what you want is yours.

The potential is infinite

There is actually no limit set on your potential or even what you can achieve, it is all limited only by your inability to recognize this fact or recognize the potential of your desires, including determining the effort you are prepared to make to bring what is desired into your life.

In essence, you can desire and then receive as much as you may need by clearly visualizing the things you want then give them a form that can be achieved, so they can be made real.

Envision Your Desires

It is as simple as believing in something that will indeed give it life, make it real.
Set clearly in your thoughts a firm image of the things you truly desire.

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Keep Your Mind Open

The mind is a tundra of thoughts, words, and rhyme,
a well of knowledge and information available to all those who seek it.

Focused Desires

Focus on what you really desire rather than things you just want.

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Enlightenment Through Knowledge

Illuminate every moment of your life with success.

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Beliefs Drive Perception

Perception is driven by the belief that is placed in an observation.

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Secrets Confine Knowledge

The mystique of a secret is what creates the interest.

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Deception Strangles Reality

Any substitute for the truth should be completely rejected

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Confusion is an induced illusion

Being confused is not an acceptable legitimate excuse.

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Finding The Answers

What you see is not alway as you perceive it and what actually exists you sometimes can’t been seen.

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Like Does Attracts Like

It is an age-old adage that ‘like attracts like', meaning similar things are drawn to each other by some invisible force of attraction such as a specific frequency or personal magnetism.

When you need to draw something towards you, to attract whatever is desired you must change your level of thinking to match the thing that you wish to bring into your life. If you wish to attract riches, for example, there is a need to behave, live, think, as well as act like a rich person.

Science has shown that you are pure energy, it is when this energy reaches the correct frequency that you can create - your energy does have the ability to change reality if you direct it correctly and with enough focused desire.

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You Control All Your Reality

You make decisions all the time, continually, some are conscious decisions other are made on a subconscious level. You are always faced with a continuous stream of decision-making opportunities, even not making any decision is also a decision. Making wise decisions is always a relative task, you won't know whether the decision is wise until you have made then enacted it; a little like roulette from one perspective.

However, decisions can be reversed and should be when you are or become unhappy or dissatisfied with the results. The option of negating or reversing or changing a decision should not bear any stigma; so don't pay attention to how others may mock or chastise you for procrastinating or vacillating on your decisions.

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Life’s Journey


The path you take through your life is part of a greater path that everyone takes through the infinity of an eternity.


So, what is the purpose of your life, why were you born, why are you here at this time? In communicating with the spirit the answers will be revealed.


Your time on this earth on reflection passes by so quickly, a flash of light in the darkness, here today, then gone tomorrow.


What was the purpose, the meaning, the reason for your life; these are questions for here and now, not for when your time is almost over while waiting for the light to fade.


The path is your true destiny, representing your desires and hope for a potential learning experience. To find this exact path for your life is a true gift that you must guard and treasure forever.


Your life is a fleeting moment, a blinking of an eye in eternity, a spec of dust from the sands of time; how soon it will be over and only memories will remain.

Mind's Eye

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