Life's Journey

The path you take takes on this journey through time.

A Path through time

In your life you have a time to grow physically, a time to learn, a time to earn a living, the time to enjoy the things that give you pleasure, and a time to excel in the physical world; but you also have a 'Time of the Spirit'. This time of the spirit can happen at any stage of your life if you have only become open to the pursue this path. The more energy and focus that is given to the development of spiritual matters the more rewarding your life's journey will be.

It is the physical part of life, the material things, that create desires and if given the opportunity will govern your perception, desires, and dreams as well as your every waking moment - and your life will just drift on by. It is only by banishing the physical desires, be they mental or bodily ones, that the spirit can grow and make your life take on its true meaning, thus creating immense joy and wonder in your world.

Most people pass their entire existence in complete ignorance of the true purpose of their lives, drifting like a piece of wood on the oceans of time; unaware and uncaring where they are destined to go or what they will become.

For some, they grasp this life's true purpose only when it is too late, when they are near to death, when the regrets they have for not seeing this basic truth are no substitute for having missed the experience of it all. There is glory and wonder in every moment, every beat of the heart and every breath. The nearer you are to physical desires, be they material, mental or bodily pleasures, then the further you will be from the true wonder of it all.

Material things are only temporary distractions, most of the material things you really desired in the past will have lost their value and significance with time and most will no longer exist in your life. The mental distractions whatever they may have been, be they wishes, hopes, dreams or desires will also diminish in their meaning and significance as the days pass by, being replaced from time to time by new wishes, new dreams and new desires which will take precedence over the previous ones that in essence will disappear and be forgotten, having no further worth or effect in your life.

The requirements and desires of the body are only temporary, they also are ever changing and never constant, one desire or goal taking over from the next one forever changing desires for material things or material experiences in a constant chain or actions and reactions.

It is true that life is a playground for the spirit to experience mortality and to relieve the boredom of eternity. But in essence, it is only the spirit that will ultimately survive, and it is only the evolution of the spirit that will have value in eternity. For the spirit to evolve in the physical it becomes necessary to view spiritual things from a mortal perspective which is the main purpose and true joy of life.

The true path of your life is your only acceptable destiny and your desired course through the dance with time called your life. The choices that you make in your daily life will determine what you are and also what you will then finally become. Your main goal must be to fully achieve your life's purpose. Always take the time to reflect upon what has happened and its meaning, then try to use the knowledge to plan and forecast your future and hope to live it.

An appointment with infinity

It is the forces that affect your spiritual advancement that most religions term as evil, but they are merely to be viewed as malicious and disruptive. If the traps of the physical world befall you it is because you do not listen to your inner self, those intuitive guiding voices in your mind heard both in the waking and sleeping state that will guide you to the correct path if you just pay attention to them and follow their direction.

These intuitive messages will try to lead you towards what most call enlightenment, but in actual fact, they wish to lead you towards the true intent and purpose of your life. No one can tell you what this is, what the intent and purpose of your life should be lies only within yourself. It is only within the governance of the spirit that this will be revealed to you, then it is up to you to follow this chosen path without fault. It is sure that it is not gaining material things, or various physical experiences that is your spirit's purpose; yet while the spirit is sure to experience being mortal - which is one purpose for life, it is what you will achieve in total that is your true goal. While these various earthly experiences could teach you certain things, they may have no value if you are not on your correct path.

This true path of advancement that is your spirits real desire and purpose is the only one were the things that happen to you have true benefit and purpose within eternity, so it is only by finding and following this path that you can put your life to good and full use as you had originally intended.

All knowledge and all things are already known within the scope of the spirit world - the general consciousness; it is merely necessary for the spirit to experience certain things in order to truly understand them and this is the true and main purpose of your life. Absorbing experiences and knowledge that are in harmony with your life's path will fulfill the desire of your spirit, thus making your life's journey fruitful and worthwhile, which will avoid any future regrets.

It is easy to take the path of least resistance and not search within yourself for your spirits true desire and intent for your life. This is the course that many take through trusting chance and fate, just seeking monetary material gratification and life's pleasures without the slightest care for their eternal well being. It is by searching deep within yourself that you will find your life's true course, following your instincts rather than those of others who may be manipulative, having only their own interests at heart rather than your eternal well being.

Life is like a staircase, gradually ascending spiraling into the unknown; it is your choice whether your life should be within your control or not. By being assertive and following your own deep desires as well as your intuition, occasionally taking a course that may not make sense to you initially, you will have a true experience that is filled with wonderment as well as the joy of the experience. So grasp the hand that your spirit offers to you and dance upon the sands of time a marvelous story of your life that will be with you always as a memory of the time when you were mortal and walked upon the earth for what in eternity was just the blinking of an eye.

Life's a dance with time

Life is like a holiday resort for spirits, who come here to earth to carry out some purpose or goal, or just to enjoy something physical either by themselves or with other spirits. In the spirit world where only thought exist there are no physical sensations or feelings, the sense of touch, closeness or physical feeling and senses just don't exist. All physical vibrations such as speech, sound, hearing, touch, feelings only exist in the physical world.

Some spirits become lost in habitual desires for the physical, in whatever form. These are the most vulnerable and less developed spirits, who don't have a strong sense of their life's purpose, nor do they listen to their inner guiding voices to any significant extent, if at all. It does not mean that some of those with immense wealth, or others with a strong love of life's pleasures are not advanced spiritually, in some cases, they are, in other cases not. It all depends upon how strongly they are connected to their physical wealth or pleasures. If they just use these to make life more enjoyable and valuable spiritually or perhaps they are deeply rooted in the physical, with only slight spiritual connections. Materialists are without a doubt the least spiritual and consider only the moment rather than eternity. For them 'just now' is the only consideration, this is a trap you must avoid at all costs.

To pursue what you truly desire and feel most comfortable with will lead you to the correct pathway for your life. From here the challenge is to stay on the pathway and avoid any unnecessary diversions or wrong routes. This can be done by keeping yourself finely tuned to the spirit's desires through the mental messages you receive. Sometimes these messages may be taken literally or other times may need some form of interpretation in order to understand their message or purpose. No matter, it is of the most important to be open to these messages and to listen to them carefully by working to understand their true meaning, then act upon that knowledge.

The more you listen, the more you remain open to these messages the more frequent and clear they will become. These messages come both when you are awake but also while you are asleep, in the form of dreams. In the dream state, the messages are more iconic and visual, you will need some effort not only to remember them but also to correctly interpret their meaning. However if you go to the necessary lengths to understand and interpret your dreams the rewards in the form of finding true peace and contentment, brought into being by being on the right path, will have been well worth the effort.

This life is indeed your time to be, to grow and excel in all you do in an environment that is supportive and gives you satisfaction and pleasure. Your life should not be a burden or a cross to bear, for if it is - then for sure you are likely on the wrong path and should focus all your mental energy into getting back onto your life's true path so that you can live the life you have intended. No matter how far you have strayed your true path is always near and with some effort you can get back onto the right course and start to live the wondrous and joyous life that was intended for you.

The Spirits that Guide and Support You

You need someone to lean on in times of trouble or when faced with what seem like insurmountable problems. If you are open to your spirit guides and protecting spirits they will give you all the physical and mental support you will ever need to overcome what is facing you. You will never have to face anything that you are not capable of exceeding in managing, getting over or successfully surviving. Each challenge will have a purpose and subsequent benefit that will lead to your growth in some form, be it mental perseverance, knowledge, the strength of spirit, et cetera.

The people in your lives also guide and support you in one way or another. It is true that you knew all the people in your life previously in the spirit world. It is also true that each person serves a purpose; some antagonise or pressure you in order to make you stronger, some support you in times of need, some love you while others may hate you; with some people you will have a close relationships to others you are as distant as the stars and in some cases uncaring towards each other. But each in their own way everyone has a purpose in your lives and once that purpose is fully complete they will fade away out of your zone of influence and in some cases out of your memories and consciousness completely.

If you are on your true life path that your spirit decided to take, the interaction with the people you know will take on a higher significance and importance, you will gain more intrinsic value from these experiences and interaction with them, as the true value of these experiences will be revealed or known to you. Some people will just bring joy to your life, as they are eternal friends and will want to fully support you and make you happy during this life. Some will make you stronger by giving you unpleasant experiences in a mental or physical form as aggressors or enemies of one type or another. Some of these spirits could be your true friends within the spirit world but took on this roll to help you during this life experience. Others may not be fully known to you in the spirit realm and just serve some specific purpose in your life that will make you stronger or more durable in some way by expanding your consciousness. This strength will help you pass the void of numerous distractions when you die enabling you to rejoin the spirit world within the general consciousness, and in other cases help you bare the state of eternal existence better.

However, it is not important or required or wise for you to accept all aggressive or negative behavior as a necessary burden, or be subservient to some person or situation. There is no spirit greater or lesser than yourself, so you have no need to bend to the will of others. Some spirits take on superior or aggressive rolls in order to grow, in the spirit world they may have been too timid or weak in thought and action, so this is their way to grow. Yet this doesn't mean you need to be subservient to them if it doesn't suit your life's purpose or your will or intention for advancement. You may bear with them when they are true spirit friends and you have the goal or promise to help them in their life's quest.

Life is Your Journey Through Time and Space

A great deal can be learnt from your dreams if only an effort was made to recall then analyze, and study the messages they contain - as to what is and what will be; what are your deepest hidden desires for your life. It is by nurturing your dreams, then remembering them, searching for then finding their meanings, they will take root in your life, bringing forth an abundance of joy, happiness, contentment, as well as knowledge and fulfillment to brighten your world.

Dreams are your subconscious mind, your spirit and body symbolically communicating through images, unencumbered by the cares of the day. It is within dreams that the imagination can run free without the constraints of the conscious mind getting in the way. Thus your thoughts, unconfined by the limits of the conscious mind and body can run free to pursue and evolve in freedom, helping you manage the challenges of life, to create a better tomorrow.

All your memories are what made you what you are today, the good and the bad alike; so hold these memories dear and never forget them for they are the essence of who you are, a testament of your life to date. Memories should be always cherished, for when you die they are all that you can take with you from this earth. They will be always there for you to remember and reflect upon throughout eternity, for some this can be heaven and for others, it can become a hell. You can learn a great deal by reflecting upon what has happened in the past by studying your memories, recalling what happened in certain situations; all the things that you could have done differently given a second chance; what you could have been done better; what should have been avoided. These reflections have the potential to help your decision making in the future.

It is your thoughts together with what you dwell upon that make you what you are and impact immensely the person you are becoming. Your thoughts if repeated can become imprinted onto your mind, creating who and what you are, your beliefs, and actions. Your thoughts become your words and deeds, your very self, your persona that others recognize; so, for this reason, you should always take care of what you think, and what influences you expose your ‘minds' to.

You should at all times try to control your thought patterns, for if they are left alone to run free they may create a reality that you really don't care for. Thoughts are yours to have full control over and not allow external influencers to manipulate them; others may try to hijack then impact or manipulate your reality by affecting your thoughts. Your thoughts should do all your bidding alone and it is your will that should always control those thoughts and not linger upon the influences of what others around you want to induce. With nurturing and care really profound thoughts can be yours, to enlighten your life, solve your problems, creating the ideas and plans that can truly change your life for the better; making your reality match your desires.

After all is said and done life is your chance to be, to grow, to experience the things that make you mortal. In doing so you create the memories that you will reflect upon and hold dear throughout eternity. So choose wisely what you will experience and what you decide to remember, for these memories will be with you always, and can become with time your own heaven or hell.

The paths you chose will make you who you are, and influence whom you are becoming. There are endless opportunities for change and to alter your course or path through life. A split-seconds decision can change the course of your life completely, forever. It is also true, you are what you think you are, and you become what you believe and desire you will become.

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