Fact Or Fiction

The first impression is usually always accurate.

What remains unseen

There are many mysteries, things that happen to you or go on around you that leave a great deal of the facts unseen, many questions unanswered, potentially forever unknown. It is true there is more below the surface of anything that happens than can possibly be known, imagined, visualized or comprehended. It is your imagination, your desire for truth, knowledge, facts, that lead you to search for what is hidden, what lies beneath what happens all around you constantly, the truth is just waiting for you to comprehend it.

Stretch out - watch the world go by

There always comes a time when you should know to let go, then just take it easy. This is when continuing is not doing more but less as planned or desired. There are times when what has been bugging you, perhaps a persistent problem or an unresolvable issue in your life that you have pursued with such vigor to solve without a conclusion. It is necessary to find the correct time to simply let go in order to remain sane.


Carpet Dust

Many issues that should be faced and dealt with then concluded are swept like dust under the carpet of life. Face then deal with the issues that are before you swiftly and effectively; then move on.

Dribble Time

Sound like a cartload of dribble then most likely it is. Don't be fooled by what others may tell you and be selective in who you care to place trust in.

Flip Flops

Flip Flops Never give any valuable opportunity the chance to pass you by, grab it without a second thought then make it yours.

Don't get nailed down

At all times you need to be mindful of what the other person's objectives and modus operandi are so that you can be in a position to protect your interests. If one can get an insight into what others are thinking, including what are the reasons are behind their actions, then you can work to protect your own interests while achieving the total goals of everyone.

Feeling the pinch

There will be times when you may feel that all around is closing in on you, but it is important to stand by your ideas, hopes and wishes in these times. When you are feeling the pinch always have a strong confidence that what you are doing is true and right and all will be well finally.

What a lot of Balls

It is just a case of always being observant and aware of what is going on around you, then you can recognize what is genuine and what is a load of bouncing balls. You are surrounded and affected by the 'Balls factor' in your daily life so you need to clearly identify between what has credibility and what doesn't.


Botched Up

There are some things you need to completely abandon, this is because they are so totally screwed up. There is no use or benefit from whipping a dead horse. You need to know when to give up and walk away from whatever is not succeeding.

Take It On The Chin

At certain times you have to accept or undergo failure or defeat; yet never giving up, always move forward with your life.


When no matter how hard you have tried you still can't get the success you want then that is the time to walk away and get on with something else in your life.

Just a little prick to brighten your day

They're everywhere, those so-called little pricks, those little niggles that give you an ever-elusive itch to scratch. They come in the form of issues as well as people, that need to be dealt with swiftly before they become uncontrollable and elusive. If you accept these little niggles then that is to condone them or their actions, encouraging them to continue. The only way to deal with these little niggles is to respond swiftly to negate them before they gain energy and power.

Staying balance in an unbalanced world

Staying balance in an unbalanced world Everyone needs to have a balanced life, a time for others, then a time for yourself. A time to work, then a time to relax and play; a time for what is demanded of you in your daily life, then a time to do whatever you please. Keeping your life balance takes effort - this is not such an easy task, but if you can achieve this balance in your life will be more rewarding.


Soft Brained

It is true that if something has the slightest possibility to happen then more than likely then it will. Therefore it should be quite easy with the foresight to forecast what has the potential occur.

A Load Of Tripe

There are some people who tell what can only be described as lies that sound like the truth. Then there are others that tell lies that are highly obvious and a load of tripe.

Miss Take

Sometimes they are real whoppers, those mistakes that you make. But the key is to learn what you can from them so that similar or repeat errors of judgment can avoid so as to avoid making the same mistakes twice.

Be what you really are

What are you really, a timid cat or a roaring lion. Do you see yourself exactly as others see you? More than likely you will not. It is true, there is a raging lion in all of us yearning to get out and be known. Being too timid is to be a disservice not only to yourself but to others and the ones you love. It is there in your most intimate nature, in your DNA, that feeling of the wild, to roam free, to be what you want to be, not what others want for you.

More than it seems

Life is an illusion, and things are not always what they seem to be. There is the possibility to misconstrued what is happening as well as what is going on around you due to the mental conditioning you have received during your life. Your own interpretation of what exists can be very different from that of others perceive as well as different from the true reality. Therefore, always keep an open mind, being receptive to the opinions given by those around you that can be trusted.


Spaghetti Thoughts

"What are they thinking"? can be a battle cry these days as the actions of some people are completely impossible to comprehend or believe.

Tundras of the mind

So there in the deepest depths of your mind lies the reason behind what happens to you, the reason for your very being, your very existence.

Potted Holly

Going ever so slightly mad, or is it all them? This is a question almost everyone will ask at some time or other. The world seems to be insane sometime, ever spinning gradually out of control.

Beware 0f the golden eggs

It is a fact that if something seems far too good to be true then more than likely it probably is. You must always be realistic, rooted in truth and actuality, not some far-fetched theory that has no substance in reality. Beware of the promise of the goose who can lay golden eggs, instead of being satisfied with what is really possible to obtain and achieve and beware of what is not.

What a Relief

It is obvious that you must always try endeavor to distinguish between what is tangible and intangible, what is just a whimsical thought in comparison to what is a dream that has the potential to become true. By focusing on what is genuine, that has actual potential to become reality, you have a higher chance of achieving and obtaining those things that you most desire.


Scrabble Scramble

Don't let people play you, follow your feelings, if you don't feel comfortable with some circumstance then completely avoid it. Your true weapon against all infractions is your intelligence.

Watch The Spin

Some have the ability to make what isn't into what had the potential to be believed purely by the use of their wits and words.

Drab Gab

Always try to make your conversations interesting and avoiding any talk about gossip, rumors or negative issues.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Beware of those strangers offering gifts, for more than likely they will leave you all the poorer for having met them, be that mentally or financially. More often than not what seems like something too good to be true is in fact just that, a false dream. Look beyond the obvious to find the true intent and purpose of the ones that should not be trusted unconditionally. But don't let this blind you to the fact that there is still much kindness and truth in left the world, you just need to know where it is.

Behind a mask of indifference

It is indeed an art to see through or beyond the painted smile, for you can be so easily deceived if are too trusting or too open-hearted. Look beyond the obvious, then you may see what really lies behind what someone may ask, say or do. For it is indeed an art to be able to distinguish clearly what is said or done from what was really meant or intended.


Jackass Boots

You should always take the time to stand back, relax and take a closer look at what is going on in your life, avoid charging around like there is no tomorrow.

Current Affairs

The world is forever changing and if you are not alert the world will simply pass you by, leaving you behind in the clouds of dust of all your yesterdays.

Shyster Slime

There are indeed some people who can change yesterday's weather, dealing with them can be like trying to nail a raindrop to a wall.

The elusive bullshit factor

If it seems like it's a load of crap then more than likely than not it probably is. The first impression is usually always accurate but with time you may try to convince yourself otherwise. Irrespective of the consequences you should always endeavor to be truthful with yourself, not fooling yourself into accepting things that are convenient or comfortable.

A different perspective on things

When you stay in your own little world things take on a very narrow and limited perspective. Unless you take a wider view of reality then you might as well stick your head up your arse. Be open to a large variety of influences, absorb as much knowledge as possible from all the vast array of sources available to you. If you don't grow academically then you are going backward.


Blue Banana

Are you truly to believe, without question, that what your eyes and ears are subjected to, or do they interpret what is true into what you are prepared to believe as true.

Cabbage Brains

To accept without question or analysis what you are told by others is indeed foolish, for some deception is an art they practice with enthusiasm.

Square Eggs

Only time will reveal things as they truly are; what is believed as true today will seem to be ridiculous tomorrow.

Letting go completely

There comes a time when you just need to let your hair down then set your spirit free. Confined by the cares of the day and rules of society you can become stiff and unimaginative. So take a closer look at yourself in the mirror, then find a place to relax, unwind and let your hair down. This is the time to be who you are, whom you want to be, not what others expect of you, or imagine you to be. There is a time for you and a time for others; a time to live and a time to be whatever you want to be.

Is it all simply a dream

It is the wishes, hopes, dreams, and ideas that make you uniquely what you are. Only in dreams can you truly become free to be whatever you want to be, where ever you desire to be. Let your mind run free, creating a dream world that represents all you hope for, all you desire, making all your wishes come true.


Tickled Ribs

Take the time each day to be tickled, to laugh at yourself and the world around you. If you take yourself too seriously you will become ossified.

Counting Star Dust

Make a wish, then your wish can come true. Without the wish what chance is there of it ever coming true?

Inverted Rainbows

Don't always wear those same old drab colored clothes, make a change by wearing clothes that have colors that reflect and affect your moods and feelings. Bright vibrant colors to liven your mood and make you happy.

Beware of the peanut brain factor

The ‘Curse of Consciousness' is a reality for some and a torment for others who have to put up with what they don't desire. This sub-limited perception, which is brought about by the pea-sized brain and intellect that some have been endowed with when they were born, which coincided by sheer coincidence with the time God took the day off. It is fact these people are stuck without the option of being able to engage in clear, logical thought; destined forever to wander in the obscure tundras of a senseless mind. They are in fact a clear waste of space and oxygen.

The ever elusive repeating parrot

It is indeed fact that you are surrounded by a population of parrots, people who simply repeat or adopt what you or others say; this can be either as gossip, use of your ideas, stealing your actual thoughts as their own, or they take credit for what someone has done or something others have created. They are in fact intellectual vampires, sucking away at others intellect, their lips dripping with others very essence of thought.


Ratted Mouse

Sherlock Holmes didn't need them because he used deduction to determine facts; so ever beware of the ones who will tell you lies as facts.

Burning Rubber

Don't think too much, for it is dangerous, or so they say. Things that aren't can become what they were and reality becomes your imagined perception.

Excess Baggage

There are some who for no clear explicable reason carry the cares of the world on their shoulders. If you are one of these unfortunate creatures what can be said is relax, take it easy.

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