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Healing Your Reality

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2009

Simplified, the key factors within your reality are you, the people you interact with, and your physical world. This reality is of course governed by your specific perception of what is as well as what isn’t.

But what are the threats to your reality; do you worry or even care about the total health of your environment as a whole?

Prevention is always said to be, on reflection, better than the cure; this can be applied to the health and well-being of both yourself as well as your world.

Are you as healthy as you could be, or as you imagine you are? Is the world that supports your life also as healthy as you imagine, or are issues raised by scientists and environmentalists causing you to worry or have concerns?

The thing is you can’t actually destroy anything, as Einstein told us, they only change form; or due to your perception of something change can occur. So, on that basis nothing is in danger of extinction as such, only in danger of changing its form, which may or may not be the ideal end result that you may want.

Billions of years ago the earth was an inhospitable place, the continually bombardment by meteors made the earth an extremely undesirable place to be. At one stage a large meteor is said to have split the world in two thus forming our moon from the spun off debris. The earth has certainly come a long way since then, undergoing numerous changes, finally progressing to support a plethora of life forms in this present age.

The earth will survive in one form or another whatever happens, even if the sun explodes one day as scientists tell us is the sun’s fate, or the moon’s stabilizing factor on the earth’s rotation ceases as some have speculated as one possible doom scenario, or even if the earth is pulled into the sun at some stage due to the gravitational pull of some large rarely orbiting meteor as some scientist have predicted, only the form of the earth will change, say to one of gasses. What people are concerned about is not the health of the earth per se but the survival of the earth as they currently perceive it, which is in fact only the current form of many states the earth has existed in.

There always seems a purpose for whatever happens, that purpose is to allow you to experience something. These experiences can be raised from the negative to the positive and visa versa solely by your ability to perceive reality as you have decided. What you wish to experience is usually something you have decided upon either subconsciously or consciously of your own desire, or suggested to you by some source. One quoted example of suggested reality is the common cold; once the pharmaceutical companies start to advertise influenza medicine on TV as part of prevention during the cold season the number of people turning up at the doctors clinic suddenly spikes; this is due to belief susceptibility from auto suggestion. The opposite also happens for example in the case of cancer patients inexplicably curing themselves solely through the belief that they can change their reality by what they expect.

The same goes for both your physical or mental health, the condition experienced is usually the result of your desires and perception. Some people are unhealthy because of what others believe is a poor or bad life style; not exercising, eating too many carbohydrates, not eating a balanced diet, heavy drinking or smoking, whatever. Others are at the opposite extreme, obsessing about their health and fitness while missing some of the joys that life has to offer. Which is the correct way to live and which is wrong is open to personal interpretation.

The health of your body, as well as your own specific view of the world, your environment is governed by the perceptions you have; this is the right that everyone has to choose how they wish to see things. Of course actions have consequences so each of us have to exist and survive within the society or situation we live in. We all have perceptions built upon our exposure to our life experiences, education level, exposure to certain opinions of others, et cetera. In this reality lies become truths due to being pushed continually at us, while truths are branded as lies by those who oppose them. This leads many to become apathetic and uncaring, or others to become activists; however, you should avoid being influenced unduly by others no matter what they may preach, believing only what you can systematically think through and come to a specific logical conclusion on.

In the current materialistic world that you live in the health or needs of the spirit within are mostly overlooked. Many questions remain unanswered in the quest to obtain more and more material things. The purpose of your life, the search for your true life path, what you want to experience in life, are mostly left up to fate to decide, rather than listening to then following those intuitive thoughts. The route to acquiring what you truly need can only be found through the interpretation of your spirits desire found within your intuitive thoughts; then believing in these, transposing them through your imagination and beliefs into your perceived reality through your actions.

Everything you perceive is a reflection of yourself, of what you are deep down inside. It is your right to make the choices that fill your reality with bliss in the form of peace, health, love and happiness. Once you are existing in a state of bliss then everything will fall into place. Thus is the journey you should take to get yourself back to the garden, or the true reality of life. You can change everything though the perception of your beliefs, only then can what you desire be found in reality; by changing your beliefs you can change reality, healing not only yourself but planet earth.

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2009