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You are the Creator of Your Own Perceived Reality

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2012

When you consider the world environment it is a great place to practice creation, when you look at the wonders around you, then look back to civilization at the point in time of the stone age; a lot of creating has gone on in the mean time. We are here to practice and fine tune creation, to create whatever we desire. What else is there to do when you have eternity to spend?

Accepting that we are here to create, a lot of people have been kept in the dark about this potential to create; some stumbled on this ability by chance, some practiced it, some must have also kept quite about it for fear of what would happen if people at large started to use it without restraint; the opening of a pandora's box of sorts.

Focus is important, time is a strange thing, so this doesn't mean sitting four hours on end thinking about something; rather the intensity, then not confusing things by changing your mind or bits of the focused intent - that as you say really not a good idea and is like throwing a dozen balls in a roulette wheel and expecting an outcome

The Power of Creation 'Creating Your Reality', The most difficult thing is to keep focus on a desire long enough for it to become real. Your destiny becomes the accumulation of the choices that you make; those desires you pursue, the choices of which paths you took in life.

Modern living has taken humanity far from their intended course of life; intuition and desires offer directions on how to return to your true life path.

You are the creators of your own perceived reality. Don't be a creation of circumstances; take full control of your life. Use positive thoughts creatively to heal your reality, then bring about how you wish life to be. Your reality is based upon your desires of what you need or expect from life; linked to your belief that what you know is possible for your to achieve.

Life is indeed a gamble, the ultimate game of chance, based purely upon having the ability to make the right choices at the right time. You never win or lose in life if you realize it is all just for the experience. Learn to create your own destiny, don't wait to see what fate throws your way.

Challenge life to achieve the potential of your beliefs. Bringing the possibilities to life, by making yourself aware of the options available for creating the life you desire.

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2009