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Listen to your heart beat

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2010

Rushing here and rushing there you never get the true feeling or meaning of life, the true essence and joy of your reality. In your daily lives you miss so much of the wonder of life, your days diminished to the basics of survival in the modern world. Each and every second is critical so should never be squandered, but should be treasured being used for your best advantage. The true value, the wonder of your life experience has been replaced by hustle and bustle of modern life that replaces your true reality with one made of plastic.

To find the true meaning, purpose and value of life you need to cease pursuing material things, letting them go, thereby returning to basics of life. Gut reactions are the key to what is right and what is wrong; become driven by your gut instincts and intuitive feelings. Whenever the direction of your life is out of step with your life purpose you will know this instinctively; but whether you heed these messages then make corrections, or simply ignore them will make all the difference; not only to your life but to your eternal existence. The reality we experience what we have created for ourselves, everything that happens is of our making and based upon our deep hidden desires. Never take this fact lightly, for your words and actions in this life will impact you throughout eternity.

We each assume that time is infinite. It is only with the passing years that the reality hits us that what we call time is limited here in this reality. We let precious moments slip by without much focus or attention; we let chances slip by us, opportunities that are not taken up because we falsely believe there will be many; we don't follow our life path, our bliss because we are too busy enjoying the various bubble candy that life sends our way. We miss the all the really important things because we are overwhelmed by the flimsy distractions that assault us from every direction, keeping us quite busy yet confused and unfocused on what really matters.

The heart is said to be the domain of love while the brain is thought to be the house of logical thought; yet our feelings, our intuition all fire up the heart, showing that it is not only the brain that can control our thoughts and actions, but that the heart too does its part in driving our reality. It is not only logical but wise that we make sure each beat of our heart has a purpose and meaning.

Most of us pay very little attention to our heart beats, we not only take them for granted but we also assume they will continue undaunted forever. Each beat of our heart is precious beyond our imagination; it is the rhythm of our spirit giving us life. Just sit and listen for a while, feel the pulse of your heart beating the rhythm to your entire body, feel it resounding through your entire being, giving to you the rhythm of the music of life.

The Power of the Heart And Mind by Steven Redhead

Published Article Source: September 23, 2012