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Shaken But Not Stirred

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2009

Life is like a cocktail, you add the various component parts, then mix them up to get your reality. You can add imagination, your dreams, wishes, hopes, aspirations, ideas, et cetera. There are no restrictions other than the will do pursue your desires until they are achieved. Anything you decide can be thrown into the melting pot of reality, any combination of things that you may desire; then just mix it all up to see how things turn out.

With so much to Choose from, but which one to choose, which life style to pursue, it is a personal choice; perhaps something original would be more fun or follow the well trodden path that

If you didn't plan the elements for an actual cocktail for example, it would be hit or miss; perhaps drinkable, perhaps not; maybe you don't want to waste it so drink it anyway rather than throwing it away and start over again as you should. To get a good, drinkable cocktail it is easier to follow a set formulae at first, then gradually experiment until you can create an original drink on your own. Perhaps the finished drink is modelled on some other famous well tried recipe; or perhaps the final creation is your own original creation; it could even be a bit of both.

Yes, the right choice is to create something original, not being boring by following the ideas of others, but it should be drinkable; um.... guess this may need some thought! Though clearly planning out the end result desire, the components to create that end result will gradually become clear; it is then a case of amassing these various elements, then bringing them together in the correct proportions to create what was the object of desire.

So it is with life; to follow the success of others is always the easiest route, if you are able to replicate their ideas perfectly; you can even follow the well trodden path that society lays out for you from cradle to grave. The road less travelled however, the one you create yourselves, could be much harder as you struggle to find the correct combination of factors to make the life as you truly desire. But if you avoid the pain that may be involved with this life course you also will miss the dance, the dance of life; those things that give life its mystery, joy, excitement, it's essence; a sense and satisfaction of 'I did it my own way'.

With a slight twist or originality - you should be able to give life the edge it needs; that touch of originality that makes the experience so much more exciting, enjoyable and interesting.

So, when you drink from the cup of life what will your drink be; the well tried recipe, or something original, exciting, with a twist of something brand new.

Published Article September 23, 2012