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Life Choices

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2011

Life Choices are numerous, some are obvious others are not. Opportunity continually pass us by, we miss them because we are either too busy, don’t notice them because we are not paying attention, or we are focusing on something either unrelated or something driven by others.

To maximize the opportunities that come our way is necessary in order to gain the best life possible. There are surprisingly many who live life on a daily basis they pay little attention to the main issue if at all, some of course realise when it is too late. To find opportunities or chances that are all around you need to pursue the things that come your way; making the most out of seemingly insignificant things or occurrences. The more you interact with your environment the greater the chance that you will find the niche opportunity. Not everything is obvious, not all chances are glaring out at us, some are hidden under masses of confusing information. Usually the obvious has already been capitalized upon, it is the things you must search for, the things less obvious that hold the highest potential for producing the life we desire.


How realistic your expectations are determine there potential for being realized. But what is realistic? An optimist can view anything as realistic, whereas someone negative will always take a pessimistic view of something potential to be realized. How we view our expectations or those of people we are linked to is critical, it becomes the fulcrum point between success and failure. We can succeed in whatever we pursue positively with sufficient determination and perseverance.

When we chase something without submission, without giving up due to short term failures we can begin to achieve our goals, not always immediately or continuously - there can be moments of despair created by insufficient focus or effort combined for success. We are always riding a roller coaster; the thing to remember is the down part creates the moments and energy to carry us up and over, in every success there are bits of failure or frustration. We all find ways to succeed through the times we can’t achieve what we want or even fail; through finding ways not to do something we can find ways to gain success. We walk metaphorically down dead ends until we find our way through the maze of obstacles to finally find the solutions to our success. Success is never obtained freely, but it can be achieved with ease if sufficient focus, energy and effort are applied steadily towards achieving the end goal in mind. Expectations are weak, until they are supported by firm desires, fixed ideas on how to achieve them, concentrated effort aimed solely at achieving what you want. Nothing was ever achieved without spending sufficient energy to obtain what you wish for. Everything we can consider has the ability to exist within our perceived reality. All we have to do is take it from the realm of thought into the realm of the physical; change the object of thought frequencies through energy bring it into reality. Everything is possible with the time we can bring various elements together to make what we have conceived within reality. Take what is a dream and make it become your reality, your creation.

Your future is waiting for you to find it

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, we each have some basic destiny that we are not obliged to live but can if we let fate run its course. We can change part or all of our future, in fact anything that we wish, this is entirely up to us. With desire we can go anywhere, be as safe or live as dangerously as we wish. By how we utilize our faculties we can control the quality including the type of life we live. We can have as easy or as difficult time as we wish. It all comes down to what we want, including what we are prepared to do to get it. Deciding what actually or truly want is half the battle; the more specific that you are the better.

Life can be like a jigsaw, you can put all the pieces in place then follow the plan undauntingly without losing focus; or you can add the pieces as you come to perceive or desire them one by one. Of course the former is the most ideal but always feasible; the lucky few can visualise their entire life course or the life they wish to pursue from the onset; but we are all not so lucky. By deciding the pieces we wish to assemble; where to live, at what standard, what we wish to do, what we will pursue both people or opportunity wise; what hobbies or life choices we make; how we furnish our home, what we wish to learn, a myriad of factors that we can fix as bits of our life then assemble into the life we wish to lead. For many this approach of assembling life of assembling a life plan from bits of information into a complete whole is a much easier process. The parts of importance you can decide then simply put them together into a whole format you chose. Keeping parts separate like bits of a jigsaw you are able to change some units without effecting other parts that you view to be critical. In actual fact it pays to review then modify parts of your life that are stagnating, adding new bits or modifying others until you have something you are either satisfied with or you can tweak or fine tune later that will suffice in the short term. By having fixed a goal that you are not too stubborn or proud to modify or change drastically as necessary you will be able to forge a life that is truly an adventure and worth living.

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2011