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A large selection of motivational videos based on the concepts within 'The Book Of Life Series' by Steven Redhead aka Philomind. The videos are intended to make you aware that You have within your power the ability to make whatever you want become real; this ability is limited only by the extent of your vision, by your ability to perceive in reality the things you have envisioned within your heart and mind.

Life Is A Cocktail

Each new day has endless potential, what can be achieved, what can be gained, what differences can be made, not only for oneself but also for others. Life is a garden of possibility.

Life Is Simply A Game

There are always endless possibilities available if only you are prepared to look for them. You have immense potential to achieve what you desire if you use the abilities you have well. Always ask yourself what will make you happy over the long term. Life is the opportunity to create moments of true wonder.

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The Power Of The Heart

Open up your heart and mind to the infinite wonderful experiences there are available in life. Utilizing the power of the heart is the most significant choice you will make in life.

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The Laws Of Creation

You are always at the cross roads of your life; each moment is a turning point, a time of potential change, that is governed by your decisions; in that brief instant whatever you decide to do will change the course of your life forever.

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Creating Your Reality

The cost of anything is what you are prepared to do to obtain it. The imagination ignited to form the detailed image of what you want, the belief and the expectancy it will be achieved, the desire,are the driving forces to bring the things you need into reality; Imagination, Belief, Expectancy, Desire are the Four pillars of creation.

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The Solution

Modern living has taken us far from the intended course of our life, intuition and desires offer directions on how to return to your true life path. Your destiny becomes the accumulation of the choices that you make; the choices of which paths you took in life.

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