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Impact of Smokers

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2009

Each of us has freedoms to basically do as we please, as long as it is within the law. However, for example; if I went up to someone and sprayed there clothes with an obnoxious odour, then caused them to breath tainted air, say SO2, the right to do that would be very debatable. They may judge this action as an assault, they even may claim the cost of cleaning their clothes or even medical check up expenses to determine if what I caused them to breath was dangerous to their health. Yet smokers do those thing every day; they leave complete strangers clothes and hair smelling of cigarette smoke, they cause the same strangers to potentially inhale particles they have exhaled, all without any consequence.

Walking down the street behind someone smoking leaves one breathing the exhausted smoke. Could the AIDS virus survive long enough on the particles of smoke to infect someone near by who unwillingly happens to inhale the smoke; the question is a concern? Smoking is habitual, perhaps giving the self conscious something to do with there hands, the supercilious the chance to behave superior, the habitual the chance to indulge; all at the expense of others. Very few smokers try not to impact those around them. Most hold there cigarettes high and exhale the smoke in a gush of air so smoke easily blows over anyone around and those down wind of them. Also, the habit of smoking before and after meals leaves the nearby non smoker who is still eating having to deal with the odour of smoke and a subsequent decrease sense to taste of the foods flavor.

A friend became so obsessed by nearby smokers in restaurants blowing smoke at him that he sated smoking cigars. If ever he was eating and someone started to blow smoke in his direction, rather than trying to minimize when they exhaled; he would immediately light up his cigar and completely smother them in cigar smoke. It was never long before they complained. Where upon he would explain to the restaurant staff that he was only reciprocating and if the cigarette smoke would keep there cigarettes held away from him and blow smoke so that it didn’t go all over him, then he would do the same. It always worked. What was strange was that once he did to the smoker, what in effect they were doing to him they complained. Strange world isn’t it.

One would assume that if smokers treat non smokers with respect, as opposed to total disregard then there could be some middle ground. Smokers mostly don’t care about others, it’s a case of I do what I want, if you don’t like it go somewhere else. Gradually smokers are paying for this attitude, non smokers basically have had enough; countries across the globe are enacting no smoking restrictions is restaurants, public places, on the street. The conclusion will most likely be that if you want to smoke, stay at home.

Copyright © by Steven Redhead 2009 - first Published: May 4, 2009