Upon the Winds of Time we live our life, to learn the creation of our reality, that by our thought we bring things into our life

01. It's your Dream 02. Make it yours 03. Destiny on the Rocks 04. Truth or Lies 05. The actual Illusion 06. Realizing finality 07. Consequences are ours 08. Recollections in time 09. Walk in a Dream 10. Concerns of the heart 11. Love we Bear 12. Life in a Nutshell 13. Happiness is illusive 14. Wonder or Find 15. Wishes or reality 16. Desires come true 17. Hopes are fantisies 18. Dreams our windows to truth 19. Fears come true 20. Wondering reveals truth 21. Time is the Devils toy 22. Loves revenge 23. Concerns are Waste 24. Just another Day 25. Temptation is the Game 26. Spiritual Dilemma 27. Prayer or Desire 28. Tears in the Rain 29. Wisdom in a nutshell 30. Shaken but not Stirred 31. Considerations of life 32. Imagination make it Real 33. Belief is the power 34. Needs of the Spirit 35. Powr of the Mind 36. Light reveals all 37. Thought is Eternal 38. Spirit Talks 39. Passion is the driver 40. The Joys of LIfe 41. The Age of Spirits 42. Tyranny of the Mind 43. The Freedom we seek 44. Superconciousness 45. Lessons of Life 46. The Crosses we Bear 47. The War of Words 48. Battles over Bridges 49. Winners Take All 50. No Place to Hide

Thoughts in Perspective

It should not be beyond our comprehension to understand that our imagination is the key by which our life can blossom to its full potential. We are given the opportunities to become whatever our heart desires; the only issue is not many of us realize this simple fact. With the combining of the energies of our Soul, Spirit, Mind and Body as one we can achieve so many things that we truely desire, rather than just mearly obtaining what we only think we want.

** Extended views **

Dance in the Light of Time

Life is indeed a dance with time, a brief moment in eternity were we are given the brief opportunity to experience interaction with the physical realm that is around us.

Few really take the chance to enjoy the true experience or meaning of life, living mearly day by day in the hope that their desire will become true.

Beyond Our Realization

There is a world beyond our realization, the world of mystery, the world of seemingly illusion; where what is real is not real, what is real is unreal - for these reason we fail to perceive it, for it doesn't match our sense of logic, so therefore ceases to exit in our reality, within our understanding and perception.

Time of our life

Few people really try to use their imagination to its true full effect, being quite satisfied to let whatever happens happen, then simply reacting to these various stimuli that life may throw in their path.

* Considerations to ponder *
01. start with magination
02. importance of belief
03. realization of the truth
04. exceptance of facts
05. essense of desire
06. willing into being
07. unlimited potential
08. essense of reality

The Essense 0f Our Life

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